Last week fog and obfuscation, this week more fog and more obfuscation from all sides (except for Assad) who, in comparison, comes out of a sanest person in the room. He want his country back and West /GCC out.

What do the rest of the players want? I have already speculated about it in last, at least six, posts and so far they seem to follow my scenarios almost exactly.

Guys in Washington, Moscow, Berlin, Ankara, Riyadh etc., stop reading my blog. Think for yourself be original. How about peace in Syria. Does it ring a bell? But jokes aside, what do we have?

The US and Turkey in a bedroom brawl and cute quarrel before sex, accusing each other of lack of attention and care which resulted in shelling of innocent YPG positions in a coordinated support for ANF terrorists, this time openly, after over two months of clandestine attack against SAA and Russians, invading and annexing slivers of Syrian land violating international laws, doing dirty work for ISIL and ANF what resulted in “unfortunate” decimation of Erdogan “brothers in terror” and his frequent apoplexy attacks as documented on YT.

And so-called agreement announced last week! Instead of being forged between all warring parties in Syria, it ended up to be a gentlemen agreement between two people; Kerry and Lavrov with exclusion of other parties including Assad, Kurds, Turks, Saudis and Israelis. It was a worthless piece of paper, meaningless on the ground as I mentioned in previous post.

The concocted in last moment phony delegation of “moderate” terrorists “ could not attend talks since they we stopped by diplomatic security services and not allowed to enter the building due to fear of their terrorism connection, endangering diplomats’ lives inside. An utter fiasco would be an understatement of this war. And then, few hours after signing, Lavrov smiling stated that the chance of this agreement is 49%, meaning he does not know but probability it will fail. Well, if such a details like who supposedly sign agreement with whom and about what was missing, I would not bet on it.

What this is all about?

And what is this? Russians and Saudis secretly freezing the oil production? A technically impossible feat in Russia in the winter.

And What? The US frackers who are about belly up and Russians and Saudis will support them? Who? US WH neocons, who called Putin a pariah, gangster and schmucks who lied that Russians are involved in slaughter of innocent terrorists suffering from flu, recuperating in their unmarked and undeclared hospitals in Idlib province or Aleppo. And in the process Russians pissing off Iranians who were not at the table in DOHA?

On the ground it feels like war, blood is real, pain is real, horror is real, but those guys in leadership behave as ballerinas from tough neighborhood.

Vlad, they will not lift the sanction and forget about sailing on your yacht in Tuscany anytime soon, you are better than that, just keep, steady, do not let Russian superior political, military, legal and moral position to be tarnished by some half backed political maneuvers.

Do not even fake making deal with those medieval gangsters, it won’t work, western propaganda won’t ease, that’s the fact. Turkey won’t be controlled by the US, since she is doing US bidding unless corrected by Russian forces on the ground and in the air. Politics of appeasement won’t work, as history teaches us, only steady gravitas and determination will do the job.

Vlad, you pumped natural gas to Kiev fascist regime for free in winter 2014/2015 for humanitarian reasons and transit to your western friends who spitted in your face while they were slaughtering your kin in Donbass. And to add insult to injury they never paid for it and now defaulted of your eurobonds with no consequences.

You do not have to be too friendly to US western stooges, who want you and your friend Assad dead.

Only in that way, western warmongers would slip into oblivion, where they belong,  long before you leave your office, unless, what I strongly suspect, based on hard evidences, they are gearing for WWIII and one way or another you would have to confront them in a hot nuclear war.

Anyway, meanwhile slowly bring peace to Syrian land and Syrian people. They are exhausted and deserve a break and that’s a good thing. Although, even without more western interference we may wait for another 18 months or so for what I would call true peace in Syria.

Unless all of this is a charade, a country club cricket game with nukes as I posited on this blog numerous times before.

Citizen of cities of Fua i Kafrija under occupation by “moderate” rebels” protest against FSA and for Assad regime. Pleading to be liberated ASAP. Scenes you won’t see in MSM.


Turkey’s tamper tantrum.

Misterious Special Forces in North Allepo;

CNN ADMITS Russians and SAA fighting ISIL not “moderate” rebels.


SF YPG advance against ANF continue. Despite of Turkish aggression.


Turkey openly aiding, abetting and military supporting ANF fighters against Kurdish YPG.


SF latest development.


ANF forces (Green) cut off from Aleppo by YPG (yellow)


North Aleppo;


Maskana, Syria Syrian Army fighting ISIL;


Kurdish civilian Vicims of shelling by Tukish Army from across the border.

Hospital in Afrin (Aleppo)



US TOW missile misses the target due to the tank defense system. “IR-SHTORA-1″defeats all fly by wire, optical/IR TOW guided systems.

Shock in the West but this is not the latest version.


Latakia; SAA destroys ANF (al-Qaeda) fortified positions via Russian guided missiles.


Raqqa offensive began, Syrian T90 with AT defense systems in actions. No more TOW destruction.


Terrorists in Tel Rifat;


Russian bombing terrorist position in the city of Hrajtan, between Aleppo a Zahra;


Fighting is suburbs of Damascus, West Ghouta, and Daraya


East Aleppo; ANF/FSA Suicide truck destroyed before approaching SAA positions.


New areas taken over by SAA in province of Hama;


Afraid being bombed to oblivion, some FSA and other terrorists begun campaign against ISIL and their beheading techniques.

For now only a PR stunt but it better than shitting in their pants.


Do you know what you can buy for half a Billion of US taxpayer dollars? Here it is:

Impressive HA. Who are the gangsters? ISIL or bankers and thieving neocons. They will even rob god-fearing terrorists. Horror!


Works on restoration of water and power in Salma North Latakia;


Fighting of SAA against ANF/FSA;


Syrians say thank you for support by shipping agricultural goods to Russia, not for free though.


Guess what war this picture shows?

No, it is not Syrian war it is another war hidden by MSM. A genocidal war of Erdogan regime against Kurds is raging, ignored by the world . Even ancient Churches are not spared.


This is why US will never defeat Russians. Secret weapon, fearless Russian women;



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