US ELECTIONS: A farcical Spectacle of Blood and Imperial Hubris.

Anyone who ever read even one of my posts knows that I am ardent critic of the US imperial power and its devastating impact of sovereign independent nations all over the world who refused or not sufficiently submit to be vassals of the US empire and not diligently enough exploit their people for profit of Global oligarchy.

Also everyone who ever read Syrian War Update knows that I try to focus only on important, critical or crucial developments on the world scene in relation to Syrian war leaving out all the distractions, propaganda or media noise.

The already 15 months long US electoral season was just that, a noise, nothing else and hence did not warrant my post specifically dedicated to it.

However since it is the last my blog post before November 8 I decided to say few words about it and explain my deliberate sweeping aside what utterances have been coming from so-called candidates to the so-called office of POTUS.

For starters it is a fact that nothing will change on November 9, whoever gets the four-year lease for 1600 Pennsylvania avenue mansion in Washington D.C. as far as global geopolitics is concerned what is the core of Syrian war as well as it would not affect in any significant way US imperial hubris that two prospective tenants to the W.H. are peddling in synch for two major reasons:

First, If Hillary gets in obviously nothing will change fundamentally since she is the very architect of the current bloody mess that is going on for a decade now and as for she is a true American, she will double down on her failure.

So Russians will continue to be demonized as a convenient villains and China will continue to be portrayed as menace to the free world and Assad must go mantra will continue to reverberate in hall of US imperial regime as usual while Hillary will keep begging Islamic terrorists to behave and behead those men, women and children who they are told to do so.

Her Wall Street buddies and MIC extremists whom she truly represents and loves dearly will push to continue insane imperial projects no matter what, shockingly believing that successful limited nuclear war is possible under fantastic anti-nuclear umbrella they believe they alone will be safe under while the rest of the nation and the world fries.

And those are most dangerous psychotic delusions or conniving plans straight from hell or from a psychiatric patient medical history, few still sane independent journalists and even some independent media are loudly warning about.

However it sounds crazy there is a good chance that with Hillary nukes will start flying and I am not saying it lightly.

So, why all this frantic rush of vilifying Russia and China right now?

All those who read any book about collapse of Roman Empire know. It is called last stage of demise, a terminal phase of massive militarization of people’s lives in the decaying Imperial regime and its sociopolitical system in its final state of disintegration, utilized by the ruling elite as a measure to justify dramatic collapse of standard of living of the people, an excuse based on national security interests, truly caused by deliberate collapse of mainstream economy and massive build up of MIC spending and political power of military, all underlaid by astronomical fraud and theft committed by Wall Street oligarchy and their minions in the sold out media.

Second, if by some miracle Trump is anointed for POTUS it will not make any damn difference for following reasons:

Trump candidacy was nothing but a placeholder for somebody, anybody worse than ghastly Hillary who is so repulsive as a person and character that often cause people to puke. A placeholder what disgusting cartoonish character like Trump fits well in and was the only thing, she advocated fiercely in primaries, that went for Hillary in this entire popularity contest called campaign. Tons of lipstick have been put on Clinton’s pigs and still people rejected her and Clinton’s mafia wholesale as abhorrent characters exceeding, by their utter lack of credibility and psychotic viciousness, even that of Trump himself.

In fact my gut feeling is telling me that if anybody tried to really count the votes Trump would have been a “winner” of this beauty contest, but traditionally this is not even done in the US [no independent auditing or monitoring is allowed under penalty of prison], why even bother, since the outcome will always be the same. The US emporium will continue unabated in perpetuity and all the policies will continue to aim solely to serve imperial interests defined by the ruling elite.

But it addition to the utter futility of participation in this electoral farce, in fact Trump campaign did not even try to win, and simple was a joke and insult to the last shred of intelligence of American voter.

In fact Trump has no grass-roots organization, no real campaign organization and instead a hostile Republicans who know that his stunt will cause likely loss of their high paid jobs since party leadership utterly rejected Trump and in minds of voters voting for the top of Republican ticket will likely reject hostile to Trump rest of it as a part of Trump antiestablishment revolution.

It is nothing but surrealistic to believe that anything run by Ivanka and his sons and co-opting old dying brain-damaged Reaganites can be called a anything like political campaign at all and Trump incoherent tweets really meant nothing toward such an end.

His so-far “success” is based on the fact that he was nothing but a “not Hillary again”, or no more the same imperial mafia rule, in other words the   “none of the above” vote, a missing alternative from teh ballots.

In fact much better would have been to put a choir “none of the above” on the ballot to outvote Hillary instead putting up this clown of ignorance Hillary herself supported from the beginning as her “old friend”.

But most important reason why the event of Trump presidency is a near impossible is because he would have faced nothing but hostile establishment, who would have squashed all of his more reasonable utterances like peace with Russia or stopping, slowing globalization etc., by actions of congress filled with hateful and angry Reps and Dems in unity, ready to impeach him if he does not conform to imperial policies.

Also Trump would face un-governable, mutinous the US Imperial military elite that repudiated Trump entirely except for lower ranks grunts, or surveillance and security apparatus leadership ready to kill him with pleasure.

The “President Trump” would not have had a real power to change wall paper in oval office, he would have been relegated to a TV personality POTUS in a surrealistic reality show, what US politics really is. In fact this would have been the very role and only role he is experienced in and talented enough to fulfill. We may have even become forced audience of the weekly extension of NETFLIX series “ House of Trump Cards “ taped in Hollywood replica of W.H.

Simply Trump will not be able to exercise any kind of influence over the deep state which will continue their deeds unaffected.

November 9 will be just another day and those who for the last time were standing in queue to voting booths a day before will be fucked up the same again as 150 millions Americans who retained their dignity, integrity and restrained themselves from participating in the pathetic, cruel farce, an insult to millions of victims of US imperial hubris in Syria and elsewhere.

But do not despair there is nothing that vodka can’t cure.

Here is a take on the US elections I would definitely agree with:


A very interesting interview with wife of Assad. A Palestinian Christian, a prospective investment banker.

Among other interesting things is the fact that it was Assad’s wife who was engaged very much into ultimately failed neoliberal transformation of Syria from Arab socialist/nationalist regime into more western integrated one in early 2000s so she was important focal point of what US imposed changes to Syrian economic system happened before the war and what she was in some part responsible for the resulting withdrawal of overwhelming support from Assad regime after this neoliberal “experiment” on living flesh on Syrian society went horribly wrong in 2008 as I wrote last year;

“As a matter of fact small groups financed by the CIA protesting in 2011 in the city of Daara and Homs drew thousands, and in all Syria, tens of thousands of people demanding moderate democratic changes, long overdue, angry on Bashar al-Assad but not because of the lack of democracy but for his neo-liberal reorientation, dramatically departing from his socialist father legacy that brought pride and prosperity to the Syrian people.

The anger of a significant part of the population against Bashar al-Assad was somewhat instigated by the western propaganda but in most part was inspired by his tolerance of rampant corruption and enrichment of his Alawites minority cronies and the wider Syrian elites to detriment of the ordinary people.

The more democracy they demanded was meant as just a political tool of reversing Assad’s infatuation with the western neo-liberal economic policies that collapsed the Syrian high standard of living.

Despite continuous provocation by the US stooges in Syria including killing of protesters in Dara, it was Assad’s duty and responsibility to heed the calling of his own people underneath all that mess and to constitute true economic reforms, kicking out the foreign interests and stand on the side of people against the global capital. But he did not.”


SF on new US allies strategy in Syria;


AA S300 anti-missile missile system deployed to guard Syrian skies from Western intruders;


East Aleppo will no longer have civilians in it, FSA declared mandatory draft of all men;


Aleppo recent developments:


Fighting S. Aleppo in apt 1070 areas, another try by ANF to break east Aleppo siege;


N Aleppo SAA fighting against ISIL;


South Aleppo suicide bombers from FSA and Al-Nusra Front: one Turk, one Saudi, one Uzbek and one Egyptian, nice “Syrian” democratic opposition we fund.


Kurdish music-most tolerant Muslims with leftist leaning;


Kurds in N. Aleppo fighting Turkish Army;


Fighting in Daara province as Jordanian border;


IRAQ: ISIL prepares to defend Mosul or do they?


Early battles of Mosul;


ISIL suicide bomber on front line in Mosul;


Refuges escaped Mosul after US coalition indiscriminate bombings of civilians and infrastructure.


Iraqi AF in action against ISIL;


Egip has enough Saudi’s crimes in Yemen, quit Sadi coalition withdrew the military from Red see.


Warning 18+; Saudi African mercenary invasion force in Yemen, dead;


Human shields held by moderate rebels near Damascus;


Hama SAA counter offensive, begun.


East Ghouta;


Iraq: American Allies bombed, killed dozens of shia civilians during funeral north east of Kirkuk. no ISIL there. A clear war crime.


Iraqi army move on Mosul;


PKK propaganda video about suicide bomber killing Turkish soldiers.


Syrian TV 2


South Aleppo, Han Tuman fighting;


Did he speak too soon?


US taxpayer money at work:


Both ISIL and FSA fight Kurds;


Iraq: Mosul Liberated???? No so fast; ISIL stacked Kirkuk and Jordanian border town.


A simple plan:




ISIL video from MOSUL; again US taxpayer money at work, nice US MRAP in hands of terrorosts;




Aleppo civilians die killed by Al Nusra shelling;


Russia humanitarian help;


S Aleppo fighting;


Suicidal truck brought to you by moderate terrorists from ANF/FSA;


A new ANF attempt to break the siege;


SF recent analysis of war:

Warning 18+;


More Syria TV 2 news;


22 Kurds from YPG killed by Turkish army aggression on Syria;




Warning 18+; Turkey: PKK opposition insurgents killed by Turkish army;


A new Hama offensive by SAA;


Daara ANF leadership killed by SAA;


Syrina air force at work in Hama province.


West Ghouta;


Deir Ez Zor


Newer Ukrainian APC in Hands of ISIL;


That’s where your tax money went:


White helmets propaganda in Idlib. It was proven that those strikes are made by larger mortar or large rocket fire probably by terrorists themselves or US armed drones that operate in the area since no SAA other forces are in the range. No aircraft caught on any of the videos published.

Women in SAA;


Turkey will not attack Mosul and Peshmenrga also declined?


RT in Aleppo Children Killed maimed  by US supported FSA;


Mosul US coalition inj action;




Escape in horror from Mosul of civilians children and women;


Mosul: American bombing of Iraqi factory/Mill;


ISIL using US made TOW missile against Iraqi army;


Mosul offensive;


Egypt Sinai peninsula

Joint exercises Russian Army and Egyptian armed forces;


Interestingly about Egypt geopolitics;


Israeli provocations;


Paris today:



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