CUI BONO? Refugee Crisis In Europe.

What I wrote on this blog just few days ago, about few hundreds of thousands of illegitimate so-called Syrian refugees, who actually were trying to escape responsibility for their crimes or moral transgressions they committed in Syria during the war  is true and I am talking here not only about crimes of terrorism but criminal offences devoid of political motivations.

However, I categorically reject wholesale branding of all over two millions of Syrian/MENA [Middle East & North Africa] refugees who arrived in Europe in last 18 months as terrorists, criminals or disingenuous people seeking economic fortune in the midst of national tragedy. The majority of them are not.

I cannot accept an intellectual trap of discussing dire refugee situation as generally Islam having anything to do with people’s particular behavior, like Christianity having nothing to do with certain behavior of Christians, although in blogosphere and MSM many are peddling equivalence between being vs. acting. The whole issue is much more complicated, impossible to address in two-minute segment on TV and even very difficult to fully address its complexity in the web format.

But the fact is following. People who are living in MENA countries including Christians are fed up with the western financed faux political extremists who destroyed their countries and hijacked a religion (Islam or whatever) for propaganda purposes. However, they also are reluctant to support American and European culture, correctly judged as shallow, decadent, deeply corrupt and immoral.

Hence many MENA citizen and European and US immigrants from the area stay on sidelines, often confused, being forcefully confronted to make a choice between two evils. That’s why entire silent, moderate political and cultural center, that still remains in MENA countries is being often accused by opponents of a tacit support for murderous freaks who are an insult to Islamic as well as Christian religion and any culture.

On the other hand, so-called MENA regional culture, dominated by Islam or not, has elements diametrically or even shockingly different from that of a modern Western Tradition.

The women rights issue, gender discrimination embedded in the culture and often in the law, gender specific, divided responsibility of raising children, social caste exploitation, honor killings, arranged marriages, corporal punishment in social and legal framework and other disparities of cultures, are some of very acute exemptions from overall commonality and sharing of universal cultural and family values respected across the world as much as in MENA countries. This is not to say that modern European culture and customs are in any way morally superior to that of MENA countries, since no objective measure of such superiority can even exists.

In fact many of cultural practices accepted in the modern Western Tradition, meet resistance of most MENA communities.

What they call neoliberal westernization i.e. divisions and partitions of families, socially accepted greed, lust and vice, rampant individualism and hedonism, acceptance of shallow commercial narcissistic culture that rejects traditional values of unity, solidarity, caring and sharing responsibility for family and community as well as diminishing of small family businesses as a national economic foundation are being fiercely resisted in MENA.

It is this rational resistance that is being hijacked by political demagogues under guise of an attack on religion, which it is not.

It is only understandable that these were exactly those MENA regimes under US imperial assault, that attempted to slowly mitigate disparity of variety of Middle Eastern cultures and religions, including Judaism, under a theme of Secular Arab Nationalism.

Such an approach attempted to transcend irreconcilable, historical/colonial divisions via an enticing narrative of national unity, equality and social/economic development in the post-colonial era. Such a policy constituted strong, moderating force that, via some form of flawed democratic process combined with autocratic practices, effectively subdued mantra of an honorable sectarian strive and provided a chance of relegating it to a distant past. But not to avail.

Unfortunately, Arab secular national regimes were in the frontlines of Cold War on a side of “evil” Soviet Union and were strongly supported by it, while medieval, sectarian fiefdoms of ME including Israeli theocratic state after 1967, were all pampered by the US imperial hubris disguised as championing “democracy” in a holy war against Soviet totalitarian atheism.

The near collapse of Soviet Union in 1980-ties immediately provided impetus for another US instigated Thirty Year War in MENA aimed, via stirring extreme sectarian strive, to destroy post colonial political order and to stop advancement of independent secular Arab nationalist movements that aimed for closer cultural tied with the Western Tradition on their own terms and keeping their own pace, building middle class via systematically compressing medieval social strata, and improving rights of women and minorities, all while assuming a role of protector of all the religions, in a way not much dissimilar to US funding fathers.

It is clear for decades now, that this Thirty Year War faught in MENA expanded to Europe, advancing EU as an US imperial surrogate regime via dismantling nation states, their autonomous economies, social-democratic political system, brutally eradicating political left as well as institutions of modern European culture of inclusion and tolerance, canceling social contract by attacking trade unions and civic institutions of political and Christian, sectarian peace.

While in the same time the US neocons were promoting extreme right-wing, sectarian or fascist movements, their political establishments and their rogue, quasi-medieval social and cultural agendas, aimed for turning Europe into a basket of medieval Christian Fiefdoms of regional identity under US imperial protectorate, exercising cruelty, wage slavery (sexual or not) and backward social policies rivaling those of Middle East Sheikhdoms.

The US and world’s oligarchy propaganda of total globalization (political, economic, cultural), a tool of Western imperial domination, is tenaciously forcing or provoking a culture clash with religious overtones that no ordinary people in Europe or in MENA countries want or need. Will they realize what really is going on or succumb to the US imperial provocation and allow a horrendous religious war let loose?



A map of current military situation delineating oil/gas pipelines:


South Front:

latest developments including counter offensive of ISIL in Deir Ez-Zaur;


Russian Aerospace Force Go-Pro clip. Note very high elevation of the bomb release beyond any MANPAD effective range. What is very interesting is Russian unique in the world technology of turning of dumb bombs into smart bombs almost for nothing. A Russian “secret” patent awarded to a Russian company that converted vast Soviet military munitions into smart bombs with accuracy of 20 feet, when dropped from 6000-8000 feet altitude costing less than $100 each even for 500 lb bombs or bigger while US smart weapons cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more each. The economic is what ultimately wins the war, when robbed blind US taxpayers run out of money.




Latakia Operations:

If you are ISIL fighter bad news, you just got a pay cut for non-performance. Insufficient number of beheadings last week.


Slow but steady progress shown on the map since October 10


Another tanker trucks blown up.


(Warning 18+) Deir Ez-Zaur operations:


(Warning 18+) East Aleppo offensive, Dead ISIL fighters.


Fighting in Harasta:


Russian drone over Sheikh Mishkeen;


Russian air strike:


Iraq suicide truck bomb destroyed by Iraqi military:


IS slave economy finally acknowledged by MSM:


Everyday living in war-torn Syria, Government run stores provide check on the price inflation.


Munitions explosion onboard Russian strategic bomber TU-95, not involved in Syrian war, during take off in far eastern Russian Federation. No nukes involved.


More escalation of geopolitical tensions in Black sea area:


Understanding ISIS agenda for neocons.


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