The First Enemy And Victim Of War Is Truth. The Truth In Western Media Is Dying.

What do we hear? Putin and Assad both are killing little children, women with their civilians’ targeting guided missile that every time hit a civilian or a baby located in a civilian hospital, a hospital bombed daily as a White Helmets propaganda stooges who are paid for reporting/lying from safety of various Turkish cities hundreds of miles away from bombing, want us to believe.

All that while US cannot do wrong and has special guided missiles with a name and address of terrorist on it so no mistakes or war crimes are possible by infallible American weapons, only weapons in the world that bring morally justify death and destruction. Even children killed by US bombings apparently must have been up to something no good.

In the same time the moderate terrorist kills only murderous Assad henchmen when they launch barrel bombs via self-made rocked launchers with accuracy about 1000 ft as I reported here many times. This supposedly is the truth, only truth and nothing but the truth about Syrian War namely either Russia, a pariah among nations submits to benevolent goodness of American empire or WWIII is imminent.

Where have we heard it before? A standard prewar rhetoric deployed as a tool of psychological warfare. But against whom? Concocted or even non-existing enemy?

No, it is a psychological war waged by US ruling elite/MIC against their own people, their own people who must be quickly transformed from valued citizen, mothers fathers, children, families, our flesh and blood, into a corporate cannon fodder, ground into deadly weapons of war and loving it, being proud of the absurd slaughter under guise of commercial patriotism, for dollar a piece.

Eat Freedom Fries. Follow your corporate leader. Do your patriotic duty and die, you dog!

But that song was already played before, remember get the Russkies, commies, ungodly creatures who crawl the earth like cockroaches that had to be exterminated for purity of American commercialism, committing capital crime of choosing Pirogues and Kvas over Hamburger and Coke.

So die Russki die, die Yankee die as long of you wrap yourself in American flag and clutch to a Christian cross you are perfect patriotic shit to be blown up into pieces. Why? Because, we are exceptional we’re always right if not we better be dead.

American exceptionalism draws from suicidal proto-fascist notion of Armageddon, and ultimate battle between good and evil a Hegelian Philosophy of Right Hitler was ardent student of.

Yes, that’s the truth. Entire American ethos, a foundation deeply rooted within unfettered competition of greed and exploitation in commercial realm including commerce of war, murder, mayhem, is a radical, apocalyptic ideology that is being carved into young American minds, by entire range of state institutions, educational, cultural, political, economic, social, and taught within each family as a tactic of survival in the brutal world of talking animals with iPhones devouring each other domestically and/or abroad.

While many nations have been founded on war, Americans brought innovation to the warfare by introducing war waging activity not as a result of political conundrum of ruling elite who saw their own survival assured only via warfare but instead they decided on waging war solely as an extension of economic policy of plunder and exploitation, not an imperative but an option that ruling elite carefully considers via advanced calculation of economic benefit that may come to them regardless of carnage and death even when their own American/Western side is concerned. The civil war massacre (6ook dead, today it corresponds to about 12 millions) was a prime example of a war of transformation into modern industrial age and enabling monstrous profits associated with it, harvested from bloody fields by new Rubber Barons and industrial moguls.

And killing in next global war of choice has just started, not only causing death and suffering in MENA which is just a proxy conflict but killing of the truth, humanity and sanity that is dying everywhere and especially in the freedom of speech and freedom of press propagandizing West i.e. in western MSM and masses of following it sheeple.

In an Orwellian way, always present in US media, anti-Russian and anti-Chinese etc., rhetoric or discriminatory colorization, due to American superiority complex, turned into open racial/ethic/national origin hatred of “subhuman” nations, surrealistic fear and loathing of monstrous, unknown brain-eating enemy deserving condemnation and death, no facts or proof needed, only blatant lies of black repugnant propaganda, insane baseless accusations of crimes committed by accusers themselves, denying of physical laws and most basic and common reality, all wrapped into a strict class morality of western leaders and their thoughtless followers vs. whoever has been declared an enemy “du jour”, i.e. Russians , Chinese, Iranians etc., and tomorrow the world.

When class morality prevails, human morality dies and positive moral judgment is reserved only to membership of superior class while moral faults, moral deficiency or straight evil as a matter of dogma of goodness or holiness of western moral judges, constitutes a very fabric of an enemy. Regardless of facts or their behavior enemy cannot be judged good, reasonable, honest, compassionate etc., because such a behavior or attitude is rendered impossible even against reality that contradicts such judgment.

Along these lines suppression of western press into neocon/neolib mouth pieces devoid of a shred of fundamental integrity of thought, hunting down alternative blogs and shutting them down, massive coordinated trolling operations involving millions of troll mill and RoboTroll accounts to sway public opinion, harsh prosecution of whistleblowers and information leakers such as Wikileak or Snowden to discourage others from following the same path, starving economically and cutting of from banking system of independent publications and most of all curtailing and, in near future, shutting down of all so-called “enemy” sources of public information such as RT, CCTV, Press TV, Sputnik News or Xinhua English etc., as elements of pre-war deception on the top of already substantial hostility and harassment of those news outlets that have been widely reported in the US and UK.

Now legislatures in US, EU and Australia have been involved in gagging their own population as a cannon fodder preparation procedure.

And it has already started in UK:

The free press “loving” legislators will shut down free information access, not to enemy but to their own constituency who will be denied the truth and freedom of choice of the news source replaced by MSM daily propaganda pabulum of unreality, a necessary feed for new cannon fodder.

While WWIII propaganda preparations are ongoing, Syrian conflict deteriorates and transforms itself into a Global confrontation as I wrote before:

Syrian conflict rapidly is turning into hot military confrontation between elites of Russia, Iran and to a degree China and the elites of the West. So far all the players, are believing in their own propaganda, and as expected they are making the same deadly mistake, they see themselves as potential winners and/or beneficiaries of human pain and suffering in their oligarchs’ country club global cricket game of blood.
So will they do it? Will another generation of American grunts oblivious to their predecessors’ pleas for peace spill their blood and others for corporate profits?

Now at least Russian rhetoric came back to reality and not fantasy of possibility of any honest agreement with US which from the start Russian intervention was all about, hopelessness of talks with US that just want to topple Assad that’s it, with ISIL caliphate or without.

This is no longer about Syria, it is about last global confrontation of dying US empire, feeling that it is the last moment of their military advantage/superiority to subdue Russian and Chinese as emerging world powers. To wait means to lose global hegemony due to collapsing of US monetary and economic/military power.

The only scenario of confrontation is global war, nothing else so Russians/Syrian should keep fighting declare no fly zone for illegal NATO and allies airplanes take over the Turkish/Syrian border, nothing will happen what has not already been decided in Washington to happened namely MIC spending orgy, except of escalation propaganda of white helmets phony civilian casualties in MSM.

Last march SAA was about a year from completely defeating terrorists not we back to at least 18 months. If weapons/money supplies cut to terrorists.

The de-escalation of East West tensions is not about Syria or Ukraine is it is about global confrontation, nukes, and nuclear submarines old cold war stuff, back to square one, negotiate stop to nuke arms race.

Tying it to local conflicts is mistake that will only extend people suffering.

ANF blew up water supply infrastructure.

Хрейдин: В результате теракта водопровод «Барада» полностью выведен из строя

Is US preparing a Provocation involving US repainted warplanes into Russian colors aircraft?

Progress of SAA in Aleppo;

Syrian flag over parts of East Aleppo still under occupation of ANF;

ANF tried to shell Russian Embassy in Damascus from suburb of Jobar where SAA Special Forces blew up tunnels used in the attacks

American military does not want to fight in support for terrorists.

The retired US intelligence officer against War with Russia

Just after pentagon warned that terrorist would attack Russia soil within 48 hours they did. Was it a Washington Order?

UN against sanctions for Assad regime.

SAA cleaning East Aleppo cauldron;

SF Aleppo +Geopolitics:

Syria TV2

Recent map of North Aleppo area:

A civilian doctor working in civilian hospital. Has only one little harmless hobby: Terrorism.

More SAA successes in East Aleppo:

Tunnels of terrorist in East Aleppo;

RT in East/West Aleppo demarcation line;

Bombing in Hama province;

Still Hama under ANF assault for over a month now SAA withdraws,
The promised counterattack commenced;

Fighting in East Ghouta;

The dash line shows recent advancements of SAA;


Russian advisors!!! in Syria;

Fighting in Latakia 18+

Deir Ez-Zor
Hills lost to ISIL after US allies killed over sixty and helped them with air raid retaken by SAA;

East Ghouta:

Fighting in Queierta Province;
SAA attacks with ATM called a ‘little one’;

Damascus free market, inflation controlled by a chain of government supermarkets;

Traffic jams as everywhere is a second on the list of worries of Damascus residents. Assad regime is not collapsing.

I despise SOHR and their lies but here there is since it was independently confirmed; Killing 20 at wedding in Hassaka province;

Baghdadi is no longer needed by the US allies so after convalescing in Turkey, now he doesn’t feel well suddenly.

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi suffers severe poisoning

Congratulation US dept of state and WH here is a list of accomplishment they achieved by restraining Syrians and Russians from finishing ISIL/ANF terrorists off.

That’s what American taxpayer paid for [be proud vote for more terrorism, and Hillary will deliver guaranteed. Trump is not trustworthy to do that.]

Is Turkey trying to stab SAA in the back by replacing ISIL with pro-Turkish terrorists?

Fighting in Iraq, Iraqi army unit hit by ISIL;

Mosul offensive begins soon.

Erdogan sees no place for Christians and Yazidis in liberated Mosul, neocons should be proud of their accomplice for planning to purge thousands years old Christians settlements from Mosul and Northern Iraq.

After Russian military training in India now they are in Egypt;

This is new version S300 Assad regime just received from Russia

Unrelated: the Japan-Russian border territory and Kuriles explained:

it is all about water rich with fish;

Russian celebrated Military Space Day of the AirSpace forces

The Turkish fake coup is a gift that keeps on giving. 13000 policemen fired or arrested;

Turkish army backed militia, mine sweeps;

RP commentaries on Aleppo situation;

You pay taxes you pay for this so pay attention:

Syrian soccer fans can be proud Syrian team defeated China in elimination round for Russia 2018 World Cup;

Сирийская сборная по футболу одержала победу над командой КНР со счетом 1:0

Loosing terrorists ANF in Idlib fighting among themselves due to lack of money and weapons;

Preparing for all out war in Syria:

YT censored this video because their guys are beheading other US supported guys in Idlib no White Helmets in sight. Welcome to United States of YT censorship.

White Helmets:

State run propaganda outlet called BBC, about Lies surrounded myth of White Helmets.


Preparation to Mosul offensive on both sides”
Yemen war update:

Nobel Peace price winner vetoed a bill that would let parents, family lawsuits just to protect “children beheading” abhorrent medieval regime of SA.
This is a sections of SWA entitled: know your enemy. Yes we must know our enemy that with use of out taxpayer money pentagon hired “moderated beheaders” together with US military will kill for sure if Hillary elected [POTUS].
Look into the faces of enemy, Christians, Alawites, “brainwashed by Assad” Shia, Sunni Muslims, Jews as well as freely roaming in Damascus atheists, Hindu and all the religions tolerated by ”evil” secular state that must be destroyed and replaced with Saudi Arabia style of “American King democracy”
Watch carefully because it could be you who kill them:

US allies whining:

US army and their mission, to protect poppy harvest in Afghanistan so ISIL has money to pay salary, a full employment policy.


SF review of Year of Russian intervention; somewhat optimistic and applies rather to first half of intervention so far before this phony ceasefire that resulted is less of substantial momentum that only now is being regained;


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