CEASE-FIRE? Nine Simple Questions.

The cease fire should be very welcome news for millions of ordinary Syrians suffering from Western sponsored terrorist aggression, but closer examination of this and other relevant documents unfortunately created serious doubt about intentions and effectiveness of the agreement in achieving its goals.

Not going into many details of the agreement , linked below, I am asking some fundamental questions that have to be answered if we have to take the agreement for more that just meaningless illusion of peace, something that exhausted Syrian nation does not want or need.

  1. Why Russia supported UN Security Council Resolution 2254, adopted unanimously December 18, 2015   without clarifying legal status of NATO military operations in Syria under Syrian Law? On what legal basis US, French, British or Oman are bombing Syria?
  2. Why Russians or Iranians did not insist on clarification of legal basis under which Israel is bombing Syria and attacking Assad government in violation of UN charter?
  3. Why in UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians or Iranians did not insist on clarification of legal status of Turkish aggression in Syria including shooting down lawfully operating Russian military airplane shelling Syrian territory or occupation of 1-2 mile wide sliver of of Syrian land along border?
  4. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not call for withdrawal of unauthorized by Assad regime foreign military, including US troops from Syrian Kurdistan?
  5. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not insist on explicit prohibition of introduction of any unauthorized by Syrian government foreign military forces on Syrian territory as a matter of confirmation of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity as UN charter requires.
  6. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not insist that no cease fire will be in effect for all those yet undefined “ moderate opposition groups” who have in their ranks foreign mercenaries, non-Syrian citizen, and why expulsion of such has not been required as a precondition to cease fire.
  7. Why Russians and/or Iranians did not insist on finalizing a list of terrorists organization excluded from the Cease fire Agreement before any cease fire implementation may begin since this political/technical issue make the Agreement unenforceable.
  8. Why Russians and/or Syrians did not insist on inclusion of Syrian Kurds in the negotiation, a vital force fighting terrorists.
  9. Should we understand that by signing the UNSCR 2254 and the Cease Fire Agreement Russia legalized NATO aggression against Assad if not why NATO aggression was not prohibited in the agreement although illegality of any aggression is a vital part of UN charter?

If this conclusion is true then the agreement is an illegal act, against UN charter and international law since the only legal representative government of Syria is the representative of Assad regime and the UNCR 2254 is not aimed against Assad regime and hence UNSC cannot infringe on Syrian sovereignty.

In fact quick read of the “agreement” make me realize that it is a meaningless, unenforceable on the ground in Syria, piece of paper that actually allows SAA to move against ISIL and seal Turkish border North of Aleppo but also allows the west preparation for plan B i.e  invasion of Syria. However, what it would surely do is to it provide fertile ground for western accusation of Russian/Syrians breaking the agreement we are so familiar with.

In fact it looks like that critical and so far successful SAA offensive in Idlib falls under the Cease Fire Agreement giving western propaganda a field day. Thank goodness the agreement to be implemented only upon specific local field commanders’ decisions reaching cease-fire along specific segments of the frontlines so it can take months.

But I already see those headlines: “NATO invasion inevitable since those barbaric Russians, breaking all the agreements and still killing all those unborn children”.

This whole fake agreement dangerously sets up Russians for propaganda ambush in million ways and inevitably leads to smuggling of western weaponry hidden inside humanitarian convoys and clandestine evacuation, or reinforcement of ANF and ISIL, true goal of the US in Munich.

Don’t you think that US and allies gave up on invasion by US and Turkey/Saudi. They play for time to rescue they terrorist brothers, while Russians want to deescalate tensions with Turkey they fueled among their population by media reports of preparations for the war.

Scared of empty Turkish and Saudi declarations of invasion?

So why Russia is bending backwards for the west knowing their cunning ways?

It did not work in Ukraine and will not work in Syria. Period.

Full text of the Cease Fire Agreement;


Before ink on my question number 3 of  this post was dry another act of aggression of Turkey against Assad allies Kurds, shelling SAA air base at Menagh in clear violation of international law.


Reuters stooges forgot to tell us that Turks attacked Syrian territory  a definition of aggression. Kurds SAA no matter it is open support for ANF- Al-Qaida 9/11 terrorists.


To cover their crime Turks concocted a usual story that they have been shelled first uncritically repeated by Chinese media. As I see it they are on the Turkish side as far as Kurds are concerned. At leas they are consistent about their absolute crack down on Tibetans and Yugur and Muslim  minorities.


Preparation for SAA offensive in the East from Moon of Alabama.



South Front: Latest developments.


On Americans bombing of Aleppo 2 hospitals, blame Russians.


An air Base taken over by Kurds in Mennah, N. Aleppo.


Russian bombing in Syria;


North Aleppo fighting.


Hezbollah reinforces Syrian South and South East border against potential Saudi aggression.


Syrian intelligence officer describes his clandestine mission fighting with terrorists of ANF. Hundreds like him are responsible for success of Russian bombings campaign providing on-time intelligence about military targets and terrorist planning, assets missing in US toolbox.


Russian Humanitarian drops of food in areas under siege by terrorists.


Syrian AF bombing Daraya near Damascus.


Rare US bombing of ISIL installation.


Proud Soldier of Allah tried to run away in women cloth.


Now you know from what ISIL learned how to crucify women. Strait   from Turkish army during WWI.


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