After Years Of Hard And Bloody War Finally A Regime Change: In Washington D.C.

After so many years of war, spent billions of dollars trying regime change all over the world including in Syria, finally it happened. All American made or US taxpayer donated to terrorists, explosives, bombs, modern missiles, guns and bullets after they cause inconceivable carnage, mayhem and death among innocent people of MENA finally all those weapons of death hit simultaneously one deserving target namely Hillary Clinton candidacy for POTUS in uncanny precision as many predicted and even more prayed for.

Is this a poetic justice that the very architect of the modern global regime change policy, [implemented by another murderer in chief] a global neocon, warmonger, thief, liar and racketeer died from her own hand when her breath of death unleashed over peaceful people of Middle East boomeranged with a little help of her old friend, Trump, himself proud narcissistic con man, swindler and flaccid clown of arrogance and women abuse. I guess it take one to defeat spouse of one.

In fact as far as Syrian affair are concerned it were politically uneventful two weeks except US sponsored terrorists again killed or maimed hundreds of men, women and children with no Western media coverage whatsoever even when UN officially blamed East Aleppo terrorists for them.

Assad, democratically elected president of Syria is still there, no regime change so far. The SAA and Russian coalition slowly recaptures territories of East Ghouta and Daara province and others they temporarily lost and effectively stopped desperate counterattacks by ANF in South Aleppo aimed to break east Aleppo siege for probably the last time.

In fact Putin’s move with his propaganda ploy [thanks to stupid ANF and moderate terrorists who on Washington orders attacked South Aleppo], to eliminate thousands of fighters and hundreds of heavy equipment while applied prolonged so-called humanitarian break and open safe corridors to East Aleppo [knowing well that ANF will not let their hostages out since this would mean their quick demise] to get the US propaganda off his back for a while and after Trump takes over the propaganda will definitely ease somewhat if not substantially but unfortunately, not the substance of it.

It is because as I wrote in my last post Trump had no campaign machine, he had no army of party apparatchiks who were on the ground organizing his campaign as well as no army of professionals experienced in running government devoted and loyal to him personally [ as he run his campaign on TV and tweeter as a placeholder for “Hell no, not another Clinton for president” ticket] and instead must rely on GOP establishment who will likely sabotage his efforts if he even makes them, in the fields that are contradictory to their own political believes and overall policies of the US ruling elite.

Trump as a reality TV host will attempt to control rhetoric that stemming from US policies but not their substance as early indication are about his choices about his cabinet in terms of defense and intelligence establishment that truly runs foreign policies of the US.

But even this is good and especially that rhetoric itself would certainly affect cockiness and delusions of the European and Asian vassals of the US that already started toning down their message and likely will take somewhat friendly attitude to Russia and China in coming year and on military front they may measurably even increase weapon trade with Russia and China just to dump American expensive and lower quality weapons.

There is another modest hope I would have. Namely that islamophobic Trump would be distrusting and reserved vs. Turkey and ECG countries at least by asking them to pay their share of expenses by the regimes who are run by Islamic extremists and that fact alone may force them to make a some sort of deal with regional powers like Russia which was impossible so far due to US insistence and by that may open true negotiations about future of Syria as well as Iraq with all critical sides including Kurds present at the table except for terrorists or fake moderates themselves who are just proxies for US so-called Anti-Assad coalition nothing more. He may, although it is a long shot, even strike a new deal with Iran and force it down the throat of Israeli political elites using US economic/financial leverage while lowering US monetary burden in keeping Israel alive.

Of course Trump will not do what needs to be done if we were to see a transition of the US imperial hegemony into peaceful multipolar global arrangement. It is beyond him and his little brain run by greed and profit, and he will not arrest war criminals like Obama, bunch of Bushes and a pair of Clintons and maybe Kissinger while he is still alive to make a first step toward bringing back any meritorious credibility of decaying US regime.

There is also a slight hope that may be he would, as a businessman, consider taxpayer money as kind of his own money and will stop outrageous, massive theft of national treasure under the guise of national security and defense if not for any other reason to just wanting to be himself a Commander in Thief to enrich himself as definitely he will do during and after his presidency.

Unfortunately, Trump’s domestic policies and programs will likely be nothing but further enabling of growth of Global/US oligarchy [may be except Silicon Valley billionaires who loathe him and in 99% supported Hillary] and their profits as a long-term plans of US ruling elite require while 99% of working people will continue to rot in hell but that is beyond the scope of this post.

Some hope for Syria?


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Bombing in south-west Turkey after HDP leaders arrested by Erdogan;


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Mosul: offensive stuck; hundreds of civilians killed by the US and allies;


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Another suicide truck a Shahidmobil;


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ISIL is running out of US taxpayer money turned to advertising;




One thought on “After Years Of Hard And Bloody War Finally A Regime Change: In Washington D.C.

  1. “After Years Of Hard And Bloody War Finally A Regime Change: In Washington D.C.”

    Only someone that is not Khazarian-wise could state such a thing. The true regime, the Khazarian fifth-column, just took more control of the US tyranny.

    Trump will come to power, like his predecessors, surrounded by Khazarian handlers.

    Just the US Supreme Court alone is made up of 44% of them (from a US pop. of 1.73%) and 55% of their Catholic allies (From a US pop. of 12%).


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