What a difference a year makes. In fact the only difference in Syria is another 50-80 thousands dead and injured and another million Syrians in the wilderness of pain and physical and mental suffering.

One Black Man Said That America Is Largest Purveyor Of Terror And Violence In The World. Another Black Man Just Proved It.

As proven by latest Obama incoherent rants and adolescent temper tantrum after horrendous failure of his preferred candidate in the US elections who spent or rather wasted $1.2 billions mainly on a catastrophically misguided moves that alienated, angered and insulted US voters she called deplorables.

Hillary spent over $100 millions on political consultants who failed to tell her that she was the problem and that she and her political record aligned with establishment would be utterly rejected by Americans and that she had a choice to reverse her stand 180 degrees on most issues including utter rejection of Obama MENA legacy or she would be defeated.

Nobody told her that, money was too good as usual, and instead they concocted fake polls and claimed that her probability of winning was 98.4% In the age of total deceit she got what she paid for, a big and expensive lie.

Facing or rather refusing to face that harsh reality Obama could not resist destroying last shreds of his legacy even before he left office by looking for culprits of his gigantic failure as POTUS everywhere all over the world, in Russia, China among false news and vast rightwing conspiracy. He looked everywhere except in the mirror. But wait he has another three weeks to embarrass himself even more on the world stage and domestically while making narcissistic Trump into a “statesman”.

I am a rational person and harsh critic of so-called conspiracy theories and calling issues raised by their proponents and their findings as mostly inconclusive speculations but not because of a failure of independent researches to follow scientific rules of inquiry including those who work on issues like 9/11 and overthrowing of foreign/domestic governments by CIA and associated NGOs, but in most part US government and corporate conspiracies of deliberate, purposeful obfuscations and general lack of transparency in all those institutions, all aimed to suppress the facts and evidences that would shed a light on the events in questions and very likely point out suspected or guilty parties.

However I must say that Obama presidency unwittingly and unwillingly validated, via obtained legally or leaked and disclosed data, enormous amounts of conspiracy theories that could be characterized as US being number one sponsor of Islamic terrorism all over the world, and not because Obama second name Hussein but because of decrees, executive orders or bills he signed and because of policies he set in motion over last eight years, public, leaked or disclosed documents indicate or prove.

Now this undisputed and unquestioned truth is out thanks to Obama.

I am no psychic to predict the future and anybody who followed war in Lebanon knows that in ME there is not such a thing like predictability since those wars are all proxy wars and their outcomes depend heavily not what is going on on the battlefield by rather in capitals of their political and military sponsors.

However, we have witnessed such an impactful changes in UK, US and more likely to follow in France, Germany, Holland and elsewhere.

However how this will affect the Syrian war is unknown since it is unlikely that CIA through Saudis and GCC would stop funneling money and weapons to Islamic radicals under this or that banner anytime soon seeing its long term national interests in weakening Iran and its allies and that will not change.

Also new so-called ceasefire does not bring me much hope since it seems like previous agreement with the US, to result mostly in solidifying the fact of effective partition of Syria into some terrorists zones of Turkish and/or US influence which will not be accepted by Syrians, Assad and not by Iranians who are fully capable to defeat the rebels as soon as weapons supplied to them from the west cease flowing in.

It is a guess but optimistic, not likely, scenario is an achievement of a stable Syrian government control of its internationally recognized territory between 18-24 months if Trump’s word is worth anything and support for terrorists pro-Turkish as well as ISIL and ANF stops as he promised.

Only money speaks if Trump takes away the money for GCC regimes and Turkey things may change.

But if he truly follow Israeli line as a self-declared friend or rather a submissive Jewish slave the war will continue since it is in the interests of Israel to weaken its neighbors so they forget about annexation of Golan Heights, annexation of West bank into Israeli proper under apartheid regime ruled over Palestinians as the only possible outcome of a single state solution as even liar Kerry pointed out.

But in this journey into the future you will have to rely more on yourselves and the links to the sites listed below every of my blog entry I consider trustworthy, since I am forced [not necessarily by newly formed by Obama “Ministry of Truth”] to wind down my modest contribution to the understanding of horrifying reality of war, any war, as well its futility, senselessness and failure to resolve any problem or issue those who waged the war promised to resolve or mitigate.

War never solved anything however it often eliminated “problems” instead as it eliminated nations, eradicated cultures and razed humanity from peoples hearts.

But those truly important problems of societies and nations remained the same, before and after the war, only to be tackled by peaceful people and peaceful means or they are not solved at all.

In my blog I was trying to express the fact that any war is in part an act of desperation of those who willingly or not become a cannon fodder torn apart often by their family or neighbors and in part a calculated deliberate act of those who instigate it for power or profit by dividing people, denying human dignity and escalating injustice among people and by praising and promoting blatant acts of inhumanity fueling irrational blind rage.

It is because, as I tried to convey to readers in last 15 months, in any war there is no victor but dark death.

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