War & Working People Struggle for Human Dignity.

What Syrian war has to do with working people struggle for dignity? A lot. In fact any war ever fought after Napoleonic revolution that created notion of national army, conscripted from ordinary people, unpaid soldiers who are willing to sacrifice themselves to defend their personal stake in the nation i.e. particular state organization of society, their feel or are propagandized to feel is threatened, was fought among ordinary working people spilling blood for their rulers’ profit, political interests and delusions of godly mission of grandeur. And Syrian war is an example of just that, unquenched US imperial hubris paid for with blood of innocent peaceful ordinary working people.

Since least 250 years the power elites concluded that standing army of paid mercenaries were not efficient and too scarce to really face a massive revolt against their rule. Hence 95% of population who were considered before as mere spectators of political events, unwilling material supporters and/or victims were to be engaged and hence a mass ideology, patriotism, state culture was born as a practical measure of governing prerogatives and after that of course mass propaganda was born fueled but communication conduits of the church and state for those stubborn and unwilling to fight and die for aristocratic interests.

Since that day ruling elites were not as much interested in what ordinary people think but needed to affect what and even how they think about so-called national interest and its private, personal connotations, their internal system of values and virtues in state context. All of that can be summarized as emergence of modern disciplinary society of control where public opinion had to be manufactured to a shape immediate war expediency and hence push for so-called mass education in order to instill those quite abstract concepts of nonexistent before nation and patriotism, a sense of belonging to something common people and elites share, under the cover of politicians deceit and cliché of democracy, religion or culture.

Only in such a context a struggle of working people, defensive struggle to retain their dignity and often just to survive under assault of oligarchic greed, must be understood.

All those working people who via various political activities and philosophical works, understood that abhorrent exploitation they are subjected to was not a one-off, a case bad apple, bad luck or evil individual industrial baron but was a core of the entire economic system entrenched and supported but appropriate state political and legal system aimed for use, abuse and theft of the fruits if their labor, were all previously “educated” and trained via methods of state propaganda to instill in them sense of national pride, patriotism and a sense of obligation to fatherland.

And that’s why there was a division in the worker’s movement about how to deal with this detestable reality of oligarchic enslavement either in nationalist context which many advocated and Hitler and Mussolini embraced as easier to understand by already preconditioned working class or in a much wider but intellectually difficult to pursue context of international workers movement embraced by Luxemburg, Liebknecht as well as Ulianov (Lenin), decrying an existing nation states as support structures of workers exploitation and tools used for dividing working people all over the world and playing confrontational nationalist card as a method of social control.

And such a method of control and suppression of workers movements was vastly used to dividing working people all over the world via pinning them against each other in the so-called “national” wars i.e. destroying the very idea of international brotherhood of workers and international solidarity in fighting common enemy i.e. ruling class.

The true leftist antiwar movement of XIX and XX century was always against the war because every war was against working people killing each other and dying senselessly in deadly aristocratic quarrels that can only benefit the ruling elite. This unequivocally antiwar stance was manifested as so-called internationalism of working people movement. Yes, any true and honest antiwar movement must have a component of internationalism of working class, unity and solidarity not only against oligarchy and its exploitative rants but also against all wars to be fought by ordinary people who only want to work in peace.

It seems like millennia ago but America was leading the world in something good, namely in workers struggle against rubber barons and industrialist oligarchs and their political machine of exploitation and murder. The fundamental element of the struggle was to fight for solidarity of workers around the world for peace, and such as strive of American workers was commemorated as International Workers Day we are celebrating on May 1st, truth that is being massively suppressed in the US while celebration of May Day in Mexico and Canada and elsewhere in the world is taking place, all medial taboo eradicated from American national conscientiousness.

Feeling threatened by idea of united workers unwilling to die in mines, steel works, textile manufactures or in the trenches at the frontlines of imperial wars, Workers International Organization was to be eradicated in the US via methods of Creel commission to massively peddle warmongering propaganda of fear and loathing of Huns and later Reds as an expression of patriotism and loyalty of American “nation” that did not really exist.

It was the war that was used to break up worker international solidarity and brotherhood in the US and Europe during WWI and such a practice continued in WWII and almost all other wars which were aimed to destroy international workers solidarity, a western assault resisted by Soviet Union under umbrella global anti-colonialism and a bias form of workers internationalism for peace. All the recent wars, Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia, Ukraine or MENA and that includes Syria are wars instigated by deliberate collapsing of the economy and pining workers against each other via propaganda and patriotism or ideology or religion with the same horrific results of death and suffering of innocent ordinary people in an imperial wars.

In the western instigated and financed Syrian war situation is the same. Desperate homeless, dispossessed and jobless often young people unable to marry in times of economic depression are joining ISIL and other terrorists to attack fellow working people on the other side and both killing each other ultimately for benefit of global oligarchs no matter what propaganda they have been conditioned to believe religious or secular.

Syrian War Update: Piece by piece local ceasefire agreements are broken amid western accusation. War continues.


Illusions of peace peddled by both sides.



Another US/UK supported NGO in Syria unmasked as terrorist helpers and enablers.


Reportage from Raqqa, Life under ISIL;


SF review, war continues:


SF Accountants of Allah:


Syria TV-2


ANF shelling of Russian consulate in Aleppo;


Eastern Orthodox Easter in Syria;


A bicycle raid for Peace in Homs city:


Aleppo terrorist keep killing, propaganda continues:



Afrin-YPG area:


East of Palmyra


Israeli weapons smuggled to Damascus terrorist areas:


American boot have landed near Rumailan, Hansaka in violation of Syrian sovereignty

Confusion about so-called Hospital attack in Aleppo,   even terrorist and MSF that supposedly to sent some supplied there does not know where it is exactly. Only western media are sure. It was Assad.

Russian Defense Ministry denies reports by some media that Russian air force shelled a hospital in Aleppo


American Sen. Black in visited Damascus and Assad. Thanked for protection of Christians:

Senator Black: I had the honor to meet President al-Assad-VIDEO


Warning 18+; Disgusting parade of dead bodies of terrorists in the streets of Afrin after they were killed by YPG:


Aleppo Situation.


Warning 18+; Children Killed by US supported terrorists from FSA:


Shahid suicide truck captured:


Russian help to besieged Deir Ez-Zor:


Turkish tanks killed in Iraq by ISIL:


ISIL morons in one foot in their grave:


Americans barefoot in Iraq:


US against sanctions against terrorists. “Do not hurt our guys” Obama policy;



Do not believe their lies. Aleppo is surrounded by ISIL and Al-Nusra Front terrorists,

FSA is only small party of the frontline, as I reported cooperates with terrorists, giving them new weapons and hence automatically excluded itself from the truce

But Reuters morons proliferate lies and innuendos.



US tries to revise ceasefire it broke.



No NATO troops in Libya either:



US “peace initiative: Do not hurt out guys from ISIL and ANF please. We know US reason for it but WTF Russian are doing by playing along.



IRAQ Barzani open military camp for Yazidis combat units:



UN woke up from their torpor? No. As I reported fighting in Aleppo rekindled a month ago, and nobody gave a shit, Now outraged, blaming SAA with no prove, for bombing area under control of terrorists



No boots pm the ground, angels of death invaded Syria:




US air force bombs suicide truck:


Fighting 14 division of Iraqi army:


Destruction of military commentary in Iraq:


Preparation for global war continue


N-K Azeri provocations continue:



MAY DAY American taboo:






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