Obama Legacy of Blood.

Finally Obama has earn his own legacy after reneging on 99% his promises eight years ago pretending to run as Black populists while he was running and more importantly ruling as a white wolf of Wall Street in black sheep skin.

If not for any other reason but to ultimately validate all the conspiracy theories that became conspiracy facts via disclosed by Wikileaks and whistle-blowers information proving despicable reign of terror and murder even of US citizen in the US and all over the world and massive illegal acts liken to those of organized crime syndicate by US federal security and financial agencies, mostly contradictory to repeated public statements and assurances of WH like “No boots on the Ground” in Syria lies, Obama in his last weeks at the helm of this Emporium of death called the US, doubled down on his own evil and inhumanity by openly allowing for supplying weapons to any lowlife in the suffering, war-torn Syria without any vetting or close examination of war crime records, extremist ideology or stated objectives as long as their acts are “ consistent” with US policy of fighting Assad regime or terrorism whichever is more convenient.

Now Obama officially, reported in NYT and WaPo and MSM, and openly supports, arms and bankrolls children beheading medieval barbarians, terrorists of ISIL, ANF, FSA and all others who have been organized by the West, Turkey and GCC to dislodge Assad regime. By that Obama authorized a crime for which any US citizen would have been convicted to many decades in prison for material support of terrorists on the US State Department list.

One cannot be more Orwellian than that and this moral and political schizophrenia is a number one legacy of Obama just behind a fact of his colossal failure as POTUS mostly due to implementing Bush 2.0 neocon-neolib policies and imperial aggression and outsourcing well-being of Americans from WH to Wall Street warmongers.

All of that in background of Obama and his stooges lamenting that Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Nusra Front is being whacked by Syrian army in East Aleppo after they refused to surrender or evacuate with small arms and release 100k human shields, hostages it held for over four years, impudently calling for over 100 of US vassals at the UN to pass a stunt of UNGA not binding resolution to stop military operations in East Aleppo after last 10 months of negotiation between Russia and US to do exactly that, only unsuccessful because US sponsored and armed “rebels” refused to stop their military operations and agree to a ceasefire repeatedly, even after last almost a month-long unilateral ceasefire declared by SAA [Syrian Arab Army] and supported by Assad regime and Russia.

During last unilateral SAA ceasefire in October and November 2016 humanitarian situation became worse despite opening of several safe passage corridors for evacuation of the east Aleppo population and providing humanitarian assistance since UN flatly refused to do so while Russian or Syrian humanitarian help was not allowed to enter the East Aleppo city by rebels and their terrorist commanders, threatening attacks on the convoys.

Appalling, is the only word than could adequately describe Orwellian world of deceit manipulation accusations and blatant impudent lies that the unified in one deadly propaganda screech, western MSM, is spewing among world population for no other reason but to prepare new cannon fodder needed to realize neocon psychotic delusions of world domination and absolute power through nuclear WWIII with Russia and China which Syrian war is just a local proxy war reincarnation.

Yes, “The US is the larger purveyor of the violence in the world” said one black man after analyzing US domestic and foreign policies and after directly experiencing wrath of American racist and classist/elitist institutions of calcified US oligarchic regime, just few months before his own violent death. Barrack can sleep safely as long as he suppresses his conscience and allows evil of money to rule over him, effectively gagging him from uttering the truth MLK had courage to finally admit.

More of “US Ministry of Truth” whining about “fake news” they themselves massively proliferate.


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