Why this Phony Ceasefire Between US Allies and Russian Allies? Divide and Conquer on Both Sides.

After a close look at the ceasefire one have to come up with an objective conclusion that this ceasefire aims toward prolonging the war rather then to end it. Weapons are flowing in, ISIL and ANF fighters are deserting and move under umbrella of “ phony moderates” who vowed to continue fighting in few weeks while their ranks are swollen with former beheaders. The other moderates in contrast, practically took side of Russian coalition and are being integrated in the SAA command and control or are subject of amnesty and/or directly joining pro-Assad military units.

Both sides used last 10 days for rapidly arming themselves from all the sources in Russia and the West.

Many may disagree, saying that it could be a step forward toward negotiated peace in Syria and later in Iraq. Granted, that one thing, namely opening access for humanitarian assistance for all those civilians who are true victims of the western aggression via proxy terrorists as well as victims of liberating efforts of Syrian army and her allies, is making the ceasefire worth having. And I am not denying that.

However, my own experience of closely observing Ukrainian war and a ceasefire attained there over one year ago now did not produced any, I say, any political breakthrough, and what’s worse situation deteriorated economically and politically on both sides of the conflict and unnecessarily instigated political instability, endangering the successes of those who stand on the side of law and against western supported fascist gangs and terrorists, including those jihadis units operating in fascist Ukraine. Nor Ukrainian ceasefire and Minsk II agreement helped to improve a geopolitical climate between Russia and the West, which continues the unfounded sanctions for second year and refused to push for federalization of Ukraine, the only solution for peace. One has to ask a question if Syrian agreement awaits the same fate.

The another purpose of this ceasefire have to be considered i.e. a pause and preparation for next stage, namely an delusional and fatal invasion of Turkish and Saudis armies and ultimately division of Syria into small fiefdoms under imperial auspices of the US, as I already mentioned in my previous post.

In my opinion there must be a thaw in hostile bilateral US-Russian relation in order to have some foundations for hope of ending those US imperial wars instigated by dying empire. But it is unlikely since the entire crisis is not about Syria but to defeat Russia in global geopolitical realm. When Washington neocons see problem in Moscow they will not find solution in Damascus.

Otherwise the war will continue one way or another, open or simmering under the surface until US imperial power is diminished or removed in the MENA countries and regional geopolitics reconfigured. And all the parties know that well including Saudis and Turkey.

ANF provocation to entice Turkey invasion

ANF shells Turkish army position in Turkey to provoke retaliation against Kurds;





SF latest developments:


TV2 Syria


That’s what Russia gets for working for peace in Syria: more sanctions.

Clearly peace is not what US wants


Aleppo broken ceasefire by “moderates”;


Two US air bases are about to open in northern Syria on Kurds’ territories.



Raqqa uprising against ISIL is ongoing, 200 ISIL terrorists declared mutiny against commanders, five districts of Raqqa reportedly liberated.




Kurds 20 miles North and SAA 20 miles west from Raqqa. ISIL capital defense disintegrates? No money no American honey?


YPG shot down Turkish army helicopter violating Syrian airspace and delivering weapons for ISIL;


Fighting in Latakia


T90 in action:


Deir Ez-Zor;


New attacks on SAA from ISIL at Deir Ez-Zor. So fat unsuccessful.


(Warning 18+) Battle for Khanasser on Aleppo-Hama road.


Hezbollah column heading to frontlines in Syria. Equipped with help of brothers from Iraqi Shia, equipped by US.


Russian Specnaz overlooking humanitarian assistance of RF for Syrians.


Damage to monasteries and Christian Churches in Syria.


Active Russian anti-tank defense system at work:


Damascus today, under Assad regime:


Iraq: Sanjar Kurds destroyed some ISIL terrorist units.


Fighting against ANF in Idlib and Homs;


US/Saudi plan for partition of Syria and Iraq. Turkey opposes it, they have their own partition plans.


YPG new western toy, guided RPG, operates in close space like room of the building.


Yazidis return to Sinjar.


Syrian children boarding a school bus;


And this is gift from American children to Syrian children And we paid for this help.


Times are tough in the Islamic state, no money, no slaves, terrorist are selling anything they got, prices reasonable if you are a gangster.


And here is something for R&R after bad day in the office.


“Moderates” from Fath Al-Sham take in deserters from ISIL in Aleppo. New brothers is American arms. True magic of transformation from terrorist to McCain friend.


Russian humanitarian assistance in Latakia


More magic. Power of argument or argument of power? You decide.


From this:(ISIL)

To this:(FSA)


(Warning 18+)

From Al-Qeada to the eating the dust (Warning 18+)


Iraq: ISIL suicide bombing; 60 dead in Baghdad.


YEMEN: (Warning 18+)

Dead Saudi soldiers:


Oil smuggling to Turkey by ISIL continues:


THIS IS NOT SYRIA: It is Cizre, Turkey destroyed by Erdogan regime.


Europe Suicide or instigation of fascism?


Russia doing well in Syria according to NATO;


And here is why?



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