MONTH TWELVE: What did Russians Accomplish? A return to Square One or not Exactly?

Twelve months past since beginning of Russian military intervention in Syrian War, based on an explicit invitation of legal, internationally recognized (UN) Syrian government in agreement with all precepts, letter and spirit of the international law and UN charter that allows for provision of soliciting international military support and involvement into internal sovereign state security operations aimed to restore law and order in the country threatened by non-state actors.

According to UN charter such a military/police operations are in sole discretion of the legal governments and that Geneva conventions do not apply to such a non-state actors involved in the conflict.
The lawful actions of law enforcement agencies in such a case are explicitly excluded from international jurisdiction and that includes war crime jurisprudence, codex and/or case-law and hence government actions are solely considered under local state laws including temporary emergency laws established to deal with the non-state actors disrupting social peace, law and order and vital national and state interests.
At this point I have to affirm that in legal terms in contrast to Russian, Iranian, [Hezbollah] and Iraqi governments which involvement was directly requested by Syrian government, run by multiple times elected leader, Bashir al-Assad, US, Turkey and their allies from NATO and GCC are in severe violation of the UN charter that declares aggression of one member of UN onto another a war crime and hence deserve international condemnation and secession of such actions immediately.
In fact any civilian casualties in Syria caused by so-called US allies are subject to UN war crime tribunals, while similar offences committed by Syrian army are under exclusive Syrian emergency law jurisdiction, which grants immunity to the military personnel following legal orders under international Jurisprudence, sovereign immunity clause, ironically invoked by Obama to shamelessly cover up Saudis heavy involvement in 9/11 disaster.
In other words US president, a Constitutional Law scholar, openly denies UN principle of sovereign immunity to some and defend this same principle for other, basing judgment solely on geopolitical considerations having nothing to do with law but political expediency and US direct interests.

After clarifying legal status of the war, let’s review what Russians accomplished during last six months.
The first six months of intervention was comprehensively discussed in March 2016 and is linked here:

So I will not focus of that period which in general can be characterized as six-months of military actions and massive delivery of military and humanitarian supplies and materiel and training to previously weaken SAA and development/introduction of new military formations/organizations loyal to the Assad regime into the war theater.
Unfortunately last six months of Russian involvement could be, in fairness, called reversal of the previous policies and actions practically stopping most of offensive actions even against groups not covered by early US-Russia ceasefire, dismantling unified command and control of Russian military alliance of Iranian army and IRG, Iraqi Shia militia, Afghan militia, Palestinians, YPG, PYD, Hezbollah, SAA + refurbished Syrian Air Force, and Syrian National Guard, Syrian Self Defense Force and tribal self-defense groups leading to some estrangement, political bickering and unilateral (later we learn premature) withdrawal of Russian military, Navy and Russian AirSpace forces under false pretense of a “phony” cease fire Russia was manipulated by US into, for sole purpose of bringing relief to ISIL/ANF and other terrorists groups on a brink of defeat in early March 2016 and by that allowing new weapon and personnel to be supplied to ISIL/ANF and other terrorists under pretense of supplying, in reality nonexistent but only on paper political creatures such as FSA with horrible consequences of more suffering of Syrian people.

From April, 2016 on, such as foolish political position that Russia took and forced Syrian government to follow was directly responsible for allowing to rebuild almost completely defeated terrorists’ military capabilities via US allies paid for supplies of weapons to ANF and ISIL as well such weakness contributed successful terrorists’ counterattacks and as a results by now regaining substantial part of previously lost to SAA territory.
Hence while in March, 2016 Assad regime enjoyed substantial territorial gains as we see below, in September 2016 the situation can be again described as a stalemate.
The only bright side here is that recently Russians openly denounced this sham of ceasefire they pretended to believe before and they seem to return to full military operations against terrorists regardless of western hysterical reactions proliferated by MSM.
Russians even restored the number and quality of the warplanes in their base in Latakia province, to the pre-ceasefire levels or even more.
What is disturbing that totally unnecessarily thousands of lives were sacrificed for the US-Russian global play of geopolitics and phony US diplomacy having nothing to do with Syrian war itself and was played out globally with horrifying consequences for Syrian civilians. This futile diplomatic game resulted in senseless extension of duration the war that could have been almost concluded by now if Russians continued their successful operations as in the first six months of their intervention.
As a matter of fact a desperate push of Russians to create unified East-West coalitions against all terrorists of all flavors has failed due to US intransigence and Washington vested interests in supporting abhorrent, murderous terrorists of ANF/ISIL/FSA and others as proxy military forces directed to fight against lawful Syrian government, headed by Assad and all the costs that has been paid in Syrian blood for long six months was for nothing.
What changed though is that US now openly declared itself a supporter of al-Qaeda terrorists (ANF) while still clandestinely supplies ISIL with money and weapons, marking however impossible Russian diplomatic efforts for peace, an utter failure.
As a consequence Putin gamble for pace, as presented in his UN GA speech last year in wider global geopolitical context turned out to be total disaster.
Unfortunately, Putin forgot that there is no taming what can’t be tamed namely psychotic delusions of Washington D.C. neocons about their grandeur as well that one cannot kill megalomaniac fantasies of imperial hubris without killing the emporium itself.
A sad, well-known and appreciated lesson by any Russian politician, Putin strives hard to deny.
If fact swift decisive actions, surprise and overwhelming defeat of all the terrorists is the only way for US neocons to wake up from their psychopathic torpor, squash their sick rants and open their eyes to the reality of multipolar world that requires accommodation of interests of world community.

So here we are almost back to September 2015 state of affairs as far as territorial gains are concerned, SAA advancing again in Aleppo, lost territory to terrorists in Hama province while in Latakia, Homs, Damascus Golan heights and Daara stalemate since spring continues.
What disturbing is Turkish invasion in North Aleppo province clear violation of International Law, unfortunately met only with Iranian and Russian empty rhetoric and no legal or military actions?
October 2016: At this point there is no end to the war in sight, US openly stand by the side of ISIL, Al-Qaeda; Al-Nusra Front or whatever new label they put on themselves after Saudi/Qatari sponsors’ persuasions.
What’s new is an open aggression of the US and allies against Syrian military forces fighting, guess who? ISIL terrorists, making the US an air force of Islamic State of terror and American taxpayers materially supporting terrorism, a criminal offence.[you may want to stop paying taxes, since you may end up in jail]

Syrian security services possess a recording of the conversation between American military commanders and ISIL terrorists just before US and allies deliberately bombed well-known to them SAA defense position at Deir-Ez-Zor.

The conversation was aimed to make sure no ISIL positions are bombed or any terrorist hurt as well timing coordination so ISIL might use it to begin their offensive against SAA and that was exactly what they did within few minutes of US assault on SAA positions.

By that US allies (NZ, Australia, UK and US and more involved) openly are making themselves states supporting terrorism subject to the international sanctions according to UNSC resolutions as well as such a actions made them aggressors, violators of UN charter subject to even more sanctions and call for reparations as well as potential war crime accusations.

Quite shockingly, neither Russia nor China proposed such as resolution about condemnation of naked aggression in case of US allies and that includes Turkish aggression in Northern Syria from several weeks ago that was left unpunished.

Even Sputnik opened its eyes for what was going on for last six months, a phony ceasefire only Russia believed would work.

“The violence of this, the extreme hostility implicit in these actions suggests that something more is going on between the two sides than we find on the front pages of the newspapers,” the analyst observed. Latest developments seem to point that “something very serious has transpired between Russia, the United States and its closes allies over Syria – far more serious than what has been in the public domain.”

US is continuously arming terrorists from ANF and FSA;

A chime of Freedom: American soldiers do not want to die for al-Qaeda and ISIL terrorists anymore.

SF: Open threat against Russian military in Syria from pentagon spokesperson and a direct threat to unleashing their terrorist friends’ attacks against civilians in Russian cities. We are witnessing unveiling and United Islamic States of America, dedicated supporters of Al- Qaeda and Islamic Caliphate, a metastasized al-Qaeda cancer that killed thousands of people on 9/11. If this is not proof that OBL won, nothing is.

Moderate beheaders/terrorists burn flag of FSA (Free Syrian Army supported by the US)

Yes, it is called global confrontation I have been writing for a year now.
UN “humanitarian” assistance from Turkey in Idlib province;

Syria TV 2 News:

After betrayal of YPG/PYD by phony US friend, Kurds desperately plead for help from Russia to stop Turkish aggression, invasion that aimed to annex thousands of square miles of Syrian territory along Turkish border and to eradicate Kurdish autonomy and political, military institutions. Kurds have no friends, that’s true, so why they went so friendly with conniving Americans?
Time to pay for short-term thinking is now.

A squabble in happy terrorist family: ISIL hit FSA;

Another Convoy in Syria? What’s in it? A secret.

Russian Aircraft Carrier Adm. Kuznetsov to test new missiles systems while on Syrian Waters deployment–are these MIC proving grounds in Syria or new weapon demonstration for Americans?

Another Syrian aircraft shot down with American supplied AA MANPAD system.

Still bad situation in Hama province, SAA in defensive position.

In Daara, FSA shot down a SAA drone;

After reopening of Hama-Allepo Road by SAA in So. Aleppo, fighting continues;

Hama: SAA fight Abha-al-Sham formerly Al-Nusra Front;
Taxpayer money at work. US-led coalition destroys bridge which crosses the Euphrates river in al-Mayadeen city, Deir Ez-Zor

New SAA offensive in Hama province.

Despite sending most of the soldiers to the east Aleppo countryside, the remaining Tiger Forces in northern Hama will still receive aerial support from their air battalion for incoming counteroffensive.
Also aiding the Tiger Forces will be the following government units:
• 555th Regiment of the 4th Mechanized Division
• 87th Brigade of the 11th Tank Division
• 47th Regiment of the 11th Tank Division
• Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP)
• National Defense Forces
• 3rd Armored Division
• Dara’ Qalamoun (Qalamoun Shield)
• Air Force Intelligence

Farafira, a Eastern district of Aleppo (old town). No. Aleppo fighting in Handrat.

Jund-Al-Axa takes over village Maah, Hama province;

Deir Ez-Zor fighting continue;

East Aleppo, SAA offensive around historic Aleppo Citadel:

S. Aleppo Apartment complex 1070- defended by SAA;

Aleppo province: SAA attacks ISIL;

Homs fighting:

Jobar- Damascus suburb fourth year of fighting, still not cleared from ANF terrorists;

Fighting in Hama after ANF attacks there;

Aleppo: CIA/MI6 funded White Helmets “rescue workers” revealed as mujahideen, soldiers of Allah or Islamic terrorists, as it was proven many times before.

Before you get outraged by Assad’s murder of another child see this Hollywood production;

Blast from the past:

War in Turkey against Kurds continues outside news headlines:
PKK fighting Turkish army goes on;

Mourning dead Kurdish Girl Azi Antar killed by ISIL;

Sowing seeds of .. peace:

ANF: America is our friend and savior.

Warning 18+moderate terrorists, friends of America and paid by the US taxpayers executing Syrian soldiers and civilians.

A journalist named Nahet Hatra killed in Jordan by Jordanian supported terrorists;

Terrorists smuggling weapons in living cow, I did not make it up.


At least ISIL is anti-imperial and hates corporatism of others, not themselves, and hence they prohibited certain flags and logos, thouse who did not pay them off;

Finally a correct usage of weapons of war.

Illustrated devastation of a bullet entering human body.

Iraq vicinity of Ramadi, Iraqi army fights ISIL;

Anbahr province Iraq.

Sinking of Saudi ship attempting to deliver weapons to terrorists in Lebanon and Syria.

Four American soldiers killed in Afghanistan, silence in MSM.

MH17- Dutch commission prostituted themselves denying their compatriots right to sue Kiev fascist regime who had opportunity and motive to murder MH17 airliner passengers in 2014; Shame on you.

Also for detail analysis of MH17 disaster:

Just over three months to go only. A lot to celebrate Mr. President;

Truth about NGO in context of Syrian and Ukrainian War.
NGOs: Grassroots Empowerment or Tool of Information Warfare?


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