After, what professor E. Weber called a Thirty Year World War of 20th century 1914-1945, British empire was no more and other European colonial powers were in a process of unwinding, shrinking and loosing their importance and prestige on the world stage, although their uninformed hubris, extended their agony some twenty years afterward when they received final blow to their imperial egos by being defeated by half naked natives of their colonies in Indochina and Africa such as it was a case of France, Dutch, Portugal, Belgium and others.

The Europe was in ruin and the only true victor of the whole killing orgy was the United States, getting out of the deep economic depression by massive military spending and development of the massive industry manned with bought or kidnapped European technical elite and funded by mountains of gold extorted from former European colonial masters for never delivered “protection” of their colonial interests.

America took it all; every aspect of European political, economic, cultural and social life became a subject of an American command and control structure run from headquarters of American supreme commanders of continental battle theater.

They did it not only to recover profits of all the Wall Street pre-war investments in productive assets of western Europe including investments in war industries of Germany and Italy but most of all to prepare for continuation of the world war aimed at defeating last remaining enemies of global capital namely communists of Russia and China applying their newly acquired and tested in Japan nuclear bombs they planned to drop on over 600 Soviet and Chinese cities before decade was concluded.

But there was one slight complication, namely through infighting among various US commanders representing various Wall Street houses and US political factions, mismanagement, fraud, ignorance and pure cowardice, somehow, after wonderfully depicted in media absolute victory over Nazism, half of old Europe fell under Soviet control and western colonial forces have been mostly defeated in Asia.

After WWII all of the political forces in Europe with agendas even vaguely compatible with US ideological doctrines turned out to be staunch supporters and collaborators of Nazi Germany in the same way as US were openly friendly with Nazis between 1939 and 1942. The only forces that consistently spoke and acted against Nazism and the war were leftists and communists. The European population still unaware of plans, US liberators have in store for them, demanded democracy and imprisonment for those who were responsible for this devastating, senseless war, by voting communists and socialists up and down European countries’ elections, including Italy, France and leftist or worker/labor party in Britain, and elsewhere in Europe.

Those expressions of European democratic aspirations were met by government bullets on the streets and flooding striking miners, with thousands dead or injured and hundreds of thousand of former anti-Nazi underground fighters, political activists and their families who became forgotten refugees from razed mining/heavy industry, towns by allied tanks and heavy artillery bombardments  in France in and Belgium 1946-1948, fleeing behind the iron curtain to Eastern Europe fearing for their lives. It was a carnage perpetrated on orders of US supreme commanders instructed by Washington political regime.

After that it was abundantly clear that US will not tolerate anything like sovereignty or independence of the Western Europe and was ready to use brutal force as well as some bizarre political shams or politically discriminatory laws as a democratic facade of their vicious authoritarian control of European continent as millions starving, dying Germans and other citizen of US “allied” states experienced first hand in late 1940-ties.

It was just about the time of first soviet detonation of a nuclear bomb, acquired via sacrifice of Jewish antiwar activists within US scientific community, when American intelligence establishment picked up an murky idea of a obscure prewar Nazi sympathizer and later reluctant resistor, a French foreign minister of Jewish heritage Robert Schuman.

It was an idea of (western) European Union: a vision of one unified, civilized Europe under Glorious American Supreme Leadership, achieved slowly and without waging open war in Europe, proposed as an alternative to Hitler’s vision of one unified, civilized Europe under Glorious German Supreme leadership achieved quickly by waging “Blitzkrieg” war.

And that’s exactly what we have today, namely both. A total submission of economic, political and social, cultural life in Europe to the US power in every dimension which informs all the decisions of the so-called EU national governments and Brussels bureaucracy, an institution of the US imperial control.

Although it was long and complicated road to cross in order to get there, the US kept heavy handed control over European state institutions and military powers, with some minor tribulations shaped by realities of the Cold War global confrontation that periodically allowed for more European deviation from Washington positions such as temporal acquiescence to some socialist-democratic political ideas and substantial improvement of the standard of living of the European workers and more democratic state-corporate governance or refusal to be openly involved in Vietnam and Iraq, wars. But no independent political positions about US financial dominance and aggressive imperial projects of Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Ukraine were allowed to prevail.

In this context one may ask, so what is Europe’s role in the Syrian conflict? It is simply to provide political, diplomatic, military, technical and propaganda cover to the US run NATO neo-colonial adventures with occasional meaningless utterances from so-called “fringe” political parties being gagged by the Wall Street money or murder leaving no truly independent anti-American, anti-imperialist party on the continent whether on the left or on the right of political spectrum dominated by the US run abhorrent EU regime.

What EU could be handy for is to provide a diplomatic cover if US change their stance such as was a case with Iran where after decades of political, economic and military aggression US finally were forced to realize the reality of their failure. They needed a nuclear deal fallacy as a cover story for their utter defeat on the political stage, for everyone, who does not watch MSM, to see that the empire is weakening.

This utter dependence of the EU on Wall Street dough is seen via schizophrenic rants about war and peace and Russian evil and via selling out for a right to exploit Europeans and collapsing majority of them into poverty even more, state by state, as it was a case in Greece, Portugal, Spain Ireland etc., even Germany. The EU political stooges digging their own political graves by participating in senseless US imperial projects of chaos and destruction with all the consequences materializing in many forms including ongoing refugee crises.

But the US neocon elites, clinched in the global geopolitical confrontation of its own making, ultimately aim for full control of Russian and Chinese political leaderships by whatever means available including nuclear war and are true believers in their own imperial hubris demanding total victory and hence they need EU to be reliable vassals ready to take orders with no hesitation no matter how dire consequences for their EU countries may be.

The big “plans” of the US necons are global, geopolitical and strategic. The Syrian war is just a part of a particular regional effort they concocted in the MENA region, aimed to eradicate Arab National Secularist states, exhibiting too much care about such things like independence, sovereignty, national security and welfare of their citizen and are too condescending or not submissive enough for a US imperial liking.

Misread historical evidences and their own hubris told US necons that small fiefdoms run by sectarian rulers were much more controllable and served very important function necessary for an effective imperial domination. The believe that, small, weak and divided ethnic/religious enclaves in MENA, politically controlled by Israel, a US imperial agent in the region, would provide appropriate, coercive, inducive environment of extermination of unruly Arab population via methods Israeli already use on Palestinians.

However, the US planners have bigger project in mind. Not only partition of Iraq, Syria and Libya by also Iran, Egypt, and Turkey, Saudi Arabia after Russia is defeated or substantially weakened.

The US, as any global power throughout the history, will not tolerate local players strong enough to challenge the imperial hubris, and even so-called political allies, Turkey, and to some degree Saudis, are in a position to locally challenge US in political, military and economic realm and hence need to be partitioned in long term.

It seem that the US is contemplating another psychotic delusion concocted by happy, ignorant Department of State, namely massive US army/marines invasion of Syria and Iraq, taking over the territory of ISIL, mostly eastern areas of Syria and south and western areas of Iraq to establish a puppet entities set up by English speaking US transfers and/or returning Syrian, Iraqi expats and making a base or safe heaven for nurturing and support of a new “moderate” rebels recruited from formers ISIL terrorists through a vetting process called shaving beards or some other nonsense that failed many times before but it paid well for corrupted US military leadership and MIC.

Those “former” reformed ISIL fighters, are to be directed, with US air support toward finally removing Assad regime from Damascus.

The CIA that has already rekindled good old relations with al-Qaeda aimed for building a moderate façade for descendants of executioners of 9/11 false flag operation are to be tasked in establishment of yet another US run administrative entity in the North to make sure that Syrian Kurds are surrounded and isolated from Assad and Russians and forced into some kind of cooperation with terrorists against Assad regime and with Turkey against PKK.

The above or similar idea already caused revolt of Pentagon against W.H. in 2013 which forced to Obama to back track from no fly zone or an invasion plans facing opposition from US military leadership heavily infiltrated by fundamentalist evangelical Christians who refuse to support Islamists against Christians in Syria protected only by Assad and/or any kind of open alliance with Islamic terrorists which W.H. was pushing since 2011.

The US chiefs of staff were not ready to indulge into yet another never ending quagmire, with thousands of US soldiers dead and trillions of dollars in military misspending and fraud that would cause strategic weakening of US military poised to confront global emerging threat of Russia and China.

The fact is that US has nobody on the ground neither in Syria nor Iraq to be reliable executor of US erratic, ad-hoc, predominantly self-defeating policies while nominal allies, as a response to those idiotic moves, are drifting apart from the US and aim to secure their own strategic objectives even those conflicting with the US interests, actions we are already observing in an economic realm.

However, what the US is interested in, is first of all to dislodge Iranian and Russian interests from MENA by applying wider geopolitical pressure of proliferating tensions in Central Europe and South China sea and loading Saudis with weapons all of which already caused Russians, Iranians and Chinese to massively increase their military spending and that’s may even be a factor why they all are entering substantial economic recessions.

The US ultimate goal at this point is not as much dislodging Assad and Iranian ayatollahs but to geopolitically isolate and dislodge Putin and turn Russians back into a submissive vassal state as it was in 1990-ties. Another wet dream of neocon retards who by their actions already accelerated US imperial demise.

In this surrealistic plan of impatient US neocons Israel  is ultimately assigned as a guard of US administrative protectorate over MENA including Turkey and Saudi Arabia already run by fake salafist kings or other sectarian groups with leadership born and raised in Washington D.C.

With all the noise and personality conflicts between W.H. and Israeli government, likened to cute marriage quarrels before sex, true Israeli theocratic government is delighted with those plans. I am guessing but may be because they are concocted by US Jewish Diaspora happy to came back to Herodic type of relationship with an imperial power after eradicating all leftist “Jesus” followers from the Holly Land.

Within all the chaos, Israel oligarchic elites, unaware of mortal danger to their own very existence that would surely be accompanied with collapse of its transatlantic Imperial outgrowth, are using the conflict in Syria to take care of their petty insecurities by killing Palestinians and Shia/Hezbollah leaders when they can while “world” is not watching, loading themselves with weapons bought with US taxpayer money betting on W.H. hallucinations of new MENA where Israel’s friendly terrorists kill Israel’s unfriendly terrorists and while at it exterminate all supporting ethnic groups. It is probably why ISIL, or al-Qaeda, both creatures of the CIA, never directly attacked Israeli government interest.

The Israel, transformed in last 50 years from more or less egalitarian socialistic society into neo-feudal outfit run by class of oligarchic rentiers that sucked blood of Israeli mainstream economy, namely small family business, and seriously are trying to economically eradicate even holocaust survivors and their families who are only remaining conscience of the Jewish people submerged in an Orwellian denial of grave historical lessons and in their torpor drift like wasted particles into future extinction.

Even if Geneva talks were to be a serious attempt to stop the Syrian war and to propose sensible political solution in the entangled Middle East context, which they are not, European and implicit Israeli contribution would be to follow US commands and come up with quite “impossible” justifications of the US arrogance or pure insanity already expressed by W.H. demanding Russians and Assad to surrender after they just got upper hand in the conflict and US sponsored terrorist are on a verge of collapse.

But one thing is for sure, Geneva talks are going to be conducted if not for any other reason but as form of employment security of bunch of diplomats enjoying their fancy dinners and fake smiles while western inspired terror reigns supreme.


POLITICAL MOSAIC OF SYRIAN WAR: Part V. Russia and Iran is coming up soon.


The separatist movements in Europe supporting US plan of regionalization of Europe into a set of mostly Christians fiefdoms controlled via US protectorate administration represented by EU regents while nation states are to be dissolved in a long term.



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An Iranian drone over US aircraft carrier taking pictures at will. No fear.


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Russia deployed four new hi-tech SU-35 in Syria.




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