CEASE-FIRE: A tool of War Politics.

While we all know well why American axis of evil wants SAA+Syrian national defense units, most tribal militia including Christian, Alawite, militia, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iraqi Shia militia, Kurds and Palestinian units to stop what they are doing since it is all apparent now that “our friendly” bearded boys of ISIL and ANF are being mercilessly whacked, and loudly cry to their starred and stripped monster mama for relief.

The unlimited cease-fire is already turning in a two week vacation for terrorists in Turkish sea resorts, you know, R$R, lock & reload after a bad day in the office:

We know that US did not give up of the invasion and dividing Syria into medieval Wahhabi fiefdoms, and the non cease fire cease fire sham among phantom moderate beheaders, without even naming them all or declaration who is actually fighting who, most bizarre, Orwelian agreement of no agreement, where a friend is a foe, in a deal of today.

After US was having political sex with terrorists for decades Kerry needs “Plan B” after monster was already born. A theater of absurd continues.

But why Russia get herself involved in the obvious sham as I discussed in my post on February 17, titled CLEAR THE FOG VLAD. In the post I did not question military premises of such as a purely propaganda move, since it is strictly operational and secret, but only its implications in the psychological war in the western media.
And still I see this “ pretend ceasefire” doing more harm than good for Russian otherwise clear moral and legal stand in this war.

However in order to better understand what could be overwhelming Russian tactical and strategic interest on the ground to be involved such a charade, may be an excerpt from my post published on 10/18/2015, over four months ago, entitled HOW WE FIGHT; RUSSIAN EDITION would be of help especially the paragraph describing what role local cease fire plays in war politics, a common psychological warfare tactic employed by Russian trained military such as Syrian command is.

Most the Russian war doctrine and military maneuvers or tactics are coming out of German military manuals as well as many painful experiences of the WWII where Soviets made all the mistakes possible before they got their act together.

The basics principle of waging a war is to have well defined strategic, tactical and immediate objectives with no imposition of any particular solutions since those must fall directly in the prerogatives of the local field commanders who will make decisions as warranted on the ground with wide latitude of choices creating facts or illusions on the ground aimed to mostly mislead the enemy i.e. psychological warfare at the level of field commanders.

In Syria, IS terrorists’ most powerful weapon is the psychological terror and it must be met with psychological warfare weaponry on the battlefield.

This requires extensive knowledge of the battlefield area, built up relationships not only with friendly forces and local population but most of all with the enemy, making temporary cease-fire or other deals with them, offering even aid and some kind of understanding or presenting seemingly beneficial choices of withdrawal or surrender, a typical toolbox of a negotiator. The true war is more about talking and waiting then shooting. Only those who can see strait through the chaos or war can be ultimately successful.

The Syrian field commanders having in their hand a hammer of Russian air support are pursuing wide range of those techniques very vigorously, by calling ISIS commanders over the cell phone/radio or communicating via other ways. The field commanders grounded in the reality of battlefield are much more reasonable (especially after the air raid) than highly politicized or fanatical higher command hankered down somewhere in the bunker.

A good example of such a broad latitude given to the local commanders are various temporary deals SAA is making with terrorists including IS in Aleppo area regarding electrical power supply from the Aleppo power plant on the outskirts of the city held by IS while distribution system is held by SAA either one could cut off electricity to the other so both decided to keep it running. IS to run their bomb factories and SAA to allow civilian population under IS rule to have their utilities running, water, electricity, heat etc. This is quintessential example of local deals and compromises by local commanders even for medieval barbaric thugs of IS possible to achieve as a alternative to senseless and blunt devastation. And this type of war tactics is cowardly used as a propaganda tool by the western MSM to prove the brotherly love between Assad and IS to brain-dead western viewers. But what’s worse ls that the US is aggravated with such as deals or agreements, mad on the IS or al-Nusra for deviating from pure Wahhabi Islamist orthodoxy since it is clandestinely bombing Syrian infrastructure including Aleppo power plant under the guise of F16 escorting military transport planes with weapons to drop on non-existing positions of illusory moderate Syrians.

In contrast, in most cases US local field commanders had often hands tied as far a contacts or negotiation with enemy field commanders and never built any meaningful relationship of trust with the enemy. And hence were devoid of finesse or cunning and instead were perceived as blunt or gullible and by that diminished enemy respect for the US military and strengthen unity of the enemy instead of weakening it by skillful negotiations or manipulations.

Another basic battlefield principle is to avoid committing to a frontal attack on fortified enemy positions even when having overwhelming advantage and power and always seeking weak points and take as much time as needed, no deadlines or photo ops since true military accomplishment is to win battle without one shot fired in contrast to US reporting number of enemy killed, territory conquered or cleared and ammunition spent that defines the progress or victory.

An hence the art of encirclement or cauldron creation massively used as a most popular Russian tactical maneuvers which are low cost and high reward military efforts including fake cauldrons aimed to forcing enemy movements into predestined areas.

Also not sharp but gradual cutoff or degradation of the command and control communications and supplies is preferred in order to use it to induce tactical movements of the enemy forces and continuing surveillance as well as on the ground intelligence operations, which are critical for achieving success. The US forces intelligence (so Soviet) operations often failed in Afghanistan due to lack of personal politically/culturally mitigated relationships (not money) a foundation for truly effective intelligence network. With all the new technologies, field level intelligence is still irreplaceable.

But most of all Russian military doctrine calls to never wage war you want to win in the country where significant part of population is hostile and enemy undefined (Afghanistan war 1.0 and 2.0) since at the end the success of all military operations are dependent on the local population support and hence recognizing that unnecessary or mistaken deaths of civilians are not just a collateral damage but the fundamental damage to the entire war effort. That’s why British, Hindu, Soviets and Americans were ultimately defeated Afghanistan.

The true Syrian liberation war has just begun replacing four long years of aimless and senseless stalemate and slaughter instigated and supported by the west as I wrote on 10/10/2015 in: WHY RUSSIANS CAME?

With restrained, proportional to the threat, legal military action to restore safety and security of Syrian people, a solemn duty of Syrian government and nobody else under international law, there may be a hope for peace. But we are [still] far from it.

SOUTH FRONT:Battle for Khanaser, another example of Russian military tactic, and provoking counterattack to force ISIL into open unfortified terrain to kill them. Note that ISIL/ANF did not have any even small tactical victory since mid-November last year on any fronts.

Another agreement?

Legal analysis of the agreement from SF similar to my own assessment from a week ago.

Syrian TV 2 English


Number of dead Syrians, Homs by ISIL terrorist attack, 177 dead two car bombs.

Among Dead lieutenant of SAA:

More dead ISIL terrorists:

Russian Syrian air strikes:

Liberated power plant partially off line, destroyed by US bombings about two months ago. That destruction was due to US attack against ISIL and in the process cut of power to hundreds of thousands on rebel and Government side of Aleppo. Even fanatical ISIL did not do it because of money. Obvious US war crime.

Battle for Kensab:

Roman ruins in Kanavad destroyed by terrorists, province of Suveyda;

US Air force at work after 16 months of vacation:

Iraqi Air force at work:

Surrealistic stroll over greater Damascus at sunset, despite constant threat of terrorism and death, no military on the streets or checkpoints in areas located 2-5 miles from terrorists.

In contrast destruction of Daraya a Damascus suburb, note tunnels used by terrorists;

Syrian bombardment that caused this kind of damage:

A Raqqawood Production Presents: alleged terrorist bomb attack on Russian base, that did not happen?


Russians Bombing Tel Ribat;


Recently bad luck for Saudis reversed a little after Saudi Army
teamed up with al-Qaida!!!!!!!. You do not want any more proof of Wahhabi seed of terrorism.


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