AFTER SOME PAUSE: War Continues with No Peace in Sight.

As I predicted few weeks ago this “ceasefire” is being used by all sides to regroup. Reload with weapons and in the case of terrorists change some cloths and turning themselves into “moderates” overnights.

And we would have seen complete collapse of ISIL already,  although it deteriorates as I write, if not a pride of their Saudis and Turkish sponsors who are appalled by lack of perseverance, dedication and “faith” of those anointed by God underpaid, pious believers in Allah, hungry and weaponless soldiers of God, dying in some stinky, cold and wet trenches lectured by godless puppets in skirts drenched in filthy opulence, telling half-dead what to do.

That doesn’t go well among the terrorist ranks and hence majority of European Jihadists already left Iraq/Syria back to comfort of their homes and smell of morning latte. I think that this utter defeat of the Saudi nurtured Salafists would be important one in global scale factors that, among many other sociopolitical factors is playing a role in ultimate demise of Saudis as Islamic authority and as an abomination of a state having no place in XXI century, once truth about Saudi betrayal of God’s cause and military and political impotence, spreads all over the Muslim world.

A note to reader: Unless events warrant otherwise, since there is apparent slowdown in military and political actions regarding Syrian conflict, the Syrian War Update blog will be updated on weekly basis on Mondays.

Since over five years now passed from time when CIA founded Arab Spring came to Syria it is only appropriate to quickly review the causes and background of this horrible war now longer than WWII. So How It started and Why? An unbiased account.

And excerpt from post of 08/12/2015 on over one month before Russian intervention.

In years leading to the events of 2011, the US created a minute civilian and armed opposition within Syria that was not there before. All those who opposed the Assad regime were exiled surviving on the Western, payroll cut off from the Syrian society, imprisoned or killed or were economically enticed to support the regime.

As a matter of fact small groups financed by the CIA protesting in 2011 in the city of Daraa and Homs drew thousands, and in all Syria, tens of thousands of people demanding moderate democratic changes, long overdue, angry on Bashar al-Assad but not because of the lack of democracy but for his neo-liberal reorientation, dramatically departing  from his socialist father legacy that brought pride and prosperity to the Syrian people.

The anger of a significant part of the population against Bashar al-Assad was somewhat instigated by the western propaganda but in most part was inspired by his tolerance of rampant corruption and enrichment of his Alawites minority cronies and the wider Syrian elites to detriment of the ordinary people.

The more democracy they demanded was meant as just a political tool of reversing Assad’s infatuation with the western neo-liberal economic policies that collapsed the Syrian high standard of living.

Despite continuous provocation by the US stooges in Syria including killing of protesters in Dara, it was Assad’s duty and responsibility to heed the calling of his own people underneath all that mess and to constitute true economic reforms, kicking out the foreign interests and stand on the side of people against the global capital. But he did not.

He instead he chose the pasture of national unity and put himself as indispensable,  a symbol of the Syrian unity, playing nationalistic card i.e. he focused on saving his own skin first.  The over two hundred [fifty] thousands  dead and injured, two millions displaced Syrians is his responsibility as well but in much smaller part than the murderous US imperialism and its jihadi’ puppets like Saudis.

Bashar al-Assad an ophthalmologist failed as a leader of his nation in this respect, as his father Hafez predicted when he decided on the power succession to his brother Bassel, military engineer, who unfortunately died in 1994.

Another big mistake of Assad was not to grant Kurds the right to their own country (12% of territory) and to more support PKK right away with the weapons instead of thinking that more neutral stance would keep Turkey away from the conflict. He was wrong, Turkey is up to their sleeves in the Syrian conflict, playing with its national existence by attacking PKK, having 30% of population as Kurds on 40% of its territory.

PKK made their own mistakes by trying to negotiate with Turkey from the position of weakness and finally abandoning Assad.Only now, after they were attacked by Turkish Army in Syria and Turkey they signal a reverse of their previous position.

Having said that Bashar al-Assad did right thing not to resign and instead seeking a mandate from the Syrian people, since his resignation would mean the end of Syrian nation as we know it, threatening to unravel the post WWI colonial order set by the British purposefully to make Arab states weak, conflicted and dependent on the western interests after the collapse of Ottoman empire in 1918.

He also seem to have learned the lesson of what means the true, based on authentic mutual interest and shared values, friendship with Russia, forged many decades ago between the partners in the war against western colonialism and aggression. It is thanks to his long gone father and the support from Russia and Iran that badly wounded and suffering Syria still exists. But for how long?

Now, against all odds, this is Bashar al-Assad duty to rebuild the nation, as only viable today Syrian national figure potentially capable of accomplishing it since no other internal or external party in this conflict has any mandate or interest of doing so. Even if it means his resignation after peace is achieved since there will be no wining. All the Syrians are already at loss. Is he up to the task? Nobody knows.

The question is why all this mess? What was the point of all these massive deaths and suffering brought by the Arab Spring?

Why after attacking Tunisia, Algeria (failed), Libya, Egypt and Yemen (and previously Iraq and Afghanistan but not Jordan, Morocco, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia) the West attacked Syria. The answer is clear if we examine what those “horrible”, deposed regimes in the Arab world had in common except for governing of thje countries with highest standard of living in Africa and in the Middle East.

What they had in common was a special, decades old, ideological, economic  and military partnership with the Soviet bloc countries that supported Arab struggle of decolonization and independence in 1950-ties and sixties. Most of those killed or deposed leaders or their political predecessors were educated in Moscow many decades ago about the methods of  anti-colonial struggle as a type of class struggle against the world oligarchic dominance.

And there were those economic, ideological and historical connections with the Russians that West went after by instigating the Arab Spring in 2011 with all the deadly consequences of destruction and chaos.

It is all about destruction of the social-democratic systems (civil society) and replacing them with the brutal neo-liberal corporatism as decades ago happened in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is about continuing, after the Eastern Europe in 1990 and the Western Europe in 2000s, eradication of the remnants of Soviet influenced social-democratic economic and political systems that worked so well for ordinary people all over the world and replacing them with the brutal unfettered corporatism. What the west called the brutal regimes of the Middle East and Africa were the autocratic, socially focused political systems which somewhat exaggerated political brutality was an imperfect remedy for the injustice of the colonial arbitrary territorial divisions imposed deliberately by the west and the western colonial policies of stirring the antagonisms among the native people of the land. The political violence of the regimes was a direct consequence of their choice to remain in the colonial boundaries in the somewhat perverted bid to keep the unity of their “abstract” nations and the peace in the region and of course to preserve their own power.

What’s interesting that Russia under Putin and Iran under theocracy in last 15 years moved into more the direction of soviet style social-democratic organization of the society focusing more on the needs of the people than the profit or greed, and hence becoming a target of a globalist aggression as a part ever-changing axis of “evil” based western propaganda.

In wider political view if Assad fails, Middle East brewing soup will definitely explode and likely will blow up Israel and its people to kingdom come together with the whole region if they do not get restrain themselves and begin promoting peace in the region instead of sheepishly following suicidal policies of the Tel-Aviv regime and Washington D.C. neocons.

Ironically, if Israel cease to exists it would be another country, founded on soviet style political and economic system of government-run kibbutz in 1948, that would become, probably unintended, casualty of the US choreographed Arab spring adventure.

Syrian War Update:

Turkey war crimes in Cizre, Turkey. Killing and beheading civilians leveling the cities, while fighting PKK.

Ankara bombing, an attack against a bus transporting Turkish soldiers and government workers possible from nearby Erdogan’s office.

Not much hope for peace in Geneva:

Erdogan’s wall, a New “Berlin” Wall between Turkey and Syria.

and from Reuters:

South Front: :Latest developments:


Syrian poet  Mohammed Bashar al-Aani executed by ISIL in Deir EZ-Zor.


North Aleppo:


Russian cluster bombs and helicopter aerial attack on ISIL terrorists in nighttime. All dead. Every would be terrorist should see this. Nowhere to hide, head-hunters became hunted.


More Russian humanitarian assistance for Suburbs of Damascus;


ISIL fortified itself in Al-Maan world’s historical heritage site.


Operations in Palmyra:

Fighting at Palmyra


Oil tankers bomber by Russians:


(Warning 18+ Extremely graphic) Burned alive after Russian bombings of oils smuggling tanker trucks Saraqeb, province of Idlib.


SAA closing in toward Turkish border:


Fighting in Latakia:


Broken ceasefire by Falak Ash-Sham in Fua (Idlib):


Syrian TV2;


Web of terrorists:


ISIL terrorists defect with personal information about recruited terrorists.


Deir Ez-Zor:


Confession of a terrorist.


Captured suicide truck and two suicide drivers to be.


Lazy soldier of God blew up tank barrel, poor maintenance

Did they know that cleanliness is close to godliness (minute 2.00)


Suicide truck captured by Hezbollah in Syria;


Kfaria; SAA MRLS in action in IR camera images;


Syrian Air force bombings continues:


Really rare US bombing operation in Syria;


Children wounded in Daara:


GoPro terrorists:


Fighting in Taiz:


Terrorists’ made mortars. Accuracy 1000 feet.


Successes of IRAQI air force:


IRAQI Army progress in Ramadi.


Fascism and Islamists, two sides of the same coin of hate

Ukraine, Europe and Syria, ideology of hate marches on.


Terrorists go to school of fish. A big fish unity lesson.


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