GADDAFI’S LESSONS: “Assad Must Go” Mantra Returns; War Continues.

It doesn’t not look good for suppose advantage of this 2.5 month old ceasefire Russians and Iranians suppose to achieve. First of all the political victories that Russia and allies thought already won, such as no negotiation with US/Turkey/Saudis terrorists, Assad must go mantra, as pre-condition for peace, and finally northern buffer zone (refugee “safety” zone run by Turkey) narrative returns with vengeance and this time even with EU hypocritical approval as a result of Turkish blackmail.

And now with all the acquiesce of Russian and western media, may be with exception of psychopathic Sultan of Ankara who is deservedly criticized for taking over Vienna and even Berlin by marrying frau Merkel, feat that Ottoman emperor failed to achieve some 350 years ago. Although, he has to take credit for his uncommon courage of letting a pig into his harem.

While I am critical of Russian foreign policy softening, weakening or down right loosing grip what’s happening in EU is a straight rotten decay with stink so awful that is rivals that of decomposing US empire.

And what this programmatic chaos is for, shepherding starving, devastated by war people around the MENA into EU by letting a gang of “pious” thugs, well-funded religious thugs by idolic, paper flat TV personality of Muhammad Bin Salman’s adolescent wet dreams of ruling the world. While moderate police action would suffice if direct western funding to Saudi medieval regime stopped.

But actually the chaos is a cover up for massive EU theft of national treasures of its members, pensions and soon after TTIP their remaining jobs, clean water, tasty nutritious food and in last 5 decades significantly improved environment. By a thief in chief, Goldman Sachs stooge super Mario, whose intellectual prowess was early proven to be below of much deeper character of his Nintendo brother, he is indulging in an orgasmic thievery stealing trillions of euros a year from working people in Europe by monetizing stinky pieces of worthless paper called securities excreted by euro banksters robbing people blind.

It was exactly the same in Libya and in Syria, all the objective of financial domination via means of instigating refugee crisis, pressing for neoliberal policies that result in deep economic crisis, propaganda of human rights violations, blaming, previously perfectly acceptable regimes of horrible abuses, killing people, and followed by “humanitarian” aggression aimed to destroy country’s military but most of all economic and financial stability.

At the beginning neither Assad nor Gaddafi understood what was going on, thinking that “friendly relation with the West” or even severe concessions to their demands would make them to leave their country alone on their own path. Little did they know that the very existence of any kind of socioeconomic alternative, another way of political economic or social arrangements are like unscratchable itch on the imperial body and must be remedied by violence and intimidation to preserve this empire of illusion from collapse.

For this US empire of death and slavery and it’s delusional leaders, hard work, keeping to yourself in peaceful ways, promoting local culture and tolerance, eliminating or reducing exploitation or threats of daily intimidation via coercive laws and rules institutionalizing racism, classism and sexism as well as sharing and caring about each member of a society are all high imperial crimes punishable by death, destruction and Orwellian erasure from cards of history.

While Assad was instructed in the last-minute by his Russian friends about what was this “Arab Spring” all about, for Gaddafi, who was actually abandoned by Russia and China (rather he distanced himself from to please the West first) that abstained from the UN vote instead of vetoing it and potentially safe him and his country, was too late.

So let’s recall the last words of Mu’ammar Gaddafi (from his last speech) where he lists all of his crimes and confessed wholeheartedly his own guilt bluntly refused to express any remorse just days before he was captured and executed near his home city of Sirte by foreign assassins paid by DOS and the W.H. according to famous words of a killer “We came, we saw, he died”.


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All Quiet on Geneva Front while Hell is Breaking Loose Again in Syria.

Does anybody care, The West? Russia? What’s going ? It look like that Assad is the only one trying to put this broken Syrian nation together via pretending that return to a kind of normalcy in all those bits and pieces of the Syrian state he controls is even possible.

And hence just after less than two years another local and national elections to parliament were held last week unfortunately dismissed in the West before hand with mediocre protest from Russia and hence Ba’ath party win was drowned in the world media.

But Assad is clearly set on return of civil administration and resemblance of functioning state in the midst of material and human devastation, with his jobs and reconstruction programs and continuing amnesty that is effectively reducing number of rebels by attrition, a method proven very effective in last three years.

However, the results of voting and only 56% participation rate while 65 to 70% of pre-war Syrians are under the Assad regime controlled territory, tell us that he has little time to make a substantial infrastructure and administrative improvements before dissolution, and pessimism regarding Assad governing ability and credibility of his reforms and reconstruction plans among majority of Syrians sets in as I warned on my blog in numerous posts.

The time is running out for Assad faster than many may think mainly due to the misguided ceasefire extorted from Russians in order to most likely avoid Turkish invasion in Aleppo province, since there is no other reasonable argument that would have made breaking decisive and winning momentum of Assad army and allies in late January against all sorts terrorist north and south, worthwhile and even tangentially beneficial.

After two months of ceasefire; what has been accomplished? Instead of fighting parties ANF, ISIL, FSA and other allied rebels cut from arm supplies, exhausted and weaken, by the war waged against them by SAA and Russian air force contingent and special forces armed with latest weapons, being forced to seek a political resolution to the military conflict, the ceasefire actually enabled all sides including SAA and Russians to lick their wounds, convalesced soldiers, lock and load with new shipments of weapons, get rested, fed and propagandized to continue the war until glorious victory or defeat.

While diplomats, Western and Russian may state that they have achieved previously set out objectives and that may have made some progress, that’s a lie.

What I call progress is to utterly defeat and destroy terrorists as a military force and begin returning to normal live for about 20 millions of Syrians in the country and abroad and commencement of open political process of reconciliation, economical and political reforms in Syria, reforms that would reduce influence of global capital in Syrian economy reoriented much more to the east.

But that’s not what is happening. Instead the war has entrenched not only in military sense, reality on the ground but in social and political realm within Syria.

The reality of war seems to be rationalized via soothing assurances about brighter future that the people can live with, even accept it, while desperately seeking their own little stability and normalization of daily routines in a quest to reduce fear of death or loss. But that’s an illusion.

Utter lack of interest, motivation or intention to achieve any true political solution, to end to pain and suffering of Syrian people has been impudently demonstrated by the West. And that was augmented by Russian unwillingness to really push against US for any sustainable solution, including pressure Turkey and NATO to abandon support for terrorists once Putin vulnerability to political extortion has been revealed in Ukraine and now in Syria. All those conditions are set for prolong bleeding of Syrian state and economy for next 10 to 15 years as long as western support for terrorists continues.

The Washington is the number one reason and instigator of the Syrian war and all other “Arab springs” and this is not a consequence of stupidity or ignorance of US leadership but a concrete plan to destabilize MENA countries and remove all Eastern influences, political, economic and reestablishment of US empire with under Israeli protectorate managing all, those weak artificial future sectarian fiefdoms feeding of Syriaq, submissive to the imperial metropolis in D.C.

In other words one cannot put down the fire that is continually being ignited without burning an arsonist and as long as Russian and Chinese refuse to do so the war will endure and pain and suffering of men, women and children will continue and the rest of the world will yawn hearing of murder and devastation ongoing there.

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Ceasefire Ceased to Exist as Ionescoesque Theater of Absurd Continues.

As I am making my weekly, bold assertions about what is going on in Syrian war, mostly through lenses of skepticism and realism stripping a veil off self-serving propaganda on all sides of the conflict, looking for fundamental interests of everybody involved, I wished that at least few of my seemingly highly speculative assertions wouldn’t pan out, that there were out there some sources or data I was unaware of that would suggest otherwise so I could admit that my contentions were too pessimistic. Unfortunately so far I can’t.

Al those quite pessimistic, even cynical one may say, headlines of my posts since so–called ceasefire was announced sadly seems justified:

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Now, on April 10, 2016 ceasefire is officially dead as intensity of fighting returned to pre-ceasefire levels. All the terrorists and US sponsored rebels, as I warned in February, returned refreshed after R&R in Turkey, rested, convalesced, injured fighters healed, fed, paid, with new-found vigor and reassurances by their sponsors with new weapons money and good word of support returned to frontlines ready to finally finish off the Evil Assad as they were paid for.

In meanwhile ISIL brand and terrorists involved, considered somewhat stale in the western propaganda menageries are secretly changing uniforms and joining “so-called US moderate beheaders under the same black flag of death with different Quran scribbles on it, so Kerry could brag that ISIL territory shrank 40% forgetting to mention that it shrank to benefit of ANF (Al-Qaeda) or other “rebels” not SAA, that gained only about 20% of territory since a years ago. And none of that thanks to US fake bombing campaign that does not last 18 months now. It is hard to argue with a notion that this “intermission” in fighting was purposefully designed for changing costumes between one and the other group of abhorrent terrorists, murderers and mercenaries of the USA and allies aimed solely to depose Assad one way or another, by this named group or another. And nothing else seems to have changed.

The so-called Geneva talks initially farcical vaudeville deteriorated to surrealistic nightmare where Kerry is “negotiating for peace” with US financed terrorist types so repugnant that would bring long hard prison sentence for anyone who would happen to be accidentally in the same room with them for a minute. While some negotiators are on the list of wanted terrorists by Swiss national security authorities and could not obtain a Swiss visa, US dared to extend to them diplomatic protections.

In a Ionesco style we have Al-Qaeda terrorists who vow to destroy America at the table as peace seeking Assad opposition while defending their own land against terrorists representatives of Kurdish YPG and other forces on the ground are banned from proceedings, branded as terrorists.

Except for some pro Assad “rebels” Syrian citizen and Assad regime, there is no direct negotiation between actual players on the ground that are entrenched opposite each other in Syria. So who is negotiating with who? and about what?

Kerry with his terrorist supporters (Saudis, Turks) and Lavrov with his supporters (Assad, YPG Kurds and some rebels), both happily load the media with impossible constructs of wishful thinking and utter nonsense, pretending that progress is being made.

In my last two post I asked the question. Is that what Putin intended to achieve by agreeing to the charade of a ceasefire, and by that fact breaking the military momentum of SAA in Latakia, Aleppo, Damascus all battle fields officially not a part of ceasefire agreement. Was it a Russian goal to allow for recent strong advances of replenished ANF which as a result caused significant push back of the SAA frontlines in the Tel-Eis strong point areas already liberated in late January and serious setbacks elsewhere while 60% of Russian Air force have been withdrawn. Except for Palmyra (Tadmor) that was not really defended by ISIL but rather cultural site held hostage, everywhere else on frontlines SAA positions somewhat deteriorated during last two months. I am not saying that Assad has been weakened since he has not, being for last six months loaded with new Russian weapons and training of another 100k of military units various formations. What I am saying is that the war is not an inch closer to the end and de-facto partition of Syrian state and Syrian people’s suffering is bound to continue.

So what all those last six months of Russian intervention was for? As I discussed numerous times on this blog numerous objectives Russians may have had for intervening, one reason seems to permeate all of this is namely prevention of Turkish/NATO invasion of Syria and ignition a path to WWIII.

If true the ceasefire agreement and Russian withdrawal of Air-force was nothing but Russian capitulation when confronted with blackmail, a bluff of US/NATO –Russia/Assad confrontation, acquiesced  under conditions of abandonment of Turkish invasion plans and in fact accepting semi-permanent, at least administrative, partition of Syria.

One way or another it seems to be that the Russian concession was made not in Syrian context but in the geopolitical realm,and hence brought to us this, on a surface, a phony ceasefire.
As I posited  many times all those good will, peace-loving people who were so exited about Russian involvement for peace, are mistaken.  Russians are intervening in Syria mostly to defend their own geopolitical and national interest however they see it and that’s all.

Having two military bases and third in making was a good enough reason to strike deal with the US regardless of dashed hope of prompt peace Syrians may have had.

Now even Assad defied Russians who still insist on transitional or unity government until “ true democratic elections” are to be held late in 2017, and just in three days, on April 13, 2016 organizes elections with participation of the opposition that will include 85% of Syrian population still in Syria, asking for another mandate almost two years after election of 2014 and vows to implement political reforms including confirmation of official recognition of the opposition parties, reign in on oligarchs and economic mafias and sectarian cronyism including his Alawite clan and promising jobs in rebuilding of devastated county with preliminary assured Chinese and Russian loans of $100 Billions or more over next ten years. All of that against “Lavrov-Kerry” general plan for peace in Syria”.

So what is this all about? Is this a semi-permanent partition of Syria into fiefdoms, statelets of Assad, Turkmen and Sunnistan of Saudi founded terrorists under protectorate of their sponsors?

Is this what Russian wanted accomplish by involving themselves?

I guess that would be it no matter their intentions and the likely future of Syrian people suffering, except for band-aid of humanitarian assistance, would sure continue since US imperial plans of deposing Assad did not change at all.

It is sad but clear that Russian bought or acquiesced to western lies that Syrians are politically divided to the level that cannot be reconciled peacefully within a democratic political system.

But these are just baseless lies. In fact the war of western aggression, all of Syrians realized over five years of war, united them more than they ever been and all of Syrian citizen except for those merchants of war or those who benefited by stealing Syrian national treasure, understand that nobody in the world stands up for them as a nation and for united Syria as a state under secular Arab nationalism ideology and identity, as much as Assad himself surviving numerous assassination attempts by CIA assets in his on regime.

All of that make situation unstable and unfortunately spells stagnation, freezing of the conflict in place in conditions that no side accepts, ready in any moment to re-ignite such as a case of Eastern Ukraine and recently flared up Nogorno-Karabakh conflict frozen already for 25 years now, ironically via a deal between Azeris and Armenians brokered by Russia.

Is this the future for Syria, a partitioned half state on a hair-trigger of all out war, crippling, collapsing economy and destroying last hope for the future for young generation with potential for even more massive economic migration.

I hope not.

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SCANDAL: A Secret Story of Liberation of Palmyra.

After few weeks of low in fighting under so-called ceasefire , intensity of fighting returned to normal after rebels had they R&R and reloaded weapon and physical strength to continue fighting another day, i.e. tomorrow. In that context a liberation of Palmyra strikes nerve in those who expected demise of western sponsor terror, while witnessing escalation of ISIL/ANF terrorist activities and their first tactical wins for months now.

While it took a week under steady pressure from remaining sane journalists who frequent the press briefing, DOS finally admitted that liberation of Palmyra was a good thing although he added that the sculptures, ancient gates and colonnades of Palmyra historical site are not happy replacing ISIL regime with Assad regime and it is not what US would have like to see.

Such incoherent utterances of a PR stooges for US government would have just few years ago landed them in a psychiatric ward of a county hospital, but now they collect praises and laurels in a White Mad House.

But in all the jubilation and elation that this treasure of humanity finally is in civilized hands aside, one must dig deep to truly understand and appreciate what actually had happened in Palmyra in last 12 months and why it is one of most outrageous political and cultural scandal of 21st century so far.

Assad regime protected the prestigious and profitable Palmyra, ancient historical site and adjacent tourist city of Tadmor from assaults since 2011. First from ordinary thieves and tribal gangsters to FSA and so-called moderate rebels turned later into ISIL. All on western payroll. It is important to note that ISIL did not conquer other terrorist groups and tribesmen but bought them off with dollars and gold.

So what did ISIL want in Palmyra, a broken marble? Early thieves acted upon a rumor that underneath Palmyra complex it is stored two tones of pure ancient gold.

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