All Quiet on Geneva Front while Hell is Breaking Loose Again in Syria.

Does anybody care, The West? Russia? What’s going ? It look like that Assad is the only one trying to put this broken Syrian nation together via pretending that return to a kind of normalcy in all those bits and pieces of the Syrian state he controls is even possible.

And hence just after less than two years another local and national elections to parliament were held last week unfortunately dismissed in the West before hand with mediocre protest from Russia and hence Ba’ath party win was drowned in the world media.

But Assad is clearly set on return of civil administration and resemblance of functioning state in the midst of material and human devastation, with his jobs and reconstruction programs and continuing amnesty that is effectively reducing number of rebels by attrition, a method proven very effective in last three years.

However, the results of voting and only 56% participation rate while 65 to 70% of pre-war Syrians are under the Assad regime controlled territory, tell us that he has little time to make a substantial infrastructure and administrative improvements before dissolution, and pessimism regarding Assad governing ability and credibility of his reforms and reconstruction plans among majority of Syrians sets in as I warned on my blog in numerous posts.

The time is running out for Assad faster than many may think mainly due to the misguided ceasefire extorted from Russians in order to most likely avoid Turkish invasion in Aleppo province, since there is no other reasonable argument that would have made breaking decisive and winning momentum of Assad army and allies in late January against all sorts terrorist north and south, worthwhile and even tangentially beneficial.

After two months of ceasefire; what has been accomplished? Instead of fighting parties ANF, ISIL, FSA and other allied rebels cut from arm supplies, exhausted and weaken, by the war waged against them by SAA and Russian air force contingent and special forces armed with latest weapons, being forced to seek a political resolution to the military conflict, the ceasefire actually enabled all sides including SAA and Russians to lick their wounds, convalesced soldiers, lock and load with new shipments of weapons, get rested, fed and propagandized to continue the war until glorious victory or defeat.

While diplomats, Western and Russian may state that they have achieved previously set out objectives and that may have made some progress, that’s a lie.

What I call progress is to utterly defeat and destroy terrorists as a military force and begin returning to normal live for about 20 millions of Syrians in the country and abroad and commencement of open political process of reconciliation, economical and political reforms in Syria, reforms that would reduce influence of global capital in Syrian economy reoriented much more to the east.

But that’s not what is happening. Instead the war has entrenched not only in military sense, reality on the ground but in social and political realm within Syria.

The reality of war seems to be rationalized via soothing assurances about brighter future that the people can live with, even accept it, while desperately seeking their own little stability and normalization of daily routines in a quest to reduce fear of death or loss. But that’s an illusion.

Utter lack of interest, motivation or intention to achieve any true political solution, to end to pain and suffering of Syrian people has been impudently demonstrated by the West. And that was augmented by Russian unwillingness to really push against US for any sustainable solution, including pressure Turkey and NATO to abandon support for terrorists once Putin vulnerability to political extortion has been revealed in Ukraine and now in Syria. All those conditions are set for prolong bleeding of Syrian state and economy for next 10 to 15 years as long as western support for terrorists continues.

The Washington is the number one reason and instigator of the Syrian war and all other “Arab springs” and this is not a consequence of stupidity or ignorance of US leadership but a concrete plan to destabilize MENA countries and remove all Eastern influences, political, economic and reestablishment of US empire with under Israeli protectorate managing all, those weak artificial future sectarian fiefdoms feeding of Syriaq, submissive to the imperial metropolis in D.C.

In other words one cannot put down the fire that is continually being ignited without burning an arsonist and as long as Russian and Chinese refuse to do so the war will endure and pain and suffering of men, women and children will continue and the rest of the world will yawn hearing of murder and devastation ongoing there.

Developments at Turkish Border


Complexity of Syrian war politics:


Reuters peddling fiction of nonexistent peace talks.


Elections. After US and EU months ago pre-declared that they will not recognize results of these elections, western backed opposition, quite small, boycotted the elections that was won by the ba’ath party. Assad received another mandate he sought after Russian intervention.


More Russian casualties, two helicopter pilots dead after “malfunctions a doubtful explanation for shooting down with new western AA weapons received after ceasefire began.



In Baghdad no ID needed just cash.




SF Nagorno-Kharabak


Syrian TV2;


SAA fighting.


New Damascus, SAA new offensive;


Ceasefire? FSA tries to shoot down Syrian aircraft


Khanasser -Aleppo life line;


Fighting ANF:


Churches of Assad regime:


Oil tanker trucks burned:


Humanitarian air for Deir Ez-Zor


Moderate FSA fighters:


Iraq Shia militia:


In case you were in coma for last 15 years you are paying for the war in Afghanistan.

This is what your money can buy: death. What can’t be bought with dollars is peace, they ran out of it in 2001.



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