NIGHT TERRORS: Brexit & Righteous Indignation of Twenty-One Mental Dwarfs and Sleeping Her Ugliness.

Sadly, I have to report that situation in Syria undoubtedly must be called a stalemate for reasons I mentioned on this blog many more times I care to remember. What we have in Syria now is a military and political game of three steps forward and two steps back or the other way around. In other words bleeding of ordinary Syrians continues, and there is no peace in sight while the only positive development is that massive Russian humanitarian assistance mission continues and definitely smaller number people are starving.

So let me address the insane US policy and politics surrounding Syrian war and its grave consequences that spilled finally into EU political realm via recent Brexit vote.

After their delusions of US bombing campaign against Assad army and Russian military positions in Syria were utterly repudiated by a last shred of sanity of DOD and CIA a bunch of oxymoronic “diplomats” turned their phony righteous indignation to the public and lamented to as always reliable Orwellian Ministry of Truth (MSM) that WWIII they crave is not happening soon enough.

Unlike of 2002 when almost 100% DOD, CIA and majority of sane US diplomat were arguing for not invading Iraq since there were no weapons of mass destruction or friendly crowds with flowers awaiting them there, no righteous indignation was allowed on the pages of MSM and instead “fabricated” government leaks coming from hacks in W.H. about doom and gloom of Hussein menace was being spewed its stench all oven formerly respectable media.

The professional intelligence community for such a deed of doing their civic duty to American people and speaking their conscience was rewarded by massive layoffs and destruction of DOS and DOD MENA expertise leaving those institution with almost nobody with diplomatic background versed in Arabic language, culture or Muslim religion, in a way finishing devastation that was happening during last years of Clinton era in late nineties.

For one, what the hell those pseudo-diplomats want? War? Are they really diplomats or neocon worshiper-extremist, puny chicken hawks who are addicted to blowing up the world for money?

I wonder where did those ladies go to finishing school for Diplomats that teach to provoke a war and destroy peace?

And what about this mentally disabled by Vietcong Kerry, who is voting for and against, supporting for and against, negotiating for and against and then he is lying for and against whatever Washington neocons happened to poop, no wonder that Dubya “The Cretin” defeated him in the American popularity contest of 2004.

Numerous statement of DOD generals confirm that the game has fundamentally changed after Russian demonstrated their combat capabilities in Syria and hence they no longer can be dismissed and that US at present time is not in control of Syrian war theater in any capacity with current level of military deployment in the region.

Also strained relations between Turkey and US and threat of Erdogan of pushing out the US military from Turkish military bases makes is close to impossible to launch anything like meaningful attack on Assad regime at this point.

Not to mention at least two S400 AMMS system deployed in Syria and  off shore. Even Netanyahu went to Moscow to be sure that S400 wouldn’t hit them since whole, Israel in the their range.

And hence what is all of this utter insanity for? Well, these are just sick neocon rants since no US general want to lose $10 billion of weapons at once on his shift . It is this reality of numerical cost of US uncontrollable, stupid moves that awaken many of pentagon and CIA people from their  torpor.

And all the Hollywood show of force in Europe, during drive-through or gangster-like rather drive-by of US military all over the central Europe hood amid mass condemnation by local people in Czech Republic, and Poland, spitting on the US soldiers, and shouting “Yankee go home”. And for what? To scare anyone or may be an enemy?

Just recently NATO showed its might by military drill supposedly reassuring “scared” population that 30 thousands of NATO troops will repel Russian aggression, needs be. What a laugh!

Let see, at this point Donbass rebels have 40-50 thousands war tested hard-core soldiers and tens of hundreds of tanks and artillery. Donbass rebels would have been mighty opponent against those puny NATO forces for Christ sake, not Russian army that is about two millions conservatively and can swell to 10 millions just in few months.

And another omitted 800 lb gorilla in the room ignored by invincible NATO propagandists, a close ally of Russia, namely Belarus, with a border located about 80 miles from the capital of Poland, Warsaw, have 250k highly trained military and hi-tech Russian equipped troops ready for fight in hours notice and another 2 millions in a matter of weeks.

Is this measly thirty thousands of troops suppose to bring confidence to some puny potato regimes of EU on Brussels payroll at the eastern flank of NATO? I don’t think so. It is nothing but Surrealistic, delusional notion, unless in Pentagon they became daily users of LSD and they are flying to Moscow by flipping their hands in the air.

Those neocon psychotics however are clear and present danger to themselves and their families if they are allowed continuing their insanity since certainly they are no danger to Russia or anybody else, armed at least with a baseball bat.

So what we need is immediate invasion of US army medical team and psychiatrist corp. into W.H. & DOS and get hospitalized all those delirious individuals before they completely soil themselves and spoil the air around them and inadvertently allow for fresh air in the corridors of power that would wipe them and their cronies out of the national political picture.

So is it right to ignore those venal, puny weasels of MIC oligarchy from DC? Well, there is always a risk of commission of something that could be a lightning rod of the tsunami of descent that is growing in the US and now UK and EU but we must remember that Hitler himself was dismissed as stupid wall painter, and he really was a frail little political nothing just five years before he became chancellor of the III Reich.

And now, since I mentioned UK, of course let me dissect what the Brexit vote was all about and why it was successful, so far for many groups, in unrelated ways, in the context of Syrian war instigated mass exodus of people from MENA countries into Europe, escaping their brutally destroyed countries by western interventions and hence severe consequences in political realm in most of the countries in EU we are observing now.

Of course number one reason for people voting Brexit was uncontrolled mass immigration, made more dramatic by the MENA Western instigated wars of last five years, that as a matter of statistical fact, stole already unable to be outsourced to Asia jobs and lowered standard of living of working people as mass immigration does to any country that allows for it, and it applies to most of Western Europe.

But are British justified in their hatred if it is hatred at all, of as much early, mass immigrants who were or thought they were escaping neoliberal destitution of their own countries, like Poland or Romania, as aristocratic English establishment that sold them out to global oligarchy way before latest wave of war refugees from MENA.

In the background of UK colonial hubris and old colonial immigration conflicts, this hatred was growing for at least a decade of autocratic EU rule as assaults and even murders against eastern European immigrants in whole UK were increasing although they were Christians, catholic or orthodox, but what this recent flood of refugees of Islamic religion from middle east states did was to cross the already very tenuous red line of British people tolerance of their economic pain. This people’s pain was not as much embraced but exploited by right-wing nationalists and fascist in the media.

I am against fascism as much as next guy but argument that Farage or fascism had anything to do with this Brexit vote is a sad testimony of dramatically dropping IQs of those who run western propaganda.

It was the brutal and deadly class war waged by global oligarchs against working people for decades that was responsible for the results of the vote.

The fascists as Hitler did in 1932, are riding a political tsunami of continuing Great Depression of XXI century only because true anti-fascist left has been eradicated by the very establishment that is lamenting about fascism now.

The fact is that elites and their young techies zombies living in a London bubble do not want to acknowledge or hear about.

British people, regardless of UKIP or other rhetoric, had no choice and by Brexit vote they said enough is enough since now it was not only about mainstream economy, jobs but it was all about immigrant culture, basic fundamental precepts of civilization and common law they see as defining what being British means for them, was violated so hard that it could not be tolerated no more. But that’s not why the Brexit vote was allowed or even allowed to show that pro-Brexit camp won. It was just a ploy to take care of another type of business.

The true insidious motivation for the Brexit referendum was hidden, namely that it is nothing but a UK banksters effort to extort concession from EU commission regulatory agencies and ECB/Bundesbank German banksters to exempt UK (London) based banks from more sensible regulation, curbing rampant speculation, naked short selling, insanity of hypothecation of the same collateral to the infinity, transparency to prevent fraud, impair money laundering, tax evasion, and equity markets/derivatives transaction tax that would have been imposed on banksters when EU banking union is consummated as a part of furthering of inevitable political consolidation of EU into a continent-wide super-state.

And article 50 of Lisbon treaty is the trigger, a threat the banksters now are using in ongoing secret negotiation with EU/Eurozone establishment, as long as it takes, months to years before Brexit officially commences or not.

The most importantly UK banksters demand an exemption from EU laws for City of London financial center possibly as apart of TTIP signing concessions. Both FED, ECB and Bundesbank oppose special rights for London City since Germany suppose to be local master of EU slaves owned by US (global) oligarchy.

While there is a split in banking elites i.e. ruling elites, visible by pound sterling dropping like a stone there is no side to be picked in this fight for British working people since one way or another they will be screwed by raise of corporate billionaire gangsters, and that’s the hidden truth. What they are negotiating is extermination of working people as usual.

However, the awakening among working people, the sense of togetherness and courage to oppose the establishment with success is priceless regardless of actuality of Brexit and in condition of elites’ split, at least temporarily, people have a chance to wreck this abhorrent regime, one piece at the time, the regime that is strong only because we believe that is invincible and omnipotent while in fact it is more fragile than house of cards. Supposedly millions of bots signed online petition for re-vote. That’s an open gate for revote if negotiation between UK and German banksters concludes successfully for London.

Note that the result of the vote was rigged this time as well while allowing for Brexit, but in fact vast majority over 65 % to 70% voted for leave but that result would have been more difficult to reverse in a new vote.

All elections are rigged as Walter Lipmann said those morons (citizen) would not be allowed to hurt themselves with their stupid voting.

Will Brexit and potential further disintegration of EU/Eurozone be a legacy of US lies and misadventures of US imperial hubris in MENA where hundred of thousands of people are dead, is that war a beginning of the end of the US imperial power or just end of the new beginning.

We should find out soon.

High UN commission sent to UNSC a report about alleged bombing in Syria with cluster bombs and phosphorous bombs by Syrians and Russian military . interesting that the same attack by Ukrainian army and Israeli IDF in Ukraine and Palestine was never referred to UNSC.

Double standards it is. Although there are some evidences that civilian some areas in Syria were hit, will Russians use the same excuse as Israel. Namely that there was one militant inside a house that was hit. And hence that’s enough to justify the murder?

Alleged phosphorus bombs Russians or Syrians, Illegally used against civilians, not troops.



It looks like SAA march to Raqqa was a figment of imagination of   Assad regime, at least it is back and forth. Just few day ago SAA was pushed back 30 miles by ISIL allegedly using  VX gas attack only to be pushed back by SAA that retains control over local oil fields.





ISIL proved themselves nuts to antiquity, pushing back on Palmyra (Tadmor) front, Itria threatened.


SAA retreat from Tabka (Raqqa province) confusion, Russian warplanes to the rescue:


More Russian humanitarian help:


SF review:


Al-Nusra reinforced by Russian military technology and You paid for it. Who does wage the war? Those who make money of it.


TV2 Syria; Damascus.


Harasta and east Ghouta fighting:


Daraya, suburb of Damascus:


Kurds in Manjib, almost!


American B52 over Manjib flew in from Qatar not Turkey;


East Ghouta:


Suppose attack by ISIL on Russian transport unconfirmed claims of three Russian military dead (removed).

Supposedly these were those soldiers:

FSA soldiers from Albania, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, Uzbekistan etc., these are with whom Assad must negotiate peace in Syria according to the US DOS imbeciles;




North Allepo Bombing continues:


Suveida (south west, near Israeli border) Province fighting continues:


Iranian military help for Syria


CIA/M6 financed “White Helmets” rescue teams put out phosphorus fires supposedly dropped by Russians on civilian areas suggesting a war crime:


Suicidal Bomber pretends to surrender and blows himself up:


Iraq: Images of War & Falluja Campaign:


JORDAN! Suicide truck attack by ISIL inside Jordan, a second one if I remember correctly. Note that on Jordan territory are located US/British military camps for training “Syrian rebels”.


Fighting in Libya, ISIL little down by local forces but not out;


Situation in Libya



Turkey PKK is fighting Erdogan regime military targets in Turkey only. Note that Erdogan broke multiyear ceasefire with PKK first.

AT guided missiles used. Notice, women are vital part of PKK as you hear women voices on the video;



Pro-US Peshmerga, Iraqi kurds perform ethnic cleansing in the ethnic Arab areas under their control.


Russian ballistic missile ICBM not so ballistic . Has liquid fuel can maneuver with multiple war head and decoys.



More Russian navy on the way to Syria:


I never met a phony religious leaders I did not despise. Here is another one.


MEXICO: CONTINUING CIVIL WAR BLACKED OUT in the US media: Silence among all those phony candidates for POTUS;





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