Military fighting resumed on all fronts and diplomatic Kerry-Lavrov sideshow featuring “who is a terrorist” contest continues in Geneva while true negotiations are happening along Riyadh -tel-Aviv-Moscow-Tehran axis. But what are they negotiating about?

While I was off, another two weeks passed with no important political changes to report except some never uttered before delirious gems of nonsense from Lavrov, I quote: Syria is not our ally, we are only fighting terrorists with them”. What the fuck is that?

As usual, politicians are lying, people are dying, just everyday reality of any senseless war causing useless deaths and needless pain and suffering and this time also more deaths innocent children, see below.

The war is a madhouse and among thousands of others, this is most compelling reason to become a pacifist.

Peace talks are dead, however no buried yet, for media presstitudes may enjoy it’s decomposing stinking for little longer.

And in the midst of all of that dead silence punctuated by surrealistic “insane” calls reverberating in halls of a mental institution called US geopolitical establishment i.e. neocons: “Assad Must go..” and interchanged with Kerry’s insane utterances “Putin, cease your fire against those friendly neighborhood terrorists excluded from the ceasefire”.

Meanwhile, frantically, more or less beyond any interest of MSM negotiation are going on in capitals of ME supposedly about collapsing of oil prices but may be it is also about US instigated ME geopolitical mess. Unfortunately, lately Russia also contributed to it, as I mentioned on this blog before.

While Assad regime has been strengthened by Russians, since so-called ceasefire in February, SAA has suffered from numerous serious setbacks lately such as loosing critical, strategic positions in El-Tais and now strategic position Khan Touman in southern of Aleppo where SAA was pushed back by FSA disguised ANF terrorists, mostly due to refusal of meaningful Russian Air support.

A rare good news is that USA supposedly suspended activities of 11 American NGO operating in Turkey, supported by US, officially “helping refugees” from Syria but de facto there were conduit for US financed arms and money for rebels including terrorists of ANF and ISIL, clear diversion from Erdogan policies of his terrorist support, while US policies of US supported terrorists continue.

We must ask again, so what this ceasefire accomplished for Russians or Syrian people? Nothing really meaningful or lasting.

So what this ceasefire accomplished for terrorists and their supporters? Everything. So WTF it was all about?

Here is what I prophetically wrote just 9 days after official ceasefire began:

While we all know well why American axis of evil wants SAA+Syrian national defense units, most tribal militia including Christian, Alawite, militia, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iraqi Shia militia, Kurds and Palestinian units, to stop what they are doing since it is all apparent now that “our friendly” bearded boys of ISIL and ANF are being mercilessly whacked, and loudly cry to their stared and stripped monster mama for relief.

The unlimited cease-fire is already turning in a two-week vacation for terrorists in Turkish sea resorts, you know, R$R, lock & reload after a bad day in the office..

We know that US did not give up of the invasion and dividing Syria into medieval Wahhabi fiefdoms, and the non ceasefire ceasefire sham among phantom moderate beheaders, without even naming them all or declaration who is actually fighting who, [sums up] most bizarre, Orwellian and Faustian agreement of no agreement, where a friend is a foe, in a deal of today.

After US was having political sex with terrorists for decades Kerry needs “Plan B” after monster was already born. A theater of absurd continues..

But why Russia get herself involved in the obvious sham as I discussed in my post on February 17, titled CLEAR THE FOG VLAD. In the post I did not question military premises of such as a purely propaganda move, since it is strictly operational and secret, but only its implications in the psychological war in the western media.
And still I see this “ pretend ceasefire” doing more harm than good for Russian otherwise clear moral and legal stand in this war.

And after just three days I ask nine more inconvenient questions that were never answered:

  1. As a map below indicates there are only five small areas where SAA faces potentially so-called moderates from FSA. The 90% of frontlines Russian coalition is facing an enemy classified as ISIL, ANF terrorists and hence excluded from the agreement.
  2. 90% of frontlines are not under the agreement so why Russian Air Force stopped bombing positions of terrorists not covered by the ceasefire?
  3. Why ceasefire did not cover Turkey that for about 10 days now openly engaged in direct military, operational artillery support for ISIL against Kurds, as well as allowing of ISIL terrorists to pass un hindered Turkish territory to attack Kurds directly from Turkish side. Why Russians stop flying while SAA and Kurds are under direct Turkish attack and why they announced this stoppage in operations? Hence allowing ISIL to move fighters and weapon supplies to the frontlines even if there is not truce between Russia and ISIL. Irreconcilable inconsistencies, and violations of all the Russian military doctrines and tactics, based on enemy guessing what military moves will come, and for what strategic interest in Syria such moves are warranted?
  4. Was the agreement all about Russians stopping bombing of all terrorists including ISIL, ANF friends of Washington D.C. and all the others non-existent moderate factions were just a cover up for propaganda purposes, as many of independent media was warning all along?
  5. The agreement implies complete lack of enforceability, prohibiting retaliation against those who signed up to the ceasefire but allowing only to return fire in self-defense if attacked by the side NOT A PARTY TO THE AGREEMENT. What’s that? Nonsense, if not straight betrayal. Read for yourself, I could not believe such proclamations from both sides. This is nothing but de-facto ceasefire with ISIL and ANF and first day proves it.
  6. What purpose this agreement serves when most of the “moderates” already declared that they need just two weeks of truce to re-supply from Turkey and regroup to continue to fight?
  7. What sense does this ceasefire agreement make except for potentially allowing for easier so-called “humanitarian” assistance which was being delivered before anyway when terrorists allowed for it. Is this nothing but a humanitarian agreement with terrorists to re-supply them, with food and medicine, they are short of money to purchase, so they can continue to fight another day?
  8. How this could be a prelude to overall peace talks when there is no agreement about who are the representatives of the Syrian opposition that Assad supposedly is going to talk with, that would remotely lead to any political solution no side really wants at this point, except for Kerry-Lavrov team. How one can explain the fact that 90% of Russian humanitarian support in Deir-Ez-Zor SAA enclave, for example, recently fell into ISIL hands but only 10% fell where it should, unfortunately, much of it destroyed due to a parachute malfunction while most previous drops were precise. What it this? An accident.
  9. Why there is no mention in the agreement and UN resolution of stopping delivery of weapons to the “moderates” and terrorists of ANF or ISIL for that matter, during the truce when in many cases they are fighting within a mile of each other military positions.

No answers this week as well, no light in a tunnel either, a light that was clearly visible just three months ago.


Another clueless Reuters report about truce with ghosts:



Moderate Illusion:


Russian operations in Latakia:


The reality of Syrian war: Another Excellent reportage from frontlines in Harasta, near Damascus from ANNA news providing independent Syrian war news coverage for over three years now, seamlessly unrecognized by other so-called independent outlets.

Surrealism of the situation is that the highway shown in the footage is a frontline between SAA and ANF and military operation is ongoing while daily Damascus commuters and food supply trucks are passing by while heavy fighting continues. It can happen in your neighborhood if you let US neocons in.


West Aleppo continuously under control of SAA for 5 years now and under siege of ANF and ISIL where 85% of all entire Aleppo population fled for food, shelter and protection provided Assad regime since 2011.



SF: Recent developments:


Syria TV2 news highlights from last week:


Syrian air strikes target ISIS positions in besieged for three years Deir ez-Zor.


Another ISIL attack on Yazidis minority in Iraq.

Hundreds of Ezidis flee after IS attack on Telskuf


Idlib: attack on refugee camp?? Lies, provocations. Never happened.



Binnish, Idlib Syrian Air force bombings?


Quagmire? After SAA & Russian momentum was lost in February due to fake ceasefire it’s exactly how it looks like, a quagmire, no significant progress on all sides, just more death and suffering.




Another SAA setback in Touman taken by Al-Nusra, Jeish al-Fath

Jund Al-Aqsa, Ajnad Al-Sham. Jihadists launched attack on Khan Touman;


A close look at a fighter for Democracy in Syria. The sword thanks to US taxpayer money. Thank you US taxpayer, you did your patriotic duty. They need it to peel some oranges for dinner salad, I guess.


Palmyra Under ISIL and now Under Assad Regime: before screams of murder now classical music.

US government does not like classical music, apparently.


Aleppo ceasefire?


Bits and pieces of civilian victims on West Aleppo 21+


South Aleppo: 45 brigade of Iranian regular army (not revolutionary Guard that also is fighting there) in action:



North Aleppo:




East Ghouta fighting continues:


Zara, Homs Russians are sporadically bombing:



US air strikes in Syria against ISIL:


Russian “Hero” of Palmyra (he called suicide air strike on his position, when surrounded by ISIL terrorist) buried in Russia:


More dead terrorists:


Iranian drone over Aleppo:


Demonstration against ANF by people and some FSA soldiers, for western media consumption:


Fearless Soldiers of Allah:


Suicide truck:


Iraq US air force in action:


No peace in Libya either:

SF Afghanistan; You think that the war there is getting better? Think again.


Switch sides with  Executioner:


New, from kingdom come and went. Beheading in old fashion style. Princely Mohammed Bin Salman doesn’t mean to be too modern. No laser beheading yet. Stay tuned.



Response to US imperial rule:


Why Russia fight ISIL: Here is why. A suicide bomber detonates suicide vest in Grozny, Russia, in Chechnya killing a guard.


Stupidity of war, deaths as jokes, senseless, grotesque


Iraq another Baghdad bombing by ISIL in Shia nationhood


Iraqi army supported by newly purchased helicopter fighters from Russia:


Propaganda video of Hezbollah fighters in Syria, in fact they suffered substantial losses but were instrumental in turning the tide of the war by clearing up Beirut Damascus road a year before Russians came.


Hope to come to Syria and get myself one of those Aladdin lamps:


Corporations and Libyan war: Code Glencore:


S300 in Tehran: No more illegal Israeli air raids in Iran:


HRW finally opened its eyes for Turkish atrocities against refugees from Syria, exactly when US DOS open its eyes although just a little bit.



Machines of War:

New Russian Tornado-S MRLS nuclear capable, guided missiles, also antitank and anti-personnel “guided cluster missiles all systems with life drone surveillance (also launched via the same launcher so it is collecting information just minutes after the initial assault) based battlefield efficiency assessment, range 80 to 130 miles disclosed, probably even 180 miles. Best in the world in its class.





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