CIA vs. DOD: A New Proxy War?

As Moon of Alabama website recently reported there are mysterious military special forces operating, possibly on the wrong side of the frontlines in Syria. But which side is this?

More and more evidences pile up that YPG forces and they affiliates are being military’s supported by US Green Berets to fight so-called “moderate” enemy, supported by guess who, CIA? A shock? disbelief?

Not exactly. For those who just graduated from college let me remind that CIA is not really an agency of US government but a lucrative corporation with annual, income, some estimate, to reach $10 billions a year and rest assured I am not talking here about your hard earned taxpayer money.

It is CIA business money for, let say, expenses that they would not want on their credit card. Do you wonder what would it be?

It would be murder, torture, theft, prostitution but not, at least not as much, an illicit activities of horny by CIA agents.

I am talking here about running large prostitution rings and other no less profitable and no less abhorrent activities of human trafficking and slavery and supporting terrorists. All that supposedly bring safety and security to Americans due to temporary shortage of commies to kill on this planet.

No, that can’t be? Well. Do you remember Olie North, have you ever heard about Iran-Contras CIA smuggling weapons financed by sales of hard drugs to South Central LA black community in late 1980-ties and many other profitable enterprises, fronts for CIA activities that proudly contributed the reduction of US deficit.

The money were so good that even Bush VP asked for a cut but when he was rebuked ousted active secret CIA operative, a wife of US ambassador, and by that act endangered CIA assets in the ME, which is a felony. Ouch.

But seriously. If this is true that it means that US empire entered latest stage of its decline similarly to Roman empire at its last throws, where Roman legionnaires, last bastions and defenders of glorious empire, were sworn allegiance no longer to emperor but to the general who paid their salary.

Is that what is going on? Individual US generals and security establishment bosses leading their mercenaries armies often paid from profits of illicit business of extortion and intimidation in addition to taxpayer’s money, decided to fight each other while cocktail partier in Chief plays “I drone your ass game” and looks away, and invitingly causing hundreds of ISIL wannabe heroes to have been cheated of their money and forty virgins in paradise realizing after death that they were whacked by a thumb of a drunken cocktail waitress who pressed the fucking button, just to get him of his back, literally.

Under a guise of stoicism and seemingly composed pastures, it is a madhouse out there in the WH perfectly fitted for Trump communicating with “his” people who’s going to be fired next day at his 11pm “Make Trump Great Again” TV show sponsored by his money losing casinos with more chance to win million $ than you finding a decent job.

What is going on? Is there anyone serious adult within the US government? Will this split between DOD and CIA proliferate into American streets as it rages in the streets of Allepo? Is US heading for disintegration into small oligarchic fiefdoms with their mercenary armies of doom?

Should we rationally conclude that the last vestiges of political power left the White House premises for a madhouse, leaving Putin looking as a the only bedrock of sanity and dignity?

Decide for yourself.

This is so called MSF hospital in Idlib. I see only ANF future dead patients with guns, with AA missile launcher on the balcony. Te building was probably bombed by US A-10 as a provocation after terrorists left the premises.


Even Reuters cannot deny the well know otherwise fact that RUSSIANS FIGHT AGAINST ISIL, although some “MSF?” hospitals without any doctors or any administrative control from MSF may have been bombed by someone, who according to MSF rep in Turkey should be a good Russian boy and confess.


Turks want to declare YPG Fighting against ISIL a terrorist organization, while Turkmen, who are allied with ISIL, are considered by Ankara as “moderate rebels”. Orwell anyone?


SF: latest developments and successes of SAA.


Shtora 1-A, a Anti-US TOW missiles Russian wonderweapon;


Shtora 1-A,and active AT misiles defense in action.


Terrorists are trying to attack Syrian military column equipped with the defense aystem Shtora 1-A, and failed.


Finally RAF start bombing, a terrorist or two after long tea break.


SAA fighting in Daraa:


YPG took over chemical factory in Kabina,


FSA has Russian Igla 1 AA missile and proudly displays it. Now only somebody tell them that Russian are flying 3000 feet above their range:


Aleppo fighting continues:


Latakia province totally liberated:


Aleppo power plant taken over by SAA. The fanatical ISIL did not destroy the plant but rationally was making money of it to the last moment selling electricity even to Assad for dollars and gold so SAA liberated part of Aleppo city had power. Tens of thousands of Aleppo residents in 2013-14 moved into areas controlled by Assad since electricity there was free and food was cheap, while on rebel side everything was expensive, food, power, water and taxes were high, “free” market for extortionists at work, man, as ISIL US sponsors wanted otherwise it would not be kosher. No wonder Assad is popular and wining now.


Classic cauldron operation by SAA, one taught in Russian military academy in Moscow. I wonder where ISIL beheaders went to finishing schools?


A great review of the situation and Ankara options for invasion of Syria from SF. But their conclusion is wrong. In fact Ankara is just following the US orders, and did not invade Syria before because US intelligence posited that things were going well so there was not need for further involvement, and they effectively let “Syrian people from ISIL”  depose and kill Assad. It is a colossal failure of US, Turkish and Israeli intelligence, convinced last year that Assad was finished.

As I wrote on 08/12/2015 more than a month before Russian intervention at


.. Bashar al-Assad did right thing not to resign and instead seeking a mandate from the Syrian people, since his resignation would mean the end of Syrian nation as we know it, threatening to unravel the post WWI colonial order set by the British purposefully to make Arab states weak, conflicted and dependent on the western interests after the collapse of Ottoman empire in 1918.

And asked this questions:

He also seem to have learned the lesson of what means the true, based on authentic mutual interest and shared values, friendship with Russia, forged many decades ago between partners in the war against western colonialism and aggression. It is thanks to his long gone father and the support from Russia and Iran that badly wounded and suffering Syria still exists. But for how long?


Libya another American aggression with consultation with All mighty i.e. US.


This is for what a $trillion went in Afghanistan, nothing but all Vietnam era junk. MIC is robbing US national treasure in astronomic pace.


This music seems to be effective repellant for new refugees, but they need to squash their own lying government, a rat trap?



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