STRANGE DAYS: Did Israelis Pivoted to Russia? Or the other way around.

More and more evidences confirm what is really already known that at this point neither Syrian/Russian offensive before the ceasefire or developments after that had much of detrimental effect on ISIL, ANF and other terrorists as well as so-called moderate rebels associated with and under overall command of Islamic State because of US allies resupplied the terrorists with weapons and materiel.

However an interesting phenomenon emerged that defies all the falls notions that ISIL is some group of fanatical nuts enjoying sport of beheading.

What media is just discovering I noticed months ago:

Let’s be clear, the western supported IS leadership is not a fanatical army of Allah, a Hollywood-like image US propaganda is trying to paint. Their detestable brutality is a production of psychological warfare innate to most terrorist movements, but in ISIS case amplified way beyond pale of any acceptable human conduct and hence somewhat unique. In truth, these are shrewd successful businessmen exploiting confused, desperate or naive Muslims to get rich and famous while breaking every canon of Muslim religion while at it, [impossible] to be distinguished from thieving bankers when they wear their Armani suits during their Washington D.C. visits.

The immorality is for them a badge of honor when blessed by the God speaking to them through their military victories in their existential struggle between good (them) and evil (the rest of us), following a Hegelian dialectics long time ago adopted by the types of Hitler, [only] as long as earthly money from their sponsors is coming.

And now such an attitude shows up. Facing similar problem to most world economies, IS economy is facing crash in the revenues up to 30%-50% due to Russian bombing, partially closing Iraq/Turkey border and that combined with similar revenue crash in ISIL/ANF sponsors’ income causing significant strain on IS finances augmented by massive theft and fraud perpetrated by certain pious student of Islam, a IS treasurer who split with Angels of Allah’s money and US bombing of IS central bank in Mosul some months ago and hence pious islamic leaders discovered price of money and beauty of high taxation.

So now that hard-core Sharia law worshipers, a law previously interpreted to the ridiculous letter of Quran become more “liberal” and understanding” of people’s sins. They almost adopted phrase  “to err is human” as long as you pay for it.

Rings a bell? Yes, what we dealing with is common Christian fiefdoms’ practice of selling indulgences (absolution) so far only a posteriori, after the crime but who knows. May be soon Danish cartoonists could draw Mohammad face for couple of thousands of dollars, without fearing zombie Allah believers blindly following fake fatwa from phony ISIL or other religious authorities funded by Wahhabi regime in Saudi Arabia. So now in IS if you steal instead of cutting your “hand that stole” it just takes a certain amount of money “from your hand that stole”. Just like here in the US.

And if you miss you daily prayers you are able to avoid inconvenient 50 lashes by paying 50$ cash, and when you curse Allah, you head instead of being removed from your torso will have opportunity to reveals where is the gold that they would cancel all your sins with.

Business is business Allah willing, and Allah is very willing to take your money. And if you are pious muslim reading this while strapping on a suicide bomb vest on orders of  those businessmen from IS think about it again since there are no 40 virgins and gold where you are going but a dirt and innocent dead.

Fantastic. The ISIL leaders are not stupid they learned a lot during their recent visit in Washington D.C. and Wall Street as well as in Saudi capital.

No. ISIL is not a bunch of fanatics but a well equipped hired army of US and allies created and sponsored mercenaries who do not give a shit about Islam or anything else but money they are paid to bring pain and suffering to people of Iraq and Syria and to dislodge Iraqi pro Iranian government and Assad regime who dared not to sell their people to neoliberal slavery, any more.

A very interesting part in all of this, is playing the most important ally of the US in the ME namely Israel. What actually role Israel plays is a mater of a lot of unnecessary confusion.

At first we must realize the fact that as any US ally in the ME Israel is sponsoring directly/indirectly of terrorists of ANF and ISIL and hundreds of other groups in many ways; from direct weapons purchasing and transport, to enabling financial transitions (slaves, currency, commodity and gold) in support of terrorists and in the end direct involvement of IDF military in the conflict inside Syria.

Israel continues illegally bombing critical SAA infrastructure often conducted in ways to effectively support terrorist side. Especially in the southwest Syria Israel actively is engaged in to protection of ANF by long-range artillery shelling of SAA positions and preventing Syrian air force from operating in the Golan Heights foothills bombing terrorist positions.

In a sane world such actions would be construed as direct aggression of Israel on Syria calling for UNSC condemnation and sanctions.

But do not hold your breath.

Russians are not only not bringing the charges to UNSC against Israel but refuse to use their S400 deployed air defense capabilities to prevent those act of aggression to happen in the first place, an aggression against Assad regimes they militarily supports. Hence there is truth in Lavrov statement that Russia is not an ally of Syria, just fighting terrorists there.

Instead, what we are witnessing are loud overtures between Putin and Netanyahu being heard, intergovernmental relations warm up, newfound friendship seem to blossom by returning a captured by Syrian Army  Israeli tank during 1980 aggression on Lebanon, condemned by USSR at that time.

Is this newfound friendship that allow Russian warplanes to cross into closed Israeli air space for up to one minute (eternity for Israel size) without even scrambling on F16 to intercept it.

Is Putin trying to exploit apparent split between Obama and Netanyahu if it even exists? Is this an effort to create anti-Erdogan coalition? Erdogan, who lent himself as an artillery support guy for his “Turkmen” terrorists fighting ISIL/ANF a little as well as US supported YPG and Russian supported SAA a lot.

Is this a case of Russia supporting “friend” who wants to openly overthrow another Russia’s “friend”, or is it a simple betrayal of Assad by Russians as I wrote in my last post.

In the context of US instigated and caused failure of desperate Russian diplomatic effort of peace talks is Geneva, new distancing of Putin from Assad can no longer be ignored and clearly demonstrated significant shift in Russian position regarding Syrian conflict.

The frustration among Russian diplomats surged what Lavrov under enormous pressure from criticism inside of Russia, of his more or less idiotic on the surface at least, statements and weird explanation of this phantom peace process, said recently that US is pressuring Russia to stop attacking ANF unless a puny and fictional “moderate rebels” are separated from them. A feat US military admittedly is unable to do themselves for months now.

Is Putin pushing such a nonsense and tells Lavrov to beg US to do what the agreement clearly states that “Moderates” must  separate themselves from terrorists and declare joining ceasefire to the US or Russian authorities otherwise they will be attacked.

It was always obvious for me and many others even in Russia that this agreement was a ploy to stop SAA/Russian military momentum by asking for time for “moderates to separate” which extended for many months after, only to resupply terrorists by their sponsors and still is not officially done for simple reason it was a lie in the first place. Most of so-called “moderate rebels” are small but integral part of whole unified terrorists command in Syria run by ISIL and ANF.

With regret but not that unexpectedly I must conclude that Russia slid into,  much more reasonable political position regarding terrorists and ISL and ANF than US, granted, but nonetheless she fell into the same US imperial attitude to Syrian conflict, judged in Moscow as insignificant outside of global geopolitical stage. Clear betrayal of Soviet-inherited anti-colonial attitudes Russians proudly sermonized over two decades.

We know what US and Israel want in Syria, as I wrote in my posts before.

But, what the hell Russians want in Syria now at this point. Are they so gullible to believe that a rotten compromise with US, short of complete surrender, is ever possible?

Do they believe that de-facto partition of Syria, the very ceasefire cemented, would provide a solution for stability in the ME?

I hope not because other way IQ must have dropped in Russia lately, even if we look at it from large geopolitical perspective.


ISIL came from the brink and is doing well despite some financial problems.


Want escalation? British and French troops are already on the ground in Syria, mission creep started, unclear objectives and exist strategy. Hello Vietnam.


Israeli bombed military base in Homs province with impunity from S400


What a Pivot to Israel it may be on Russian politics but definitely in Russian press. All niceties and smiles between Putin and Netanyahu.


On the other hand US is bribing Israel not to be to cozy with Russians.

Not good deed remains unpunished. Evil Russians are killing children in hospitals. Or an episode of western delirium.


Reuters lie;


Yemen supposedly BM intercepted:


ISIL bombing of Damascus.


North Aleppo;


Fighting YPG (SDF) in Manbij against ISIL;


Tunnels of Harasta


RAF in action not words:


Russian Humanitarian help


SF on ISIS progresses



ISIL precision weapon accuracy 1000 ft:


North Aleppo Area:


American help for terrorists from FSA


SAA some success in Suweida:


SAA fighting:


Operation Manjib to come or not:


SF on YPG/SDF Turkey attacks on ISIL? No;


Terrorists precision weapon +- 1000 ft Daraya near Damascus.


SAA On Raqqa road-not impressive


  1. Aleppo Syrian AF, and terrorists:


Child rescue from ANF shelling:


Khan Touman SAA still in defensive


More in North Aleppo:




Americans bomb:


SAA dilapidated partially destroyed old soviet tanks will be repaired



Syrina soldiers captured at al-Touman by Al-Nusra and FSA terrorists


Supplies of weapons and fighters from Turkey arrive for ISIL *Russian drone;


A warehouse bombed by US in Syria; ISIL weapons?


Russian bombing of ANF positions as reported by ANF journalist


IRAQ: operation to liberate Faluja:



New Iraqi Geraldo Rivera reporting from combat zone:


ISIL suicide track attack Iraqi Peshmerga units:


Yemen, dancing cannot save young people 1 foot in their graves:


Another warm welcome of American army with flowers or something else. Like Yankee Go Home?

This time Czech republics. Partially liberated by US in WWII.


Battle for Faluja.




Since these days it hard to find anytime about Russia different then hatred and insults here is something for all those 300 millions of Americans whonever been in Russia or miss national geographic subscription.


Russian AWACS


SF on EU delusions:


This is how US marines, after spending billions of dollars, will invade Syria and topple Assad:

Assad, be afraid very afraid.




One thought on “STRANGE DAYS: Did Israelis Pivoted to Russia? Or the other way around.

  1. very starnage indeed, there is nothing to hate about any country including Israel ! But one must ask himself a question, what russia is seeking over the syrian theater?
    Assad in the end should have taken the deal propose to him when Sarkozy invited him at France parade of the 14 July! He should have accepted to build the Qataries pipeline deal through syrai and solve Europe gaz dependencies ovez Russia! Then Russia becoming poor and losing income will realized wha real geopolitic is!
    I am fedup over Puting prostitue attitude! In Life you even side with Good or you side with Bad!
    A balancing act between both always finish in Drama! KARMA is a bitch!


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