SECRET PROTOCOL? Why Did Russians Pause Bombing ISIL or Did They?

More I read about this so-called ceasefire agreement it make less sense to me. Or there is at work a significant hidden agenda, not revealed so far, that determines precise motives and aim of both Russia and the US, for this particular political maneuver called Syrian truce. So let’s recapitulate the situation as of second day of this problematic move.

  1. As a map below indicates there are only five small areas where SAA faces potentially so-called moderates from FSA. The 90% of frontlines Russian coalition is facing an enemy classified as ISIL, ANF terrorists and hence excluded from the agreement.
  2. 90% of frontlines are not under the agreement so why Russian Air Force stopped bombing positions of terrorists not covered by the ceasefire?
  3. Why ceasefire did not cover Turkey that for about 10 days now openly engaged in direct military, operational artillery support for ISIL against Kurds, as well as allowing of ISIL terrorists to pass un hindered Turkish territory to attack Kurds directly from Turkish side. Why Russians stop flying while SAA and Kurds are under direct Turkish attack and why they announced this stoppage in operations? Hence allowing ISIL to move fighters and weapon supplies to the frontlines even if there is not truce between Russia and ISIL. Irreconcilable inconsistencies, and violations of all the Russian military doctrines and tactics, based on enemy guessing what military moves will come, and for what strategic interest in Syria such moves are warranted?
  4. Was the agreement all about Russians stopping bombing of all terrorists including ISIL, ANF friends of Washington D.C. and all the others non-existent moderate factions were just a cover up for propaganda purposes, as many of independent media was warning all along?
  5. The agreement implies complete lack of enforceability, prohibiting retaliation against those who signed up to the ceasefire but allowing only to return fire in self-defense if attacked by the side NOT A PARTY TO THE AGREEMENT. What’s that? Nonsense, if not straight betrayal. Read for yourself, I could not believe such proclamations from both sides. This is nothing but de-facto ceasefire with ISIL and ANF and first day proves it.
  6. What purpose this agreement serves when most of the “moderates” already declared that they need just two weeks of truce to re-supply from Turkey and regroup to continue to fight?
  7. What sense does this ceasefire agreement make except for potentially allowing for easier so-called “humanitarian” assistance which was being delivered before anyway when terrorists allowed for it. Is this nothing but a humanitarian agreement with terrorists to re-supply them, with food and medicine, they are short of money to purchase, so they can continue to fight another day?
  8. How this could be a prelude to overall peace talks when there is no agreement about who are the representatives of the Syrian opposition that Assad supposedly is going to talk with, that would remotely lead to any political solution no side really wants at this point, except for Kerry-Lavrov team. How one can explain the fact that 90% of Russian humanitarian support in Deir-Ez-Zor SAA enclave, for example, recently fell into ISIL hands but only 10% fell where it should, unfortunately, much of it destroyed due to a parachute malfunction while most previous drops were precise. What it this? An accident.
  9. Why there is no mention in the agreement and UN resolution of stopping delivery of weapons to the “moderates” and terrorists of ANF or ISIL for that matter, during the truce when in many cases they are fighting within a mile of each other military positions.

So what the hell is that, I am asking again? What it is what was actually agreed under the table in Munich and New York, that miraculously produced this phony face of unity between Russians and US neocons passing a UNSC resolution supporting this phantom truce while rejecting Syrian sovereignty at UNSC just few days ago. Was it a way of saving face of the US administration, a secret way for acknowledging defeat without too much scaring egos involved and US imperial hubris damaged. May be it was a hint recognizing that double sized Syrian army equipped and trained by Russians will not be defeated, a way of anti-climactic closure of another failed US imperial adventure in the ME.

Or that Russians just exhausted all the will and reasonable capabilities and after propping up of the Assad army are ready to leave under some quid pro quo with Americans, dropping western sanctions, and/or de-escalation of tensions in central Europe and/or cooling recent crazy arm race or selling out Donbass or else. You tell me but it is not about immediate military necessity that we have or don’t have, a truce we have or don’t have, an agreement we have or don’t have or a peace we have or don’t have.

Or it is a sand storm season and Russian air force is mostly grounded for 3 months or so, time to be used for refurbishing, repairing of the equipment, change personnel or whatever else they need.

Whatever it is we should be able to figure out soon by analyzing actual actions of all sides on the ground, and certainly not from listening to propaganda of peace both sides want to placate us in order to make us blind to the reality of continuing conflict.

I understand that majority of the Syrian people want peace and see this agreement as a chance to bring people closer to it but I must objectively say that this agreement solves no fundamental problem of US and NATO aggression against sovereign state of Syria and hence I still do not see any light in a tunnel many exhausted and devastated Syrians disparately want to see.

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CEASE-FIRE: A tool of War Politics.

While we all know well why American axis of evil wants SAA+Syrian national defense units, most tribal militia including Christian, Alawite, militia, Hezbollah, Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iraqi Shia militia, Kurds and Palestinian units to stop what they are doing since it is all apparent now that “our friendly” bearded boys of ISIL and ANF are being mercilessly whacked, and loudly cry to their starred and stripped monster mama for relief.

The unlimited cease-fire is already turning in a two week vacation for terrorists in Turkish sea resorts, you know, R$R, lock & reload after a bad day in the office:

We know that US did not give up of the invasion and dividing Syria into medieval Wahhabi fiefdoms, and the non cease fire cease fire sham among phantom moderate beheaders, without even naming them all or declaration who is actually fighting who, most bizarre, Orwelian agreement of no agreement, where a friend is a foe, in a deal of today.

After US was having political sex with terrorists for decades Kerry needs “Plan B” after monster was already born. A theater of absurd continues.

But why Russia get herself involved in the obvious sham as I discussed in my post on February 17, titled CLEAR THE FOG VLAD. In the post I did not question military premises of such as a purely propaganda move, since it is strictly operational and secret, but only its implications in the psychological war in the western media.
And still I see this “ pretend ceasefire” doing more harm than good for Russian otherwise clear moral and legal stand in this war.

However in order to better understand what could be overwhelming Russian tactical and strategic interest on the ground to be involved such a charade, may be an excerpt from my post published on 10/18/2015, over four months ago, entitled HOW WE FIGHT; RUSSIAN EDITION would be of help especially the paragraph describing what role local cease fire plays in war politics, a common psychological warfare tactic employed by Russian trained military such as Syrian command is.

Most the Russian war doctrine and military maneuvers or tactics are coming out of German military manuals as well as many painful experiences of the WWII where Soviets made all the mistakes possible before they got their act together.

The basics principle of waging a war is to have well defined strategic, tactical and immediate objectives with no imposition of any particular solutions since those must fall directly in the prerogatives of the local field commanders who will make decisions as warranted on the ground with wide latitude of choices creating facts or illusions on the ground aimed to mostly mislead the enemy i.e. psychological warfare at the level of field commanders.

In Syria, IS terrorists’ most powerful weapon is the psychological terror and it must be met with psychological warfare weaponry on the battlefield.

This requires extensive knowledge of the battlefield area, built up relationships not only with friendly forces and local population but most of all with the enemy, making temporary cease-fire or other deals with them, offering even aid and some kind of understanding or presenting seemingly beneficial choices of withdrawal or surrender, a typical toolbox of a negotiator. The true war is more about talking and waiting then shooting. Only those who can see strait through the chaos or war can be ultimately successful.

The Syrian field commanders having in their hand a hammer of Russian air support are pursuing wide range of those techniques very vigorously, by calling ISIS commanders over the cell phone/radio or communicating via other ways. The field commanders grounded in the reality of battlefield are much more reasonable (especially after the air raid) than highly politicized or fanatical higher command hankered down somewhere in the bunker.

A good example of such a broad latitude given to the local commanders are various temporary deals SAA is making with terrorists including IS in Aleppo area regarding electrical power supply from the Aleppo power plant on the outskirts of the city held by IS while distribution system is held by SAA either one could cut off electricity to the other so both decided to keep it running. IS to run their bomb factories and SAA to allow civilian population under IS rule to have their utilities running, water, electricity, heat etc. This is quintessential example of local deals and compromises by local commanders even for medieval barbaric thugs of IS possible to achieve as a alternative to senseless and blunt devastation. And this type of war tactics is cowardly used as a propaganda tool by the western MSM to prove the brotherly love between Assad and IS to brain-dead western viewers. But what’s worse ls that the US is aggravated with such as deals or agreements, mad on the IS or al-Nusra for deviating from pure Wahhabi Islamist orthodoxy since it is clandestinely bombing Syrian infrastructure including Aleppo power plant under the guise of F16 escorting military transport planes with weapons to drop on non-existing positions of illusory moderate Syrians.

In contrast, in most cases US local field commanders had often hands tied as far a contacts or negotiation with enemy field commanders and never built any meaningful relationship of trust with the enemy. And hence were devoid of finesse or cunning and instead were perceived as blunt or gullible and by that diminished enemy respect for the US military and strengthen unity of the enemy instead of weakening it by skillful negotiations or manipulations.

Another basic battlefield principle is to avoid committing to a frontal attack on fortified enemy positions even when having overwhelming advantage and power and always seeking weak points and take as much time as needed, no deadlines or photo ops since true military accomplishment is to win battle without one shot fired in contrast to US reporting number of enemy killed, territory conquered or cleared and ammunition spent that defines the progress or victory.

An hence the art of encirclement or cauldron creation massively used as a most popular Russian tactical maneuvers which are low cost and high reward military efforts including fake cauldrons aimed to forcing enemy movements into predestined areas.

Also not sharp but gradual cutoff or degradation of the command and control communications and supplies is preferred in order to use it to induce tactical movements of the enemy forces and continuing surveillance as well as on the ground intelligence operations, which are critical for achieving success. The US forces intelligence (so Soviet) operations often failed in Afghanistan due to lack of personal politically/culturally mitigated relationships (not money) a foundation for truly effective intelligence network. With all the new technologies, field level intelligence is still irreplaceable.

But most of all Russian military doctrine calls to never wage war you want to win in the country where significant part of population is hostile and enemy undefined (Afghanistan war 1.0 and 2.0) since at the end the success of all military operations are dependent on the local population support and hence recognizing that unnecessary or mistaken deaths of civilians are not just a collateral damage but the fundamental damage to the entire war effort. That’s why British, Hindu, Soviets and Americans were ultimately defeated Afghanistan.

The true Syrian liberation war has just begun replacing four long years of aimless and senseless stalemate and slaughter instigated and supported by the west as I wrote on 10/10/2015 in: WHY RUSSIANS CAME?

With restrained, proportional to the threat, legal military action to restore safety and security of Syrian people, a solemn duty of Syrian government and nobody else under international law, there may be a hope for peace. But we are [still] far from it.

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CIA vs. DOD: A New Proxy War?

As Moon of Alabama website recently reported there are mysterious military special forces operating, possibly on the wrong side of the frontlines in Syria. But which side is this?

More and more evidences pile up that YPG forces and they affiliates are being military’s supported by US Green Berets to fight so-called “moderate” enemy, supported by guess who, CIA? A shock? disbelief?

Not exactly. For those who just graduated from college let me remind that CIA is not really an agency of US government but a lucrative corporation with annual, income, some estimate, to reach $10 billions a year and rest assured I am not talking here about your hard earned taxpayer money.

It is CIA business money for, let say, expenses that they would not want on their credit card. Do you wonder what would it be?

It would be murder, torture, theft, prostitution but not, at least not as much, an illicit activities of horny by CIA agents.

I am talking here about running large prostitution rings and other no less profitable and no less abhorrent activities of human trafficking and slavery and supporting terrorists. All that supposedly bring safety and security to Americans due to temporary shortage of commies to kill on this planet.

No, that can’t be? Well. Do you remember Olie North, have you ever heard about Iran-Contras CIA smuggling weapons financed by sales of hard drugs to South Central LA black community in late 1980-ties and many other profitable enterprises, fronts for CIA activities that proudly contributed the reduction of US deficit.

The money were so good that even Bush VP asked for a cut but when he was rebuked ousted active secret CIA operative, a wife of US ambassador, and by that act endangered CIA assets in the ME, which is a felony. Ouch.

But seriously. If this is true that it means that US empire entered latest stage of its decline similarly to Roman empire at its last throws, where Roman legionnaires, last bastions and defenders of glorious empire, were sworn allegiance no longer to emperor but to the general who paid their salary.

Is that what is going on? Individual US generals and security establishment bosses leading their mercenaries armies often paid from profits of illicit business of extortion and intimidation in addition to taxpayer’s money, decided to fight each other while cocktail partier in Chief plays “I drone your ass game” and looks away, and invitingly causing hundreds of ISIL wannabe heroes to have been cheated of their money and forty virgins in paradise realizing after death that they were whacked by a thumb of a drunken cocktail waitress who pressed the fucking button, just to get him of his back, literally.

Under a guise of stoicism and seemingly composed pastures, it is a madhouse out there in the WH perfectly fitted for Trump communicating with “his” people who’s going to be fired next day at his 11pm “Make Trump Great Again” TV show sponsored by his money losing casinos with more chance to win million $ than you finding a decent job.

What is going on? Is there anyone serious adult within the US government? Will this split between DOD and CIA proliferate into American streets as it rages in the streets of Allepo? Is US heading for disintegration into small oligarchic fiefdoms with their mercenary armies of doom?

Should we rationally conclude that the last vestiges of political power left the White House premises for a madhouse, leaving Putin looking as a the only bedrock of sanity and dignity?

Decide for yourself.

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Last week fog and obfuscation, this week more fog and more obfuscation from all sides (except for Assad) who, in comparison, comes out of a sanest person in the room. He want his country back and West /GCC out.

What do the rest of the players want? I have already speculated about it in last, at least six, posts and so far they seem to follow my scenarios almost exactly.

Guys in Washington, Moscow, Berlin, Ankara, Riyadh etc., stop reading my blog. Think for yourself be original. How about peace in Syria. Does it ring a bell? But jokes aside, what do we have?

The US and Turkey in a bedroom brawl and cute quarrel before sex, accusing each other of lack of attention and care which resulted in shelling of innocent YPG positions in a coordinated support for ANF terrorists, this time openly, after over two months of clandestine attack against SAA and Russians, invading and annexing slivers of Syrian land violating international laws, doing dirty work for ISIL and ANF what resulted in “unfortunate” decimation of Erdogan “brothers in terror” and his frequent apoplexy attacks as documented on YT.

And so-called agreement announced last week! Instead of being forged between all warring parties in Syria, it ended up to be a gentlemen agreement between two people; Kerry and Lavrov with exclusion of other parties including Assad, Kurds, Turks, Saudis and Israelis. It was a worthless piece of paper, meaningless on the ground as I mentioned in previous post.

The concocted in last moment phony delegation of “moderate” terrorists “ could not attend talks since they we stopped by diplomatic security services and not allowed to enter the building due to fear of their terrorism connection, endangering diplomats’ lives inside. An utter fiasco would be an understatement of this war. And then, few hours after signing, Lavrov smiling stated that the chance of this agreement is 49%, meaning he does not know but probability it will fail. Well, if such a details like who supposedly sign agreement with whom and about what was missing, I would not bet on it.

What this is all about?

And what is this? Russians and Saudis secretly freezing the oil production? A technically impossible feat in Russia in the winter.

And What? The US frackers who are about belly up and Russians and Saudis will support them? Who? US WH neocons, who called Putin a pariah, gangster and schmucks who lied that Russians are involved in slaughter of innocent terrorists suffering from flu, recuperating in their unmarked and undeclared hospitals in Idlib province or Aleppo. And in the process Russians pissing off Iranians who were not at the table in DOHA?

On the ground it feels like war, blood is real, pain is real, horror is real, but those guys in leadership behave as ballerinas from tough neighborhood.

Vlad, they will not lift the sanction and forget about sailing on your yacht in Tuscany anytime soon, you are better than that, just keep, steady, do not let Russian superior political, military, legal and moral position to be tarnished by some half backed political maneuvers.

Do not even fake making deal with those medieval gangsters, it won’t work, western propaganda won’t ease, that’s the fact. Turkey won’t be controlled by the US, since she is doing US bidding unless corrected by Russian forces on the ground and in the air. Politics of appeasement won’t work, as history teaches us, only steady gravitas and determination will do the job.

Vlad, you pumped natural gas to Kiev fascist regime for free in winter 2014/2015 for humanitarian reasons and transit to your western friends who spitted in your face while they were slaughtering your kin in Donbass. And to add insult to injury they never paid for it and now defaulted of your eurobonds with no consequences.

You do not have to be too friendly to US western stooges, who want you and your friend Assad dead.

Only in that way, western warmongers would slip into oblivion, where they belong,  long before you leave your office, unless, what I strongly suspect, based on hard evidences, they are gearing for WWIII and one way or another you would have to confront them in a hot nuclear war.

Anyway, meanwhile slowly bring peace to Syrian land and Syrian people. They are exhausted and deserve a break and that’s a good thing. Although, even without more western interference we may wait for another 18 months or so for what I would call true peace in Syria.

Unless all of this is a charade, a country club cricket game with nukes as I posited on this blog numerous times before.

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CEASE-FIRE? Nine Simple Questions.

The cease fire should be very welcome news for millions of ordinary Syrians suffering from Western sponsored terrorist aggression, but closer examination of this and other relevant documents unfortunately created serious doubt about intentions and effectiveness of the agreement in achieving its goals.

Not going into many details of the agreement , linked below, I am asking some fundamental questions that have to be answered if we have to take the agreement for more that just meaningless illusion of peace, something that exhausted Syrian nation does not want or need.

  1. Why Russia supported UN Security Council Resolution 2254, adopted unanimously December 18, 2015   without clarifying legal status of NATO military operations in Syria under Syrian Law? On what legal basis US, French, British or Oman are bombing Syria?
  2. Why Russians or Iranians did not insist on clarification of legal basis under which Israel is bombing Syria and attacking Assad government in violation of UN charter?
  3. Why in UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians or Iranians did not insist on clarification of legal status of Turkish aggression in Syria including shooting down lawfully operating Russian military airplane shelling Syrian territory or occupation of 1-2 mile wide sliver of of Syrian land along border?
  4. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not call for withdrawal of unauthorized by Assad regime foreign military, including US troops from Syrian Kurdistan?
  5. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease Fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not insist on explicit prohibition of introduction of any unauthorized by Syrian government foreign military forces on Syrian territory as a matter of confirmation of Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity as UN charter requires.
  6. Why in the UNSCR 2254 and in the Cease fire Agreement, Russians and/or Iranians did not insist that no cease fire will be in effect for all those yet undefined “ moderate opposition groups” who have in their ranks foreign mercenaries, non-Syrian citizen, and why expulsion of such has not been required as a precondition to cease fire.
  7. Why Russians and/or Iranians did not insist on finalizing a list of terrorists organization excluded from the Cease fire Agreement before any cease fire implementation may begin since this political/technical issue make the Agreement unenforceable.
  8. Why Russians and/or Syrians did not insist on inclusion of Syrian Kurds in the negotiation, a vital force fighting terrorists.
  9. Should we understand that by signing the UNSCR 2254 and the Cease Fire Agreement Russia legalized NATO aggression against Assad if not why NATO aggression was not prohibited in the agreement although illegality of any aggression is a vital part of UN charter?

If this conclusion is true then the agreement is an illegal act, against UN charter and international law since the only legal representative government of Syria is the representative of Assad regime and the UNCR 2254 is not aimed against Assad regime and hence UNSC cannot infringe on Syrian sovereignty.

In fact quick read of the “agreement” make me realize that it is a meaningless, unenforceable on the ground in Syria, piece of paper that actually allows SAA to move against ISIL and seal Turkish border North of Aleppo but also allows the west preparation for plan B i.e  invasion of Syria. However, what it would surely do is to it provide fertile ground for western accusation of Russian/Syrians breaking the agreement we are so familiar with.

In fact it looks like that critical and so far successful SAA offensive in Idlib falls under the Cease Fire Agreement giving western propaganda a field day. Thank goodness the agreement to be implemented only upon specific local field commanders’ decisions reaching cease-fire along specific segments of the frontlines so it can take months.

But I already see those headlines: “NATO invasion inevitable since those barbaric Russians, breaking all the agreements and still killing all those unborn children”.

This whole fake agreement dangerously sets up Russians for propaganda ambush in million ways and inevitably leads to smuggling of western weaponry hidden inside humanitarian convoys and clandestine evacuation, or reinforcement of ANF and ISIL, true goal of the US in Munich.

Don’t you think that US and allies gave up on invasion by US and Turkey/Saudi. They play for time to rescue they terrorist brothers, while Russians want to deescalate tensions with Turkey they fueled among their population by media reports of preparations for the war.

Scared of empty Turkish and Saudi declarations of invasion?

So why Russia is bending backwards for the west knowing their cunning ways?

It did not work in Ukraine and will not work in Syria. Period.

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WAR WITH RUSSIA? Another Escalation of Tensions.  

Will Turkey start WWIII? There is a question but judging from preparations started few years ago in the West and later in the East, it is a real possibility.

Here is an excerpt from my blog posted over two months ago on Dec 2, 2015.

The now [we have] open war between Russia and Turkey [after Turkish warplanes shot down Russian Su24m in Syria and killing a pilot], army movements, air defense operating on highest alert levels in Russia [proper] and Turkey, weapons and surveillance systems deployed [in] Turkey, Armenia and Iran. Orders for Raytheon and other MIC establishments of death surging so are their stocks prices. After all the bubbles that have been blown by FED in order to pauperize western population, the last bubble of war is being blown as we speak. Just to protect the oligarchs bottom line, millions will have to die.

What if ..[Russian involvement in Syria].. is [an] unorthodox response of Russian military leadership to massive NATO military maneuvers in Atlantic coast, Mediterranean and Baltics that were being conducted during last two months? What if it is nothing but a demonstration of deadly global capabilities of Russian strategic nuclear deterrence technology and logistics of global reach and while at it provide somewhat marginal assistance Assad to regain control over his country sooner. As I motioned in my previous post all over the world two nuclear powers are conducting unscheduled drills, training and military exercises, including firing ICBMs from nuclear submarines in LA and White Sea areas not long ago, passing by respective legislatures massive increases of funding for strategic weapon systems including nuclear weapons and their delivery systems while MSM propaganda want us to be afraid of bunch ISIS gangsters devoid of any religious authority seeking money from their western supported sponsors and most of all seeking fame as their professional, Hollywood-like PR productions of horrors seem to show.

Syrian conflict rapidly is turning into hot military confrontation between elites of Russia, Iran and to a degree China and the elites of the West. So far all the players, are believing in their own propaganda, and as expected they are making the same deadly mistake, they see themselves as potential winners and/or beneficiaries of human pain and suffering in their oligarchs’ country club global cricket game of blood.

So will they do it? Will another generation of American grunts oblivious to their predecessors’ pleas for peace spill their blood and others for corporate profits?

If so how could it play on Turkish-Syrian border before potential escalation.

What’s interesting is that not only the West heating up a delusional anti-Russian war rhetoric for many months now but recently also Putin began preparing his population for war with Turkey via relentless media programming about Turkish aggression, corruption and lies, what unfortunately is true, in a view of the fact about ISIL oil smuggling and Turkish army already taking over a few miles wide border buffer on Syrian territory. That action seems to have been a trigger of this war fervor and anti-Turkish propaganda in Russian media.

In part it is a media bluff, psychological warfare aimed for the US and separately EU elites making them to believe that Russians will strike immediately if Syrian sovereignty is threatened, but in part it is a chilling message of a leader rallying his troops before war commences. What’s more menacing is that Putin right now ordered Black Sea fleet, some 50 ships, and whole southern military district for maneuvers, and that includes Crimea as well as Russian bases in Armenia while British conduct military logistics exercise in Jordan moving there 300 pieces of military equipment to the terrorist training bases, they already operate with CIA in Jordanian desert and thousands of NATO troops and equipment are being deployed in Northern and Central Europe. One thing is sure this is not just posturing.

When it comes to it and Turkey invades Syria and closes on Aleppo, Putin will go to UNSC but only to inform about executing his lawful bilateral military treaty with Syria, demand withdraw under ultimatum and start shooting Turks as soon as they move in, no permission would be sought. And since Turks already took over a strip of Syrian land, Putin can start shooting at them anytime now but exclusively within international law which does not prohibit substantial escalation in a form of assaults on the military industry, military bases and communication systems used for military purposes. The fact is that Turkey needs to be attacked on Turkish territory in order to call-in NATO, although every war started with a provocation but I doubt that US wants WWIII right now, since it means obliteration of a defense systems in Germany and Central Europe, and the end of the EU as US surrogate due to political turmoil and split of loyalties one EU elites realize that their own fate is at stake. However, all sides are absolutely aware that waiting will only make the West weaker in the confrontation with the East.

No one should ignore basic fact. If Turkey (NATO) is not be able to assure air supremacy in Northern Syria then there is no game changing invasion and if Erdogan still wants it he would have been dispatched with by Turkish army as goes Turkish tradition or would have an accident by CIA or MOSSAD.

Hence military escalation involving NATO would be inevitable if serious conflict starts.

What Turkey can do however, is to use long-range artillery from Turkish territory to protect terrorists in some enclaves, that’s all, and that’s what they are doing right now.

Erdogan is insane, so are Washington neocons so they understand each other well, but some of generals from Pentagon are already upset having to fund and assist Islamic terrorists against Christians and their protector, Assad and they will step in clandestinely rather than openly to stop the madness or moderate this insanity if it is possible. However, I might be wrong.

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ALEPPO: New refugees, new propaganda.

As we already experienced many times, after periods of completely ignoring substantial progress of SAA and allies on all fronts in Syria, once a while a scream of shock electrifies western propaganda outfits, screaming bloody murder against Russians/Assad slaughtering little, even unborn children escaping to freedom in Turkey. The FixNews for single digit IQ citizen, NuYolkLies, a neocon vomitory and wapo-sitory run by a bold amazonian dwarf never fail to splash readers with their stinky revelations from yesteryear masters of absurd.

The fact is that area from North Aleppo to Turkish border have been largely clear of refugees who fled mostly 2013 and 2014 before advancing ISIL/ANF and are part of the about 1.9 millions of Syrian war refugees in Turkey. Whoever left, are terrorists themselves, their families as well as all supporters involved in administration as well as slaves, prisoners of terrorists and “businessman” from various MENA countries who make like bandits from kidnapping, slave labor, theft, extortion and smuggling of the goods and weapons across Turkish border.

What the neocon stooges relate to as massive escape from under Russian bombs is just 2 to 4 thousands of refugees within last week or so who were refused to cross the border and are being kept by Turkish army in camps on Syrian side, in an illegally annexed few miles wide buffer where they are building big fence to prevent refugee escape from Syria as well as military infrastructure for an invasion.

The hypocrisy of Turkish government reached zenith when the claimed that the border is open and for humanitarian reasons they created camps on Syrian side. This is a lie. UN charter does not sanction organizing a refugee camp on foreign soil unless appropriate UNSC resolution is passed and/or legitimate government allows that.

The truth is that Turks closed the border to prevent ISIL and ANF fighters and their families from fleeing to Turkey without an order from terrorist leadership. It looks like Baghdadi now is issuing Turkish visas for his fighters.

The clear signs of panic spread among terrorists , being cut off from money and supplies and hence they moved toward the Turkish border buffer for more weaponry and to regroup, and take new defensive positions within 35 miles of the border covered by Turkish long-range of MRLS and artillery, and to perhaps be able call in Turkish air strikes as well as to enable training in advanced weaponry just across the border. But many ISIL fighter may be thinking about one thing namely to quit the war all together and to run off abroad with their family, slaves and money to mother Turkey or Europe to avoid Syrian justice.

What is important to mention in this context is that many of small, terrorist or tribal groups consisting of Syrian citizen, are turning against ISIL or ANF and declaring themselves moderate to avoid Russian pounding and then switch completely sides and join SAA as a part of general amnesty, a welcome addition to SAA military effort by a war trained former terrorists.

Those developments show highly effective Russian school of extreme pragmatism in fighting a war against terrorists.

As I expected the Geneva talks have been suspended or actually cancelled since in contrast to western and eastern propaganda no one at this point has any interest to truly stop fighting and everyone still thinks that they can win. Hence, we must prepare for further push from Russian coalition and the same strong escalation from US allied terrorist sponsors including even invasion of Syria and declaration of “liberated zone” to allow ISIL and ANF to regroup and strengthen. As they see it now, the only alternative is to surrender to Russians and Assad, at this time an idea inconceivable to Washington neocons sitting in their cushy chairs but brutally real choice for Pentagon generals.

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One cannot truly address Iranian role in the Syrian war and widely in the Middle East without talking about successful overthrowing of democratically elected government of Mosaddegh by CIA in 1953 and installation of a dictatorial puppet regime eventually ran by questionable character such as Reza Pahlavi a CIA asset himself, a feudal, artificial, postcolonial outgrowth of Iranian political stage.

Instead of secular nation-state with functioning democratic institutions, massive educational and health care programs covering all the Iranians financed via nationalization of natural resources, oil and gas, as well as state control of basic material industries in order to increase standard of living and steady economic and cultural modernization of rural areas away from neo-feudal social order dictated by Islamic religion, Iranians got dictatorship, pomposity, opulence, greed and narcissism of the royal court of a Shah of Iran building Potemkin villages of abundance and western commercial culture while pushing most of population into abyss of economic depression and using CIA trained death squads brutally suppressing mostly leftist secular political opposition and religious political enemies some of who were allowed to “emigrate” to Europe or US.

But in late 1970-ties after years of oil embargo imposed by OPEC on the US (Iran is a member), relationship with Washington went cold and W.H. grew weary of excesses of opulence and brutality that did not look good in context of Washington propaganda campaign about economic egalitarianism and human rights aimed against Soviets.

On the other hand Pahlavi and his court grew restless watching their US invested wealth evaporated after 1973 stock market collapse and collapse of dollar after dropping gold parity value and therefore seriously mistrusted their Washington handlers.

In 1979 Iranian middle class of royal courtiers as well as Washington wanted him out as much as political left did waiting for a chance to return to democratic rule of early fifties and re-nationalize natural resources to lift economy from oil embargo induced economic depression.

The US elites themselves were wiling to let go of shah while preserving another democratic looking puppet regime including friendly clerics who would escalate religious fervor to suppress the leftist or Marxist revolutionary movements considered as bigger threat in comparison to benign Muslims extremists already installed in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

The Shah of Iran was not overthrown by Islamic revolution but by a left-center lead secular nationalist revolution demanding return to fully democratic rule from times of Mosaddegh.

Unfortunately, the original revolution was hijacked by misguided US and western (British and French) support of Islamic revolution, thought to be more friendly to western economic interests in Iran.

Against what contemporary US propaganda wanted to posit, occupation of the US embassy in Tehran by leftist Iranian students (also religious) was a deliberate political ploy of the left (not Islamists) to assure that new revolutionary Iranian government turns away from US protectorate and/or be rejected by the Washington for reasons of saving face after such a humiliation.

It was CIA support for Iranian clerics and Islamic Shia extremist that doomed true democratic revolution of 1979 and pushed politically diverse Iran into nightmare of another totalitarian regime of Islamic republic.

The Iranian clerics and Islamic revolutionary guard while reluctantly spewed anti-American rhetoric to please the mob, clandestinely cooperated with CIA and President-elect R. Reagan campaign to release US hostages and secure defeat of the leftist movements via massive arrest and executions of the communists, socialists, social –democrats and others what was met with deafening silence in the western media and was widely reported in the Soviet union and eastern Europe.

It was the US involvement in overthrowing of Pahlavi secular regime as well as leftist revolution that immediately followed using Shia sectarians political forces that prompted Soviets to intervene in Afghanistan on an invitation of the legitimate Afghan government just six months after J. Carter national security advisor Z.Brzezinski declared US support for some civil engineer, a citizen of US ally named Bin Laden to lead political and military outfit of radical Islamists, Wahhabi mercenaries tasked with destruction of schools and universities, hospitals and training of Afghan/Pakistani Pashtun tribes as Jihadists and providing military supplies to wage war against Afghan secular government.

In Iran as well as in Afghanistan US always stand on a side of backward, medieval regimes, against human rights and specially against women rights, against freedom of religious affiliation, against political pluralism, against economic development base on sovereign rights to natural resources and against any form of sectarian/ethnic peace, wiping out their imperial boots with a democratic rhetoric when convenient.



After, what professor E. Weber called a Thirty Year World War of 20th century 1914-1945, British empire was no more and other European colonial powers were in a process of unwinding, shrinking and loosing their importance and prestige on the world stage, although their uninformed hubris, extended their agony some twenty years afterward when they received final blow to their imperial egos by being defeated by half naked natives of their colonies in Indochina and Africa such as it was a case of France, Dutch, Portugal, Belgium and others.

The Europe was in ruin and the only true victor of the whole killing orgy was the United States, getting out of the deep economic depression by massive military spending and development of the massive industry manned with bought or kidnapped European technical elite and funded by mountains of gold extorted from former European colonial masters for never delivered “protection” of their colonial interests.

America took it all; every aspect of European political, economic, cultural and social life became a subject of an American command and control structure run from headquarters of American supreme commanders of continental battle theater.

They did it not only to recover profits of all the Wall Street pre-war investments in productive assets of western Europe including investments in war industries of Germany and Italy but most of all to prepare for continuation of the world war aimed at defeating last remaining enemies of global capital namely communists of Russia and China applying their newly acquired and tested in Japan nuclear bombs they planned to drop on over 600 Soviet and Chinese cities before decade was concluded.

But there was one slight complication, namely through infighting among various US commanders representing various Wall Street houses and US political factions, mismanagement, fraud, ignorance and pure cowardice, somehow, after wonderfully depicted in media absolute victory over Nazism, half of old Europe fell under Soviet control and western colonial forces have been mostly defeated in Asia.

After WWII all of the political forces in Europe with agendas even vaguely compatible with US ideological doctrines turned out to be staunch supporters and collaborators of Nazi Germany in the same way as US were openly friendly with Nazis between 1939 and 1942. The only forces that consistently spoke and acted against Nazism and the war were leftists and communists. The European population still unaware of plans, US liberators have in store for them, demanded democracy and imprisonment for those who were responsible for this devastating, senseless war, by voting communists and socialists up and down European countries’ elections, including Italy, France and leftist or worker/labor party in Britain, and elsewhere in Europe.

Those expressions of European democratic aspirations were met by government bullets on the streets and flooding striking miners, with thousands dead or injured and hundreds of thousand of former anti-Nazi underground fighters, political activists and their families who became forgotten refugees from razed mining/heavy industry, towns by allied tanks and heavy artillery bombardments  in France in and Belgium 1946-1948, fleeing behind the iron curtain to Eastern Europe fearing for their lives. It was a carnage perpetrated on orders of US supreme commanders instructed by Washington political regime.

After that it was abundantly clear that US will not tolerate anything like sovereignty or independence of the Western Europe and was ready to use brutal force as well as some bizarre political shams or politically discriminatory laws as a democratic facade of their vicious authoritarian control of European continent as millions starving, dying Germans and other citizen of US “allied” states experienced first hand in late 1940-ties.