ALEPPO: New refugees, new propaganda.

As we already experienced many times, after periods of completely ignoring substantial progress of SAA and allies on all fronts in Syria, once a while a scream of shock electrifies western propaganda outfits, screaming bloody murder against Russians/Assad slaughtering little, even unborn children escaping to freedom in Turkey. The FixNews for single digit IQ citizen, NuYolkLies, a neocon vomitory and wapo-sitory run by a bold amazonian dwarf never fail to splash readers with their stinky revelations from yesteryear masters of absurd.

The fact is that area from North Aleppo to Turkish border have been largely clear of refugees who fled mostly 2013 and 2014 before advancing ISIL/ANF and are part of the about 1.9 millions of Syrian war refugees in Turkey. Whoever left, are terrorists themselves, their families as well as all supporters involved in administration as well as slaves, prisoners of terrorists and “businessman” from various MENA countries who make like bandits from kidnapping, slave labor, theft, extortion and smuggling of the goods and weapons across Turkish border.

What the neocon stooges relate to as massive escape from under Russian bombs is just 2 to 4 thousands of refugees within last week or so who were refused to cross the border and are being kept by Turkish army in camps on Syrian side, in an illegally annexed few miles wide buffer where they are building big fence to prevent refugee escape from Syria as well as military infrastructure for an invasion.

The hypocrisy of Turkish government reached zenith when the claimed that the border is open and for humanitarian reasons they created camps on Syrian side. This is a lie. UN charter does not sanction organizing a refugee camp on foreign soil unless appropriate UNSC resolution is passed and/or legitimate government allows that.

The truth is that Turks closed the border to prevent ISIL and ANF fighters and their families from fleeing to Turkey without an order from terrorist leadership. It looks like Baghdadi now is issuing Turkish visas for his fighters.

The clear signs of panic spread among terrorists , being cut off from money and supplies and hence they moved toward the Turkish border buffer for more weaponry and to regroup, and take new defensive positions within 35 miles of the border covered by Turkish long-range of MRLS and artillery, and to perhaps be able call in Turkish air strikes as well as to enable training in advanced weaponry just across the border. But many ISIL fighter may be thinking about one thing namely to quit the war all together and to run off abroad with their family, slaves and money to mother Turkey or Europe to avoid Syrian justice.

What is important to mention in this context is that many of small, terrorist or tribal groups consisting of Syrian citizen, are turning against ISIL or ANF and declaring themselves moderate to avoid Russian pounding and then switch completely sides and join SAA as a part of general amnesty, a welcome addition to SAA military effort by a war trained former terrorists.

Those developments show highly effective Russian school of extreme pragmatism in fighting a war against terrorists.

As I expected the Geneva talks have been suspended or actually cancelled since in contrast to western and eastern propaganda no one at this point has any interest to truly stop fighting and everyone still thinks that they can win. Hence, we must prepare for further push from Russian coalition and the same strong escalation from US allied terrorist sponsors including even invasion of Syria and declaration of “liberated zone” to allow ISIL and ANF to regroup and strengthen. As they see it now, the only alternative is to surrender to Russians and Assad, at this time an idea inconceivable to Washington neocons sitting in their cushy chairs but brutally real choice for Pentagon generals.

More on Geneva folly.

Syrian refugees “kept” on Syrian side of the border in camps while border is “open”. Turkish newspeak BS.


SOUTH FRONT:Increase russian involvement of “advisors”, boots on the ground in a form of special forces. ANF members flee to Turkey.


Mother of Bashar Assad died: And here is like Syria looked before US sponsored terrorists torn it apart.


Fighting in North Aleppo:


Terrorist weapons supplies cut off from Jordan;


Marxist YPG is rebuilding just liberated old Armenian Christians church destroyed by ISIL.


SAA and Hezbollah fighting against terrorists of ISIL in North Aleppo.


(Warning 18+) Ritjan, East Aleppo, abandoned bodies of teenage terrorists:


Remaining Syrian citizen formerly allied with al-Nusra, change sides and after being granted amnesty join ranks SAA or other units.


It is a clip of Turks closing the border and establishing buffer zone few miles within territory of Syria. What’s more interesting is that Russian media are preparing public for war with Turkey. Officially and with the proof of Turkey aggression against Syria, by building infrastructure for attacks, moving armor divisions including German tanks Leopart 2 to the border. Those armors are not against dilapidated Assad tanks but against Russian T90. Is the WWIII nay?


YEMEN: Saudi arabia under attack or rather defense by Houties Islamists.


I must admit western propaganda was true, Putin is about to annex Mali, a west African desert country where millions Mali citizen wants him.


Iranian Armed drones:


This is what happens to superior US war technology when somebody eventually shoots back at it, including terrorists in Iraq.




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