SCANDAL: A Secret Story of Liberation of Palmyra.

After few weeks of low in fighting under so-called ceasefire , intensity of fighting returned to normal after rebels had they R&R and reloaded weapon and physical strength to continue fighting another day, i.e. tomorrow. In that context a liberation of Palmyra strikes nerve in those who expected demise of western sponsor terror, while witnessing escalation of ISIL/ANF terrorist activities and their first tactical wins for months now.

While it took a week under steady pressure from remaining sane journalists who frequent the press briefing, DOS finally admitted that liberation of Palmyra was a good thing although he added that the sculptures, ancient gates and colonnades of Palmyra historical site are not happy replacing ISIL regime with Assad regime and it is not what US would have like to see.

Such incoherent utterances of a PR stooges for US government would have just few years ago landed them in a psychiatric ward of a county hospital, but now they collect praises and laurels in a White Mad House.

But in all the jubilation and elation that this treasure of humanity finally is in civilized hands aside, one must dig deep to truly understand and appreciate what actually had happened in Palmyra in last 12 months and why it is one of most outrageous political and cultural scandal of 21st century so far.

Assad regime protected the prestigious and profitable Palmyra, ancient historical site and adjacent tourist city of Tadmor from assaults since 2011. First from ordinary thieves and tribal gangsters to FSA and so-called moderate rebels turned later into ISIL. All on western payroll. It is important to note that ISIL did not conquer other terrorist groups and tribesmen but bought them off with dollars and gold.

So what did ISIL want in Palmyra, a broken marble? Early thieves acted upon a rumor that underneath Palmyra complex it is stored two tones of pure ancient gold.

There was no political motivation there, not against anything or anyone but pure detestable greed for money and this refers as much to desert thieves as FSA or ISIL. In contrast to MSM lies Palmyra had no strategic military importance, not for ISIL or SAA and Assad was only holding on to it under multi-year siege because of personal pleadings from Palmyra custodian who later stayed behind at the site and was beheaded since he denied that there is any gold under Palmyra’s sand, which was true. All gold artifacts that were evacuated to Damascus weighted about 100-200 ounces in a form of small gold statues and ancient jewelry.

So why ISIL ultimately took over the Palmyra not by fighting but forcing SAA to withdraw in order to support much more strategic defense strongholds in Latakia, Idlib and Homs?

The answer is simple. Not caliphate, not Allah willing, Not even hatred for Assad, no. It was plain and simple shrewd business opportunity of making “killing” for profit in antiquity markets. It was those pouring orders from antiquity thieves and smugglers from Europe and the US that made them do it, not word of Allah to destroy infidel gods, a nonsense spewed on MSM lie factories. Yes. ISIL did not need Palmyra for any other reason but to steal antiquities and sell them to the west.

Only a week past since liberation of the 4000 years old UNESCO world utmost valuable heritage site and now we learn that surprisingly few valuable sculptures, monuments or artifacts were really destroyed, and hence those facts totally beheaded MSM headlines of blood hungry barbarian medieval monstrosities of ISIL emerges slowly but surely, replaced by more or less image of connoisseurs of ancient art.

It was shocking to discover that those allegedly primitive vicious Islamic murderers were able to distinguish between replicas of 3000 years old statues from an original and even as a PR move they were destroying replicas on video while selling the original to the smugglers.

One must question who wanted to create a false impression of (otherwise already proven by other facts) barbarism of ISIL in Palmyra, and why terrorists bragged on YT  that they destroyed ancient artifacts which actually were stolen and some already recovered in Syria before Palmyra liberation. Why this charade, media stunts? Who gave them an idea that they have to fake destruction of an artifact to sell it for more?

I wonder where are those sculptures and ancient mosaics? Somewhere in a corporate lobby or executive bathroom or a palace of an oligarch like Buffet or Soros? So they could brag about them while watching cocktail waitresses disrobing? The only thing they could do with waitresses.

But it was even worst. The now dead custodian of the Palmyra, a well-known archaeologist months before Tadmor defenses fell pleaded with his western colleagues to pressure NATO countries to help easing the siege with their already ongoing air operations in the area near al-Raqqa and Deir-Ez-Zor, just 50 miles away but what he encountered shocked him. None of the world-renowned archaeologist, specializing in Roman Empire or even specifically Palmyra site returned his phone calls fearing of loosing their jobs if they stand in what would be perceived as a support for “murderous” Assad regime.

I would not be much out of line if I write that these weasels of archaeological sciences, low lives, cheap opportunists, disguised cultural barbarians, sorry excuses for human beings stayed silent while Palmyra was overrun in by ISIL in May 2015.

Abhorrent Media stooges did what they do best, looked away. The West showed its true barbarian colors as I wrote in “terrorist are US” post last year on this blog. In fact the only one political figure who got fried for ignoring Palmyra tragedy was, guess who? Putin who was threatened by communists and Russian nationalist opposition if he ignores what’s going on in Palmyra and in Syria while pro-western Russian opposition stayed deaf and silent.

In late 2014 and early 2015 facing existential threat, SAA command gave several time order to vacate Tadmor but they were rescinded due to soldiers’ refusal to abandon the site. Only after ISIL started to shell directly the Palmyra historical site they retreated several miles away.

In 2016 when a tide of the war reversed SAA lunched an offensive in mid January to liberate Palmyra, having overwhelming advantage and Russian air force support but stopped after realizing that Palmyra has been booby-trapped and wired to explode if SAA advances. For that reason SAA waited over 50 days before Russian sent electronic warfare military units to jam the transponders that would trigger explosions.

The “horrible” Assad stopped offensive and waited to preserve world cultural heritage, while his soldier were dying in the trenches near Palmyra, giving their lives for all those old stones. Even one Russian SpecNaz soldier, A. Prohorenko directing Russian air force strikes died from a “friendly” fire by purposefully calling an air strike on his own position when surrendered by ISIL terrorists. After his Syrian guards were killed by advancing ISIL fighters, he sacrificed his life to Palmyra and protected electronic jamming equipment and his Russian comrades who operated it, preventing destruction of the ancient site. This incident should serve as a chilling fact of how Russians fight if attacked. And everyone who advocate a war against Russia should learn and understand that Russians cannot be defeated defending their country.

After initial confusion denial Russians admitted that Prohorenko was killed in friendly fire incident before true story of sacrifice for Palmyra was revealed and soldier posthumously rewarded. I have linked to ISIL posted video of dead body of Prohorenko. ISIL was lying that they killed him on a video clip which was later removed by YT and other sites.

About Prohorenko:

The preliminary inventory taken in Palmyra showed that destruction is much less than feared or anticipated and while many artifacts were stolen, not many are actually destroyed and those which were have complete documentation, 3D scans and will be restored as by the order of Assad who personally vowed that money must be found to fund the restoration. He even invited all those archaeologist’ weasels who betrayed him just a year ago. Also Russian archaeologists from Academy of Sciences and other institutions pledged to support rebuilding of Palmyra for free to Syrian people.

Is this sad Palmyra story a cry to all civilized people, to reflect on western barbarism that reigns supreme over centuries of theft, robbery and pillage of world heritage by French, British and other western colonial powers who like ISIL were stealing what belongs to the people just to put it in some oligarch/aristocrat mantle in the living room.

Disgusting western propaganda is obfuscating vicious, primitive, barbarian character of the Western powers, barbarian, abhorrent regimes peddling wars and death via its excretions of ISIL and al-Qaeda, residing just under veneer of phony civility. All of that filth is on display in Syria.

These were Western barbarians who were at the gates of Palmyra defended by Muslim Arabs.


Tadmor/Palmyra Russian Special forces conduct de-mining of historic site.


Look carefully; These are enemies of ISIL and the US;


And here is about our dear friends we spend half a billion $ already;


Liberated strategic Christian town of Quaryatyan.


This is how ceasefire looks like in Aleppo. Hint: no ceasefire.


Soldiers return;


East Ghouta fighting continues as usual;


Civilians, children wounded in East Ghouta; Death and suffering continues while diplomats congratulate themselves for drinking old vintage wine.


South Aleppo;


18+ Terrorists killed;


Syrian food exports to Russia


Like broken record; Broken ceasefire by FSA, again and while all look away;


Fighting everywhere in Latakia;

Where is ceasefire? Not even in Geneva;


While we have ceasefire ANF took over important strategic hill of El-Eis from SAA, already liberated twice by SAA. Syrian army is loosing some ground since Russian partial withdrawal. WTF?


Terrorists from ANF caught in Latakia province.


Medical supplies smuggled for ISIL captured in Souveyda;


FSA vs. ISIL; what’s you bet? They have the same US training, money and equipment, a fair fight.


That’s what you and me bought for $500 millions;


Russians fight against ISIL;


A Turkish terrorist not arrested for murder of Russian pilot but for defrauding Erdogan of money he gave to terrorists to kill Russian pilots. I think after that Erdogan may even give him a medal.


Another inconvenient truth silenced.


That’s what ceasefire is for: US training new fresh, virgin terrorists for taxpayers money.


El-Eis: SAA and ANF fighting, hill is changing hands; South Aleppo;


ANF reporter: terrorists rested in height spirits continue the fight after phony Russian ceasefire that let terrorists re-supply weapons and money from Turkey. Thanks Vlad. Good job.


Happy, paid off and fed faces of terrorists from ANF ready to continue what the are paid for by the US, yea, overthrow Assad.

Is this what Russians wanted?


Syrian AF bombing


East Ghouta;




ISIL terrorists have a friendly relationship with IDF, they even trade things, jokes together they are behaving like brothers, no even one ISIL shell drops on IDF positions, pure harmony WTF? Is ISIL an Israeli creation? I guess their caliphate stops there, where are all those grandiose plans to take over the world? Just a Israeli propaganda? What else do we need to know? That IDF regularity shelling SAA positions, never ISIL or ANF both run by ISIL commanders.


YEMEN dead Saudis paid after death by Houties, Islamic militia

Prince M-B. Salman is not happy, he is selling everything, including ARAMCO.



Another war between Azerbaijan and Armenia escalation of the Syrian war and Turkish-Russian conflict. Armenia has Russian air base on it territory. And it is all about OIL PIPELINE to rival Russian oil/gas.

18+ A shot down Azeri helicopter;


Military movements in Armenia;


18+ Armenian town (N-K) Talish, Azeris military killed Armenian civilians. a war crime already in just first three days of the new war. Not a record though.

And this Kerry’s Azeri friend did it.


Azerbaijan propaganda for western use;


Another star of US war technology defeated with $10 weapon.


Russian import from Syria;


War in the USA; against homeless, a murder of innocent civilian on the street of war-torn LA.



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