US ELECTIONS: A farcical Spectacle of Blood and Imperial Hubris.

Anyone who ever read even one of my posts knows that I am ardent critic of the US imperial power and its devastating impact of sovereign independent nations all over the world who refused or not sufficiently submit to be vassals of the US empire and not diligently enough exploit their people for profit of Global oligarchy.

Also everyone who ever read Syrian War Update knows that I try to focus only on important, critical or crucial developments on the world scene in relation to Syrian war leaving out all the distractions, propaganda or media noise.

The already 15 months long US electoral season was just that, a noise, nothing else and hence did not warrant my post specifically dedicated to it.

However since it is the last my blog post before November 8 I decided to say few words about it and explain my deliberate sweeping aside what utterances have been coming from so-called candidates to the so-called office of POTUS.

For starters it is a fact that nothing will change on November 9, whoever gets the four-year lease for 1600 Pennsylvania avenue mansion in Washington D.C. as far as global geopolitics is concerned what is the core of Syrian war as well as it would not affect in any significant way US imperial hubris that two prospective tenants to the W.H. are peddling in synch for two major reasons:

First, If Hillary gets in obviously nothing will change fundamentally since she is the very architect of the current bloody mess that is going on for a decade now and as for she is a true American, she will double down on her failure.

So Russians will continue to be demonized as a convenient villains and China will continue to be portrayed as menace to the free world and Assad must go mantra will continue to reverberate in hall of US imperial regime as usual while Hillary will keep begging Islamic terrorists to behave and behead those men, women and children who they are told to do so.

Her Wall Street buddies and MIC extremists whom she truly represents and loves dearly will push to continue insane imperial projects no matter what, shockingly believing that successful limited nuclear war is possible under fantastic anti-nuclear umbrella they believe they alone will be safe under while the rest of the nation and the world fries.

And those are most dangerous psychotic delusions or conniving plans straight from hell or from a psychiatric patient medical history, few still sane independent journalists and even some independent media are loudly warning about.

However it sounds crazy there is a good chance that with Hillary nukes will start flying and I am not saying it lightly.

So, why all this frantic rush of vilifying Russia and China right now?

All those who read any book about collapse of Roman Empire know. It is called last stage of demise, a terminal phase of massive militarization of people’s lives in the decaying Imperial regime and its sociopolitical system in its final state of disintegration, utilized by the ruling elite as a measure to justify dramatic collapse of standard of living of the people, an excuse based on national security interests, truly caused by deliberate collapse of mainstream economy and massive build up of MIC spending and political power of military, all underlaid by astronomical fraud and theft committed by Wall Street oligarchy and their minions in the sold out media.

Second, if by some miracle Trump is anointed for POTUS it will not make any damn difference for following reasons:

Trump candidacy was nothing but a placeholder for somebody, anybody worse than ghastly Hillary who is so repulsive as a person and character that often cause people to puke. A placeholder what disgusting cartoonish character like Trump fits well in and was the only thing, she advocated fiercely in primaries, that went for Hillary in this entire popularity contest called campaign. Tons of lipstick have been put on Clinton’s pigs and still people rejected her and Clinton’s mafia wholesale as abhorrent characters exceeding, by their utter lack of credibility and psychotic viciousness, even that of Trump himself.

In fact my gut feeling is telling me that if anybody tried to really count the votes Trump would have been a “winner” of this beauty contest, but traditionally this is not even done in the US [no independent auditing or monitoring is allowed under penalty of prison], why even bother, since the outcome will always be the same. The US emporium will continue unabated in perpetuity and all the policies will continue to aim solely to serve imperial interests defined by the ruling elite.

But it addition to the utter futility of participation in this electoral farce, in fact Trump campaign did not even try to win, and simple was a joke and insult to the last shred of intelligence of American voter.

In fact Trump has no grass-roots organization, no real campaign organization and instead a hostile Republicans who know that his stunt will cause likely loss of their high paid jobs since party leadership utterly rejected Trump and in minds of voters voting for the top of Republican ticket will likely reject hostile to Trump rest of it as a part of Trump antiestablishment revolution.

It is nothing but surrealistic to believe that anything run by Ivanka and his sons and co-opting old dying brain-damaged Reaganites can be called a anything like political campaign at all and Trump incoherent tweets really meant nothing toward such an end.

His so-far “success” is based on the fact that he was nothing but a “not Hillary again”, or no more the same imperial mafia rule, in other words the   “none of the above” vote, a missing alternative from teh ballots.

In fact much better would have been to put a choir “none of the above” on the ballot to outvote Hillary instead putting up this clown of ignorance Hillary herself supported from the beginning as her “old friend”.

But most important reason why the event of Trump presidency is a near impossible is because he would have faced nothing but hostile establishment, who would have squashed all of his more reasonable utterances like peace with Russia or stopping, slowing globalization etc., by actions of congress filled with hateful and angry Reps and Dems in unity, ready to impeach him if he does not conform to imperial policies.

Also Trump would face un-governable, mutinous the US Imperial military elite that repudiated Trump entirely except for lower ranks grunts, or surveillance and security apparatus leadership ready to kill him with pleasure.

The “President Trump” would not have had a real power to change wall paper in oval office, he would have been relegated to a TV personality POTUS in a surrealistic reality show, what US politics really is. In fact this would have been the very role and only role he is experienced in and talented enough to fulfill. We may have even become forced audience of the weekly extension of NETFLIX series “ House of Trump Cards “ taped in Hollywood replica of W.H.

Simply Trump will not be able to exercise any kind of influence over the deep state which will continue their deeds unaffected.

November 9 will be just another day and those who for the last time were standing in queue to voting booths a day before will be fucked up the same again as 150 millions Americans who retained their dignity, integrity and restrained themselves from participating in the pathetic, cruel farce, an insult to millions of victims of US imperial hubris in Syria and elsewhere.

But do not despair there is nothing that vodka can’t cure.

Here is a take on the US elections I would definitely agree with:

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The First Enemy And Victim Of War Is Truth. The Truth In Western Media Is Dying.

What do we hear? Putin and Assad both are killing little children, women with their civilians’ targeting guided missile that every time hit a civilian or a baby located in a civilian hospital, a hospital bombed daily as a White Helmets propaganda stooges who are paid for reporting/lying from safety of various Turkish cities hundreds of miles away from bombing, want us to believe.

All that while US cannot do wrong and has special guided missiles with a name and address of terrorist on it so no mistakes or war crimes are possible by infallible American weapons, only weapons in the world that bring morally justify death and destruction. Even children killed by US bombings apparently must have been up to something no good.

In the same time the moderate terrorist kills only murderous Assad henchmen when they launch barrel bombs via self-made rocked launchers with accuracy about 1000 ft as I reported here many times. This supposedly is the truth, only truth and nothing but the truth about Syrian War namely either Russia, a pariah among nations submits to benevolent goodness of American empire or WWIII is imminent.

Where have we heard it before? A standard prewar rhetoric deployed as a tool of psychological warfare. But against whom? Concocted or even non-existing enemy?

No, it is a psychological war waged by US ruling elite/MIC against their own people, their own people who must be quickly transformed from valued citizen, mothers fathers, children, families, our flesh and blood, into a corporate cannon fodder, ground into deadly weapons of war and loving it, being proud of the absurd slaughter under guise of commercial patriotism, for dollar a piece.

Eat Freedom Fries. Follow your corporate leader. Do your patriotic duty and die, you dog!

But that song was already played before, remember get the Russkies, commies, ungodly creatures who crawl the earth like cockroaches that had to be exterminated for purity of American commercialism, committing capital crime of choosing Pirogues and Kvas over Hamburger and Coke.

So die Russki die, die Yankee die as long of you wrap yourself in American flag and clutch to a Christian cross you are perfect patriotic shit to be blown up into pieces. Why? Because, we are exceptional we’re always right if not we better be dead.

American exceptionalism draws from suicidal proto-fascist notion of Armageddon, and ultimate battle between good and evil a Hegelian Philosophy of Right Hitler was ardent student of.

Yes, that’s the truth. Entire American ethos, a foundation deeply rooted within unfettered competition of greed and exploitation in commercial realm including commerce of war, murder, mayhem, is a radical, apocalyptic ideology that is being carved into young American minds, by entire range of state institutions, educational, cultural, political, economic, social, and taught within each family as a tactic of survival in the brutal world of talking animals with iPhones devouring each other domestically and/or abroad.

While many nations have been founded on war, Americans brought innovation to the warfare by introducing war waging activity not as a result of political conundrum of ruling elite who saw their own survival assured only via warfare but instead they decided on waging war solely as an extension of economic policy of plunder and exploitation, not an imperative but an option that ruling elite carefully considers via advanced calculation of economic benefit that may come to them regardless of carnage and death even when their own American/Western side is concerned. The civil war massacre (6ook dead, today it corresponds to about 12 millions) was a prime example of a war of transformation into modern industrial age and enabling monstrous profits associated with it, harvested from bloody fields by new Rubber Barons and industrial moguls.

And killing in next global war of choice has just started, not only causing death and suffering in MENA which is just a proxy conflict but killing of the truth, humanity and sanity that is dying everywhere and especially in the freedom of speech and freedom of press propagandizing West i.e. in western MSM and masses of following it sheeple.

In an Orwellian way, always present in US media, anti-Russian and anti-Chinese etc., rhetoric or discriminatory colorization, due to American superiority complex, turned into open racial/ethic/national origin hatred of “subhuman” nations, surrealistic fear and loathing of monstrous, unknown brain-eating enemy deserving condemnation and death, no facts or proof needed, only blatant lies of black repugnant propaganda, insane baseless accusations of crimes committed by accusers themselves, denying of physical laws and most basic and common reality, all wrapped into a strict class morality of western leaders and their thoughtless followers vs. whoever has been declared an enemy “du jour”, i.e. Russians , Chinese, Iranians etc., and tomorrow the world.

When class morality prevails, human morality dies and positive moral judgment is reserved only to membership of superior class while moral faults, moral deficiency or straight evil as a matter of dogma of goodness or holiness of western moral judges, constitutes a very fabric of an enemy. Regardless of facts or their behavior enemy cannot be judged good, reasonable, honest, compassionate etc., because such a behavior or attitude is rendered impossible even against reality that contradicts such judgment.

Along these lines suppression of western press into neocon/neolib mouth pieces devoid of a shred of fundamental integrity of thought, hunting down alternative blogs and shutting them down, massive coordinated trolling operations involving millions of troll mill and RoboTroll accounts to sway public opinion, harsh prosecution of whistleblowers and information leakers such as Wikileak or Snowden to discourage others from following the same path, starving economically and cutting of from banking system of independent publications and most of all curtailing and, in near future, shutting down of all so-called “enemy” sources of public information such as RT, CCTV, Press TV, Sputnik News or Xinhua English etc., as elements of pre-war deception on the top of already substantial hostility and harassment of those news outlets that have been widely reported in the US and UK.

Now legislatures in US, EU and Australia have been involved in gagging their own population as a cannon fodder preparation procedure.

And it has already started in UK:

The free press “loving” legislators will shut down free information access, not to enemy but to their own constituency who will be denied the truth and freedom of choice of the news source replaced by MSM daily propaganda pabulum of unreality, a necessary feed for new cannon fodder.

While WWIII propaganda preparations are ongoing, Syrian conflict deteriorates and transforms itself into a Global confrontation as I wrote before:

Syrian conflict rapidly is turning into hot military confrontation between elites of Russia, Iran and to a degree China and the elites of the West. So far all the players, are believing in their own propaganda, and as expected they are making the same deadly mistake, they see themselves as potential winners and/or beneficiaries of human pain and suffering in their oligarchs’ country club global cricket game of blood.
So will they do it? Will another generation of American grunts oblivious to their predecessors’ pleas for peace spill their blood and others for corporate profits?

Now at least Russian rhetoric came back to reality and not fantasy of possibility of any honest agreement with US which from the start Russian intervention was all about, hopelessness of talks with US that just want to topple Assad that’s it, with ISIL caliphate or without.

This is no longer about Syria, it is about last global confrontation of dying US empire, feeling that it is the last moment of their military advantage/superiority to subdue Russian and Chinese as emerging world powers. To wait means to lose global hegemony due to collapsing of US monetary and economic/military power.

The only scenario of confrontation is global war, nothing else so Russians/Syrian should keep fighting declare no fly zone for illegal NATO and allies airplanes take over the Turkish/Syrian border, nothing will happen what has not already been decided in Washington to happened namely MIC spending orgy, except of escalation propaganda of white helmets phony civilian casualties in MSM.

Last march SAA was about a year from completely defeating terrorists not we back to at least 18 months. If weapons/money supplies cut to terrorists.

The de-escalation of East West tensions is not about Syria or Ukraine is it is about global confrontation, nukes, and nuclear submarines old cold war stuff, back to square one, negotiate stop to nuke arms race.

Tying it to local conflicts is mistake that will only extend people suffering.

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MONTH TWELVE: What did Russians Accomplish? A return to Square One or not Exactly?

Twelve months past since beginning of Russian military intervention in Syrian War, based on an explicit invitation of legal, internationally recognized (UN) Syrian government in agreement with all precepts, letter and spirit of the international law and UN charter that allows for provision of soliciting international military support and involvement into internal sovereign state security operations aimed to restore law and order in the country threatened by non-state actors.

According to UN charter such a military/police operations are in sole discretion of the legal governments and that Geneva conventions do not apply to such a non-state actors involved in the conflict.
The lawful actions of law enforcement agencies in such a case are explicitly excluded from international jurisdiction and that includes war crime jurisprudence, codex and/or case-law and hence government actions are solely considered under local state laws including temporary emergency laws established to deal with the non-state actors disrupting social peace, law and order and vital national and state interests.
At this point I have to affirm that in legal terms in contrast to Russian, Iranian, [Hezbollah] and Iraqi governments which involvement was directly requested by Syrian government, run by multiple times elected leader, Bashir al-Assad, US, Turkey and their allies from NATO and GCC are in severe violation of the UN charter that declares aggression of one member of UN onto another a war crime and hence deserve international condemnation and secession of such actions immediately.
In fact any civilian casualties in Syria caused by so-called US allies are subject to UN war crime tribunals, while similar offences committed by Syrian army are under exclusive Syrian emergency law jurisdiction, which grants immunity to the military personnel following legal orders under international Jurisprudence, sovereign immunity clause, ironically invoked by Obama to shamelessly cover up Saudis heavy involvement in 9/11 disaster.
In other words US president, a Constitutional Law scholar, openly denies UN principle of sovereign immunity to some and defend this same principle for other, basing judgment solely on geopolitical considerations having nothing to do with law but political expediency and US direct interests.

After clarifying legal status of the war, let’s review what Russians accomplished during last six months.
The first six months of intervention was comprehensively discussed in March 2016 and is linked here:

So I will not focus of that period which in general can be characterized as six-months of military actions and massive delivery of military and humanitarian supplies and materiel and training to previously weaken SAA and development/introduction of new military formations/organizations loyal to the Assad regime into the war theater.
Unfortunately last six months of Russian involvement could be, in fairness, called reversal of the previous policies and actions practically stopping most of offensive actions even against groups not covered by early US-Russia ceasefire, dismantling unified command and control of Russian military alliance of Iranian army and IRG, Iraqi Shia militia, Afghan militia, Palestinians, YPG, PYD, Hezbollah, SAA + refurbished Syrian Air Force, and Syrian National Guard, Syrian Self Defense Force and tribal self-defense groups leading to some estrangement, political bickering and unilateral (later we learn premature) withdrawal of Russian military, Navy and Russian AirSpace forces under false pretense of a “phony” cease fire Russia was manipulated by US into, for sole purpose of bringing relief to ISIL/ANF and other terrorists groups on a brink of defeat in early March 2016 and by that allowing new weapon and personnel to be supplied to ISIL/ANF and other terrorists under pretense of supplying, in reality nonexistent but only on paper political creatures such as FSA with horrible consequences of more suffering of Syrian people.

From April, 2016 on, such as foolish political position that Russia took and forced Syrian government to follow was directly responsible for allowing to rebuild almost completely defeated terrorists’ military capabilities via US allies paid for supplies of weapons to ANF and ISIL as well such weakness contributed successful terrorists’ counterattacks and as a results by now regaining substantial part of previously lost to SAA territory.
Hence while in March, 2016 Assad regime enjoyed substantial territorial gains as we see below, in September 2016 the situation can be again described as a stalemate.
The only bright side here is that recently Russians openly denounced this sham of ceasefire they pretended to believe before and they seem to return to full military operations against terrorists regardless of western hysterical reactions proliferated by MSM.
Russians even restored the number and quality of the warplanes in their base in Latakia province, to the pre-ceasefire levels or even more.
What is disturbing that totally unnecessarily thousands of lives were sacrificed for the US-Russian global play of geopolitics and phony US diplomacy having nothing to do with Syrian war itself and was played out globally with horrifying consequences for Syrian civilians. This futile diplomatic game resulted in senseless extension of duration the war that could have been almost concluded by now if Russians continued their successful operations as in the first six months of their intervention.
As a matter of fact a desperate push of Russians to create unified East-West coalitions against all terrorists of all flavors has failed due to US intransigence and Washington vested interests in supporting abhorrent, murderous terrorists of ANF/ISIL/FSA and others as proxy military forces directed to fight against lawful Syrian government, headed by Assad and all the costs that has been paid in Syrian blood for long six months was for nothing.
What changed though is that US now openly declared itself a supporter of al-Qaeda terrorists (ANF) while still clandestinely supplies ISIL with money and weapons, marking however impossible Russian diplomatic efforts for peace, an utter failure.
As a consequence Putin gamble for pace, as presented in his UN GA speech last year in wider global geopolitical context turned out to be total disaster.
Unfortunately, Putin forgot that there is no taming what can’t be tamed namely psychotic delusions of Washington D.C. neocons about their grandeur as well that one cannot kill megalomaniac fantasies of imperial hubris without killing the emporium itself.
A sad, well-known and appreciated lesson by any Russian politician, Putin strives hard to deny.
If fact swift decisive actions, surprise and overwhelming defeat of all the terrorists is the only way for US neocons to wake up from their psychopathic torpor, squash their sick rants and open their eyes to the reality of multipolar world that requires accommodation of interests of world community.

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