MARK THE DATE: Open, direct US led allies’ aggression against legitimate Syrian Government has begun.

Over last year there was a plethora of irrefutable signs and evidences [I reported them on this blog, too numerous to list here] of American troops creeping invasion, not just an intermittent air based incursions [that was common], but serious preparation of all out invasion of Syria relying on Turkish army and on supported, nurtured and organized proxy military forces in camps in Turkey and Jordan in a form of terrorist militias ISIL, ANF/JNS and FSA groups financed by US, [NATO], Turkey, Saudis and GCC countries under one unified US military command.

As latest episode of chasing US special forces out of Syria near Turkish border clearly demonstrated, the process is not smooth but slow elaborate, prone to embarrassing failures since it involves not only training countless desert thugs, mercenaries from abroad, bribing numerous terrorist commanders, but also selectively killing those few true rebels against Assad regime who oppose US intervention for political reasons.

But latest coordinated attack of US allies [likely from US/Qatar] on SAA positions in Deir-Ez-Zor with dozens of casualties while Russian S400 standing still [I guess by secret agreement] marks this date of open US aggression against Assad regime armed forces, which except for one incident in 2015 also at this location and also in coordination with ISIL, never happened before.

The unified command of pro-Syrian forces from Hezbollah, Iranians, Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqi Shia militias run by Russian generals has been proven enormously successful in 2015 bringing terrorist logistic, [fuel, money and weapons] to a collapse and causing huge material and human losses until the ill-fated phony ceasefire of February 2016 Russians signed giving card blanche to US to rearm terrorists and evacuate wounded to Turkey for R&R.

Again D.C. neocons stole victory from jaws of decisive defeat of US lunatic policies rendered by Russians. Why?

Why the February 2016 phony ceasefire and this recent phony ceasefire openly and admittedly criticized as not holding, while any idiot sweeping floors in Kremlin would have known that one needs two to tango and when US is set for brutal aggression on Syrian government dictated by geopolitics and delusions imperial hubris in their sick plans to establish religious fiefdoms liken to the US GCC protectorate but this time under Israeli administration [similar to the West Bank], no “peace tango” would ever possible.

Russians could have concluded this war by now and restored Assad to full control over his sovereign territory but decided not to do so even openly stated that they were not supporting Assad regime but just fighting terrorists in Syria. What a doublespeak in a face of elected and few times reelected Assad and Ba’ath party in elections recently even more democratic than in the US.

So why Putin was effectively buying this shit.

I think because ,as I wrote before, this is not about Syria and Assad anymore. It is about brewing global geopolitical confrontation in Europe and Asia and elsewhere. The bloody Syrian war serves only as a safety vent of those tensions and all the negotiations that Russians desperately involve themselves can only be attributed to desperately seeking a peaceful solution or appeasement to the US psychotic drive to absolute world domination as P.C.Roberts concurs while this would no longer be possible once hot global war have started.

In fact both sides by their actions prove that they do not believe that peaceful solution to a global conflict can be achieved and millions must die.

The Russian leadership resigned to it, because there is nobody sane in Washington left having any intention to stop the madness and instead they have to deal with bunch of erratic, delusional psychotics who lost touch with physical reality incessantly pushing for nuclear war.

The crazy D.C. neocons and western oligarchy obviously are not interested in peace, since facing collapse of their economic empire and fearing coming military demise, always associated with that, the global war now gives the best chance to defeat emerging world’s military powers before they gain absolute supremacy.

Acknowledgment of such a reality, shows up nowhere better than in skyrocketing military speeding of US, Russia and China over last five years of Syrian conflict. In fact Syrian war theater has become insignificant globally and short of some humanitarian support, it is hard to find any other reasonable explanation of direct US and Russian involvement and now even Chinese military involvement than testing grounds of new technologies and logistics of superpowers while ordinary Syrians are dying with no hope for peace.

We must ask what Syrian War has actually become. As I see it, it became nothing else but a proving grounds for Russian and US Military Industrial and Propaganda Complexes’ money extortion racket, run by pencil pushing bureaucrats.

Yes. The Syrian war from the beginning was not run by US generals who opposed it but by W.H. neocon bureaucrats and their MIC bosses. This same happened about six moths ago with the Russian side after rebels were practically defeated.

Russians demonstration of their global strategic force supposedly combat shoeless peasants in Syria and US build up in Iraq and Turkey but also in Eastern Europe, Japan, Korean peninsula and South East Asia all aimed to peddling another threat to their population and asking and getting hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth commitments for military spending with implicitly admitting that this is a preparation for global war.

With the terrorist threat as menacing and real as it is Obama’s approval of spending a Trillion $ for new nukes and as a response Russian $300 billions over next 5-10 years to upgrade overall forces including nuclear [both in violation of treaties and stated policies of disarmament] is nothing short than insanity and opens our eyes to the truth behind Syrian war and other CIA organized Arab springs phony events seeking nothing but a global confrontation.

The peaceful solution of conflict in Syria was presented by Russians already in 2012 when US refused to negotiate in good faith with Assad regime, enabling a democratic transition of power, and broke it by recruiting “rebels” and sponsoring terrorists of ISIL and al-Qaeda.

The military solution Russian had in their hands in February 2016 but they backed out themselves into a quagmire only because this is not why they came.

They came to defend their strategic military interests and to confront US global aggression in most benign way they found possible under guise of war against terrorism which while is a true reason for Russian intervention it is at the bottom of the list after Putin’s fateful UN speech, [aimed to expose US insidious moves and to warn about insane neocon drive towards US imperial domination and policies of chaos, destruction and death] did not have any measurable effects in emerging multipolar world, hence Putin acted.

After another six months of agony for Syrian people and another failure of new fake ceasefire and same old critical but unanswered questions I asked back then in February 2016:

  1. Why Russia supported UN Security Council Resolution 2254, adopted unanimously December 18, 2015   without clarifying legal status of NATO military operations in Syria under Syrian Law? On what legal basis US, French, British or Oman are bombing Syria?

  2. Why Russians or Iranians did not insist on clarification of legal basis under which Israel is bombing Syria and attacking Assad government in violation of UN charter?

  3. Why in UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians or Iranians did not insist on clarification of legal status of Turkish aggression in Syria including [military invasion and] shooting down lawfully operating Russian military airplane, shelling Syrian territory [and SAA positions, support for ISIL/ANF] or occupation of 1-2 mile wide sliver of Syrian land along border?

  4. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not call for withdrawal of unauthorized by Assad regime foreign military, including US troops from Syrian Kurdistan [and elsewhere]?

  5. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not insist on explicit prohibition of introduction of any unauthorized by Syrian government foreign military forces on Syrian territory as a matter of confirmation of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity as UN charter requires.

  6. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Ceasefire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not insist that no ceasefire will be in effect for all those yet undefined “ moderate opposition groups” who have in their ranks foreign mercenaries, non-Syrian citizen, and why expulsion of such has not been required as a precondition to cease-fire.

  7. Why Russians and/or Iranians did not insist on finalizing a list of terrorist organizations excluded from the Ceasefire Agreement before any ceasefire implementation may begin since this political/technical issue [identification and separation of terrorist from moderates] makes the Agreement unenforceable.

  8. Why Russians and/or Syrians did not insist on inclusion of Syrian Kurds in the negotiation, a vital force fighting terrorists.

  9. Should we understand that by signing the UNSCR 2254 and the Ceasefire Agreement Russia legalized NATO aggression against legal Assad government if not why NATO aggression was not prohibited in the agreement although illegality of any aggression is a vital part of UN charter?


If this conclusion is true then the agreement is an illegal act, against UN charter and international law since the only legal representative government of Syria is the representative of Assad regime and the UNCR 2254 is not aimed against Assad regime and hence UNSC cannot infringe on Syrian sovereignty.

In fact quick read of the “agreement” make me realize that it is a meaningless, unenforceable on the ground in Syria, piece of paper that actually allows SAA to move against ISIL and seal Turkish border North of Aleppo but also allows the west preparation for plan B i.e invasion of Syria. However, what it would surely do is to it provide fertile ground for western accusation of Russian/Syrians breaking the agreement we are so familiar with.

It is clear that nonchalant attitude of Russian and utter intransigence of the US who even did not insist on identifying of all terrorists before any cessation of hostilities and failed to bring to the table real players in the conflict as Syrians, Iran, Israel, Iraq Turkey, Saudis and Kurds makes all those efforts nothing but a theater of absurd that needs to be dismissed and true global confrontation among superpowers that is going on in Syria revealed to the world. But do not count on MSM.

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New US-Russia-Iran-Turkey Coalition Or Just Smoke And Mirrors?

So now everything is clear now, fog of war and lies has rescinded and naked truth was revealed and for many observers of the Syrian conflict it is apparently not a nice picture. Or is it?

First, in case you wondered what the hell was the US-Iran deal all about since Iran had no nukes to give up? As recently revealed that it was all about privatization of Iranian people’s national treasure namely oil reserves for frozen Shah money (ransom money) and the rest payable upon introduction of western oil giants into Iran. This whole deal was nothing but an attempt to put Iranian clerics on American leash. Did it work? Well time will tell but there are signs that somewhat it did.

Recent deal with Turkey and Iraq (and Russia???) about eradication of PKK was a supplement to it that and for all practical reasons seals fate of Syria as a unified country, namely Syria has been effectively partitioned into ethnic enclaves run but specific international sponsors [in case of Syrian Kurds it will be US like in Iraq where US sponsored Barzani mafia rules Iraqi Kurdistan], and just like it was in Lebanon in 1990-ties, while an illusion of unity government pretending to rule from Damascus after Assad is gone will be maintained.

I must say that gullibility of such a move of usual suspects facing US imperial evil is astonishing even by low standards rotten brains of Iranian clerics, sick Sultan of Ankara, or on some other days sane Putin. Or is it all hoax?

Second, As anyone who reads Syrian War Update and other direct sources knows that Russia in last months since the phony ceasefire, de facto, under unrelated geopolitical pressure, switched the political sides and reluctantly joined the US coalition [w/ Israel] via more or less abandoning the Assad regime politically if not entirely militarily yet, blackmailing desperate Assad to go along with anything including things that will soon lead to his demise as “all Syria” leader now enjoying 55% of popularity and having won two elections since 2011.

But none of that matters at all. It doesn’t matter that Assad has, more support than many top EU and US so-called democratic leaders, not to mention huge popularity of such “dictators” as Putin or Erdogan.

Does democracy requires majority support although it is not sufficient? Not in the west.

Sadly, in the same time many Russia’s apologists concoct fantastic scenarios how under Putin pressure, Erdogan, who after just invading Jarabulus area with 100 tanks and artillery an already loosing at least thirty soldiers fighting.. guess who? YPG Kurds armed with TOW from the US, allowing ISIL to withdraw largely unscathed, would reconcile with Assad who in turn would clam down on Kurds after he is helped by Turks to eliminate ISIL.

All that while US army directly and “independently” from Turkish army is raining MLRS over some abandoned ISIL Turkish border positions for PR.

Would Russians ever believe such a fantastic scenario? Highly unlikely.

Much more likely they are just interested in their own short sided goals in Syria with Assad or without him like in the period between 2011 and 2014, while watching closely their seriously threatened by US global interests, and believe me, if Russians buy again US-Turkish lies they will be fucked again like in was in Ukraine and Eastern Europe ridiculously whipped up in anti-Russian hysteria for war which made Russians pay, now so far monetarily [beefing up the military budged] not with their blood yet. And in the same way it goes for apparent disastrous ceasefire in February 2016 supposedly to prevent Turkish invasion. It did not.

Sadly today Russia, by acquiescing, if not supporting naked aggression of Turkey in Syria, no UN resolution, or open condemnations of that blatant illegal act, lost significant moral capital of her engagement in Syria what was her primary strength in this conflict as pointed out by Putin’s excellent UN speech in 2015 as only voice left for international law and order, and possibly stooped to a level of just another political toy in the US imperial hands.

What’s happening on the ground in Syria [loss of military strategic initiative since this phony ceasefire] and in wider geopolitical realm of escalation of global confrontation in Europe and Asia cannot be characterized in any other way as another Putin political and propaganda defeat.

And no illusion of a Turkish pivot to the East as a Russian “brilliant” move to draw Turkey out of US imperial hands, even peddled by some independent blogs can change that.

The Turkish coup was not instigated by Americans otherwise Erdogan would have been dead, it was his own political consolidation ploy to show he will not be dislodged and that he is ready to be an US killer again and will kill anyone he pleases friend and foes ‘du jour’ as any good US attack dog would do. If Putin believes that he can make a deal with the US or Turkey not from position of overwhelming power he is an idiot. I am sorry.

Such worries of loosing very important legal and moral superiority in the Syrian War have been expressed here on this blog six months ago:

“Vlad, they will not lift the sanction and forget about sailing on your yacht in Tuscany anytime soon, you are better than that, just keep, steady, do not let Russian superior political, military, legal and moral position to be tarnished by some half backed political maneuvers.

Do not even fake making deal with those medieval gangsters, it won’t work, western propaganda won’t ease, that’s the fact. Turkey won’t be controlled by the US, since she is already doing US bidding unless corrected by Russian forces on the ground and in the air. Politics of appeasement won’t work, as history teaches us, only steady gravitas and determination will do the job.

Vlad, you pumped natural gas to Kiev fascist regime for free in winter 2014/2015 for humanitarian reasons and transit to your western friends who spat in your face while they were slaughtering your kin in Donbass. And to add insult to injury Kiev regime never paid for it and now defaulted of your eurobonds with no consequences.

You do not have to be too friendly to US western stooges, who want you and your “friend” Assad dead.”

And one more thing, some voices start blaming YPG/PYD of being manipulated into their affair with US and just now betrayed, worsening their already desperate political position.

While Kurds are divided and definitely have to blame themselves for many political problems they face, in this case it is such an appalling and very unjust attitude to Kurds propagated even by so-called journalists or bloggers , that is simply factually wrong and politically baseless.

No. The Kurds, PYD, YPG are not the problem in Syria and they have never really been, since per old agreement with Turkey, Assad granted them controlled autonomy and in 2012 expanded the autonomy broadly [practically for a first time allowing them to rule themselves and Assad explicitly put them in charge of defending themselves from ANF and later ISIL], by withdrawing from Hasakah province massive SAA personnel and equipment to fight terrorists elsewhere while leaving practically a small detachments of a SAA protection force for Arab population of Hasakah province on their requests.

There was no fighting there between Kurds and SAA from 2011 until now as I recall. It was that way before the YPG/PYD leadership was corrupted/bribed by the US as Iraqi Barzani Clan was almost three decades ago, mostly with weapons, when they were the only force to effectively resist assaults of US terrorist proxies [ISIL+old converted moderates] while SAA was disintegrating and Assad survival was in question.

Kurds did not revolt against legitimate government of Syria, they did not become traitors of the Syrian secular state, and in anytime during the war until their incoherent utterances for western press about Rojava or something, they did their job of protection Kurds ethnic people from ISIL savages. Of course as all sides that entered the war, Kurds also have their although small share of atrocities against Arabs and Yazidis, mostly via neglect or exposing them to ISIL while saving ethnic Kurds which is called ethnic cleansing and discrimination and they must be hold responsible after the war, so Assad regime, Russia, Iran as well as whole murderous US coalition of evil including NATO.

Having said that Kurds have become overall victims of their corrupted leadership, vicious geopolitics deaf to Kurdish pleas to save them from being exterminated by Turkish regime, once again, Kurd fell for fake, switching alliances and false declarations of western support and empty gestures from Russians and even Iranians.

The fact is that Syrian Kurds did not break any international or internal state laws, and blaming them for the self-defense situation they have been forced into [not trying to realize some ridiculous dreams of independent state at this point] while ignoring true conniving culprit i.e. global geopolitics of lies and deceit and dealings with US imperial evil, is preposterous at minimum and what’s worse devoid of any merit.

The complex political situation of Kurds has been somewhat addressee in previous post:

“As they successfully did with KRG and Peshmerga, a Barzani Clan Militia in Iraq, the US became interested in taking over YPG and Syrian Kurdish leadership of PYD, in an attempt to corrupt/control them as well in order to calm down of some of Turkish well-founded fears about highly trained YPG under command of PYD sister party of PKK at Turkish borders.

Facing with annihilation just 18 months ago, YPG temporary and seemingly accepted the US air support in fighting ISIL, and tolerate some US boots on the ground, in Kurdish areas but this marriage of convenience cannot last and is politically so fragile that could be broken on a moment notice. And as soon as ISIL is substantially weaken or defeated, US Special Forces, illegally operating on Syrian soil, will quickly be forced out under any pretext of Syrian national sovereignty or something else.

Back then, in 1990-ties US provided the only possible protection against still strong Saddam Hussein army for the Iraqi-Kurdish forces under CIA control while now in Syria, Assad is much weaker and already conceded strong Kurdish autonomy and local self-rule, facing the fact of infeasibility of enforcement of his political reign over Kurds for many years after the war.

However, Assad demanded Syrian territorial integrity, and Damascus veto in the Syrian defense and international relations being respected by Kurds. Both sides are considering Turkey as being common enemy and a threat to their particular interests and both would do anything possible to find a compromise, with Turkey on a losing side. They have no illusions that, for global geopolitical reasons, the US ultimately will support Turkey and hence the PYD political/military embrace of US is treated as temporary and tactical measure.”


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