WAPO Psychotic Warfare: Good Bombs, Bad Bombs and all the Misery because of Putin Trolls. (18+ Comedy)

I am upset, I am very, very upset and even ballistic. Last Thursday Wapo published a list of websites of Putin’s army who literary took over America if you believe the presstitudes; red flags with crossed hammer and sickle are being waved in American cities across the nation and all the retired commies coming our of woodwork.

Oops sorry I got handed over old uncle Joe script, I mean not Stalin Joe, but uncle Joe McCarthy script, hm, great patriot when sober and used sparingly or not at all.

I mean white/blue/red flags and orthodox cross and priests blessing Putin in a name of Father, Son and Holly spirit as well distilled spirits, as Russian religion requires.

Well somehow it sounds not the same I guess, may be because our American way of life is no longer threaten by communist polygamists since we eradicated them in 1970-ties from Utah, a cesspool of communists there and their communist wives pretending to be Mormons making us all feel impure. Or something like that incoherent utterance that would pass Wapo drunken editor low intellectual threshold anyway so why should I care in here.

Vlad what’s wrong with ye. Why am I not on the fucking list?

So I had to learn from Wapo, a cesspool of propaganda sewage posing as press and had to puke profusely while being nagged for money, that you have paid money the other guys, other websites behind my back.

So I had to learn, not straight from your mouth but from a stinky bold midget, a retarded billionaire asshole that you have been ideologically cheating on me with Alex Johns, and/or Bob Sheer from LA of all the places and with other 200 websites in the US and elsewhere as good friends from propoaproobsornot.shit website discovered scientifically and informed me in secret.

Is that why you never return my phone calls anymore and/or you disappeared from Snapchat forever. How could you? And you have been paying them, those other guys, and for what? Tell me!

So what do you want from me? I told you that they all do not like your slack bro, they don’t. Even those sexy journalists from RT/Sputnik you burn your money on.

I overheard once Larry King, he did not like your jacket either, I swear he did not and you made him a Russian spy for money. What about me? I loved your fucking oversized a little jacket really, and what? Where is my money, bro? In the mail? For last 15 months I writing this blog?

In case you didn’t notice, of course you did not, why am I kidding myself, I criticize American domestic and international policies and morons who run it every single day, even Sundays with double disdain, man, even on Holly Sunday, does this even mean anything for ye?

I have this blog to prove it, just read it except may be those six or eight posts that I was less generous to you as I called you a ruthless, cold oligarch who is appeasing his western friends to retain his 200 ft Yacht in Tuscany well-kept or that you sold out your people for dollars and Syrian people for world peace and when I insisted on revealing how many Syrian civilians and Russian soldiers died, killed because of your wrong decisions or recklessness, oops! But you know, I was upset those days coming out of hair salon; you know short hair, long bill stuff, no paycheck from Kremlin.

But let’s put all this shit behind us, just call me bro, let’s talk honestly like Kanye West talked to JayZ via YouTube on the stage in Sacramento, CA: “Bro, do not sent killers for me, bro, just call me, call me and get me fucking money you are promising me all my life”.

Vlad you know what I mean, just call me like it was in old days you remember, well actually I don’t remember either that you have ever called me or gave me a sign of life you bitch and never returned my phone calls I have never made.

Don’t tell me that I didn’t have right number, I got it from Wapo classified section meaning secret section under “Vlad P., seeks companion”, so do not back out on me now.

So far you gave me no money so I can’t get on this fucking Wapo list of your fucking paid trolls and start making real money as half of those on the list already are making by fundraising on this fact alone and on some fucking defense of a First Amendment or something, making millions. So where does it leave me Vlad? In cold, a cold war bro., with Russian polar bears? Think!

But now I gonna be calm, relaxed but if I won’t get your phone call by tomorrow I swear I will destroy entire Kremlin wall with my bare hand and a rented bulldozer. I know that you are not afraid like those Washington weasels who lie for living but I am different and I swear to God I’ll do it.

Now, after I got this off my chest, I can return to the reason driven unemotional Syrian war update where you are kicking ass of those motherfucker terrorists, their Washington, bitches and Ankara, Riyadh and Brussels eunuchs and remember you heard it from me first.

Just watch me next week I will be strolling in East Aleppo with a bag of shaved beards and hardcore terrorists’ wallets full of nearly expired Washington DC area Costco membership cards, watch me with your drones live, walking in East Aleppo and singing a song “I love Putin” from your last presidential campaign.

So how much would it be worth to ye if I were to do that? That would have been more that those 200 medial blogs ever did for you. In fact they did nothing for you but caring about their own puny nonexistent American democracy fucked up by the oligarchy and their political establishment who is riding gullible Americans like mules to their deaths. They don’t care about you Vlad, I do.



Ron Paul if furious. He is on the list. Has Ron not been paid enough by Vlad? Let’s find out:


This is this comedic ProPorn ot what site I want Putin to put me on:


Syrian War Update:

In fact in last two weeks SAA made significant progress in East and South Aleppo as well as in Hama and now in southwest Queneirta province neer Israeli border and down south in Daara near Jordanian border as well as in East Ghouta near Damascus. In fact it is surprising especially strong progress in East Aleppo that should be freed of terrorists by the end of January unless momentum changes.


What is somewhat stalled is SAA offensive along Turkish border in Idlib province where Turkish army artillery located just few feet beyond Turkish border line are actively coordinating with ANF terrorists in attacking Syrian army and recently killed tens of Syrian soldiers by direct fire from Turkish army long artillery.


Why Syrians are not bombing those positions that killed their soldiers is a mystery for me and obviously political one with Putin manipulation on the top of the conspiracy heap. After ceasefire sham with lying Washington stooges the progress of ending the war and easing suffering of the Syrian people seems to take steady path on 18-month schedule to end the war.


Aleppo : SAA and Russians kicking asses of the moderate beheaders.



Five American special forces of Kurdish nationality killed by ISIL;


Five years of war, no see;


Operation Al-Bab: a map;


SAA in offensive at West and East Ghouta, the end for ANF resistance is near.



Golan heights; SAA antiterrorist anti-ANF and anti-IDF operation;



Why White Helmets stage this 3D scene and posted it on their website. Is this another proof of fakery and provocation proliferated by western media as a gospel?


Probably last ANF Hama offensive



Aleppo terrorists kill hungry protesters human shields, who want to leave in need of medical help.

A citizen injured in a bullet of a terrorist sniper in Aleppo


Raqqa Operation or fakery: Kurds will not liberate Arab dominated Raqqa.



ISIS attack Turkish army of invaders:


You taxpayer money at work in Yemen;


Russian Cruise missiles launched;


Russian vehicle launched cruise missiles in Syria;

Hits no Misses.


Admiral Kuznecov Russian aircraft carrier on duty in Mediterranean Sea.


SF review:


SAA guided missile kills terrorists;


Recent Syrian war map;


Rebel-held East Aleppo Pro-Assad demonstration against ANF corruption stealing food humanitarian aid sent from the west;

Terrorists opened fire” 7 dead 14 wounded, no White Helmets in sight, no pictures in Western Media;


Hama Fighting Warning 18+



IRAQ: Mosul area ISIL suicide trucks Shahid-mobil from drone view


Yemen: abhorrent Saudis’ crimes, you and me paid for it. Barrack it is your murderous legacy too. Who needs authentic white supremacist in WH, black shoe polish is sufficient to become one.


Mosul siege:


ISRAEL: Haifa fire; unrelated to war on Palestinians;


Yemen killing Saudis soldier by a sniper fire;


Guess what evil country is that:




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