A GREAT PAUSE: What does Putin want Assad to do?

In a simple word Putin wants Assad play along and restore the governmental power, political, judicial and economic system on liberated territories in order to enable conditions for growth of Syrian’s jobs and other opportunities, to pretend things are coming back to normal to build support of the Assad regime from ground up, in preparation to the upcoming inevitable “free” elections in which Assad Baa’th party will face “official “ opposition which in fact would be divided into Assad allies leaning and sponsored parties and US/allies leaning and sponsored parties.

And That’s what Russia and Iran is working hard right now on with massive humanitarian assistance and other programs including weapons and military engineering training offered to new recruits. It is done under guise of otherwise phony ceasefire (since Russians and US and proxies are not part of a ceasefire) that is used to ally Syrian tribal chiefs as well as other ethnic groups such a Turkmen, Shias, Yezidis, Sunni Arabs and Kurds into political formations that would create illusion of diversity and plurality of political programs but in fact would represent political monoliths of Russian and Western supported political blocks.

One may ask: Why Assad and Putin decided to go for an US imposed “democratic process” instead of invoking Syrian sovereignty and dismiss all the rebels as criminals, which according to international law they are? One of the answers would be that Assad is sure to win. The other would be to stifle Turkish/Saudi imminent invasion.

Assad silent offensive of eradication of the foreign fighters from battlefields, general amnesty, national reconciliation and insisting of rule of law as a basis for addressing grievances and political conflicts under umbrella of Syrian Arab secularism and nationalism as well as unassailable Syrian territorial integrity started over two years ago and turned out to be huge success, a number one reason that Assad is still there.

Russians and allies are kin on repeating the political charades that in the west are called elections and score victory against western imperialism using their own weapons namely propaganda of a democratic process. While US did not give up on partition of Syria and is trying to use “political process” to weaken Assad and strengthen their abhorrent proxy terrorists to continue to undermine Syrian state.

Will they succeed? Unknown. But so far there is no shred of evidence that US reconciled itself to loosing “Arab Spring revolution” in Syria and what’s more important, Washington refused to acknowledge that American influence over Middle East is dwindling.

Syrian reconciliation bulletin issued by Russian military.


Continuation of broken negotiations in Geneva on March 9, with delegation from SAR joining talks on March 14



Syria TV2 meanwhile on liberated areas people are preparing for elections and reestablishment of democratic government.


Reportedly 19 pilots died in last 15 months of the coalition 8 indirectly probably due to technical malfunctions, one of them Jordanian pilot shot down by ISIL and burned alive.


Summer camp for kinds in Islamic state;

Yezidis renew plea to free sex slaves from ISIL.


Fighting in East Ghouta continues near Damascus.

Fighting in al-Eis South/East Aleppo, ANF attacks repelled.


18+ killed ANF fighters in South Aleppo.


FSA/ANF fighting ISIL along Turkish border with Turks supporting both.


Another terrorist weapon smuggling operation intercepted by Syrian authorities.


Turkmen unit commanders switched narrative and now aligned themselves with Russians, criticizing Turkey for shooting down Russian warplane and murder of pilot and a soldier and denouncing Turkish Islamists as direct Turkish implants having no support among ethnic Turkmen population who thanks Russians for humanitarian help.



Russian humanitarian assistance in Turkmen areas;


South Front: latest developments; ISIL re-branding their fighters into moderates as I reported many times before.


TV2 latest on elections in Syria.


SAA calls for ISIL/ANF fighters to surrender, foreigners flee en mass, many send back home to attack infidels there.


Russian air strike against ANF in Abu Al-Dahur, Idlib province.


More humanitarian help, new Russian offensive, a well thought war tactics.


Assad’s wife met Muslim women on March 8, International women’s, day a picture of religiously tolerant Syria. Women are not invisible in Syrian society.


Aleppo: Moderate terrorist hit civilian targets, with those contraptions nothing else could be hit.


Celebration of International women’s day in Turkey;


Iraqi improvements of US Humvees.


Are Russians against Baathists in Syria?



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