WAR WITH RUSSIA? Another Escalation of Tensions.  

Will Turkey start WWIII? There is a question but judging from preparations started few years ago in the West and later in the East, it is a real possibility.

Here is an excerpt from my blog posted over two months ago on Dec 2, 2015.

The now [we have] open war between Russia and Turkey [after Turkish warplanes shot down Russian Su24m in Syria and killing a pilot], army movements, air defense operating on highest alert levels in Russia [proper] and Turkey, weapons and surveillance systems deployed [in] Turkey, Armenia and Iran. Orders for Raytheon and other MIC establishments of death surging so are their stocks prices. After all the bubbles that have been blown by FED in order to pauperize western population, the last bubble of war is being blown as we speak. Just to protect the oligarchs bottom line, millions will have to die.

What if ..[Russian involvement in Syria].. is [an] unorthodox response of Russian military leadership to massive NATO military maneuvers in Atlantic coast, Mediterranean and Baltics that were being conducted during last two months? What if it is nothing but a demonstration of deadly global capabilities of Russian strategic nuclear deterrence technology and logistics of global reach and while at it provide somewhat marginal assistance Assad to regain control over his country sooner. As I motioned in my previous post all over the world two nuclear powers are conducting unscheduled drills, training and military exercises, including firing ICBMs from nuclear submarines in LA and White Sea areas not long ago, passing by respective legislatures massive increases of funding for strategic weapon systems including nuclear weapons and their delivery systems while MSM propaganda want us to be afraid of bunch ISIS gangsters devoid of any religious authority seeking money from their western supported sponsors and most of all seeking fame as their professional, Hollywood-like PR productions of horrors seem to show.

Syrian conflict rapidly is turning into hot military confrontation between elites of Russia, Iran and to a degree China and the elites of the West. So far all the players, are believing in their own propaganda, and as expected they are making the same deadly mistake, they see themselves as potential winners and/or beneficiaries of human pain and suffering in their oligarchs’ country club global cricket game of blood.

So will they do it? Will another generation of American grunts oblivious to their predecessors’ pleas for peace spill their blood and others for corporate profits?

If so how could it play on Turkish-Syrian border before potential escalation.

What’s interesting is that not only the West heating up a delusional anti-Russian war rhetoric for many months now but recently also Putin began preparing his population for war with Turkey via relentless media programming about Turkish aggression, corruption and lies, what unfortunately is true, in a view of the fact about ISIL oil smuggling and Turkish army already taking over a few miles wide border buffer on Syrian territory. That action seems to have been a trigger of this war fervor and anti-Turkish propaganda in Russian media.

In part it is a media bluff, psychological warfare aimed for the US and separately EU elites making them to believe that Russians will strike immediately if Syrian sovereignty is threatened, but in part it is a chilling message of a leader rallying his troops before war commences. What’s more menacing is that Putin right now ordered Black Sea fleet, some 50 ships, and whole southern military district for maneuvers, and that includes Crimea as well as Russian bases in Armenia while British conduct military logistics exercise in Jordan moving there 300 pieces of military equipment to the terrorist training bases, they already operate with CIA in Jordanian desert and thousands of NATO troops and equipment are being deployed in Northern and Central Europe. One thing is sure this is not just posturing.

When it comes to it and Turkey invades Syria and closes on Aleppo, Putin will go to UNSC but only to inform about executing his lawful bilateral military treaty with Syria, demand withdraw under ultimatum and start shooting Turks as soon as they move in, no permission would be sought. And since Turks already took over a strip of Syrian land, Putin can start shooting at them anytime now but exclusively within international law which does not prohibit substantial escalation in a form of assaults on the military industry, military bases and communication systems used for military purposes. The fact is that Turkey needs to be attacked on Turkish territory in order to call-in NATO, although every war started with a provocation but I doubt that US wants WWIII right now, since it means obliteration of a defense systems in Germany and Central Europe, and the end of the EU as US surrogate due to political turmoil and split of loyalties one EU elites realize that their own fate is at stake. However, all sides are absolutely aware that waiting will only make the West weaker in the confrontation with the East.

No one should ignore basic fact. If Turkey (NATO) is not be able to assure air supremacy in Northern Syria then there is no game changing invasion and if Erdogan still wants it he would have been dispatched with by Turkish army as goes Turkish tradition or would have an accident by CIA or MOSSAD.

Hence military escalation involving NATO would be inevitable if serious conflict starts.

What Turkey can do however, is to use long-range artillery from Turkish territory to protect terrorists in some enclaves, that’s all, and that’s what they are doing right now.

Erdogan is insane, so are Washington neocons so they understand each other well, but some of generals from Pentagon are already upset having to fund and assist Islamic terrorists against Christians and their protector, Assad and they will step in clandestinely rather than openly to stop the madness or moderate this insanity if it is possible. However, I might be wrong.

Turkish PM calls ISIL “our Turkish Brothers” and vowed to help them.



Russian warplanes are taunting Turkish air defense by flying within few hundred meters from Turkish border, of course with S400 ready and with Su35 escort but there are no volunteers to play the game now, even Erdogan friend who shot down Su24m is on vacation.

And here is SOUTH FRONT analysis of a threat of Turkish invasion in Syria and possible geopolitical escalation.


South Front Syrian Military Update: SAA and Kurds are closing in Turkish border.


Soldier & Wife, starting new life in ruins of Damascus. How long time together do they have?


(Warning 18+) Failed attack of Hezbollah in East Ghouta, tens of dead, one of few small victories for terrorists.


Siege of Deir Ez-Zaur by ISIL terrorists.


East Aleppo fighting:


Suhel al-Hasan Fighting:


Display of Russian/Syrian military tactics, avoid direct assaults on the fortified enemy and instead use caldron or semi caldron tactics to force military assets movement where they want them, saving lives on both sides. Red SAA, Green ANF, gray ISIL;


(Warning 18+) Dead terrorist from ANF.


Latakia: Seen Turkish army positions on the border.


From SANA: Syrian Government media agency on Liberated Kifrin, North Aleppo


Russian Air force direct hit on ISIL positions.


Another car bombing in Damascus by ISIL.


Terrorist is cursing Russians, and Allah who was not willing.


Assad regime planting trees in a Business center re-open after liberation of Homs.


Iraqi Air Force attacked ISIL hideout.


(Warning 18+) Terrorists killed.



Broken Saudi Abrams M1A1 and Humvee killed by Houtes Islamic militia with US made TOW missile.


This is not Syria. This is Turkey’s forgotten war against their own citizen from Kurdish PKK on Turkish territory, missing from MSM.


Did Russians killed civilians in Allepo or is it a Turkish propaganda.
In al-Salihin, al-Hallok and al-Kellese districts there are no “civilian refugees” but some administration workers and families of the rebels since most of them left for Turkish border.


The problem is that Russian bombed in Tel-Riffata not Allepo downtown.


Somebody tell the terrorists in Hama that Russians are bombing from 6500 feet altitude and it is to high for their guns. As always hope and desperation dies last.


New supplies of Muslim cannon fodder leaves Turkey for Syria, all in civilian minivans or cars, so western media can report them as civilian tourists or reverse refugees and not soon to be dead ISIL fighters.


And here are those “innocent refugees” who desperately want to cross back to Turkey, in fact terrorists and their collaborators trying to escape Syrian justice. No families here.


European War crime prosecutor, support Russian involvement in Syria.


Poor Justin Trudeau takes his Canadian toys out of Syrian/Iraq, or NOT. In empty gesture, six aircraft idling for a year, waiting for appropriate maintenance will be shipped from Iraq to Europe for fixing. While leaving surveillance and air tankers and increasing ground troop in Iraq to 200. Almost four months after categorically ordered Canadian military out of Syria, Turkey and Iraq, he is quickly backpedaling. Quo Vadis backwards Justin?


Guest who is bombing terrorists according to France 2 channel? Americans using Russian bombers, a blatant lies to french audience.


May be this would help. A petition to WH to arrest Nobel Peace Price winner, Obama for war crimes. A good start.


Proud, Brave, Strong: US Navy Sailors captured by Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


Proxy WARS, Who are ISIL terrorists? Recommended video from Press TV.



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