EUROPE: Who are those Syrian War Refugees?

It was very instructive to review dozens testimonies and other sources posted by Syrian refugees describing ordeal they went through to get to Europe. They were disturbing in less measure due to pain and suffering they endured but rather due to peculiar circumstances they were “forced” to flee the battle zones across Syria.

But first one must realize the scope of the refuge crisis. In total about 10 million people have been displaced due to Syrian war, more than half of the pre-conflict population. From that about two millions moved to Turkey, 400k to Jordan, 200k to Iraqi Kurdistan, 1.2 million to Lebanon and 300k elsewhere and over 6 millions of Syrian citizen were internally displaced due to war. This percentage wise displacement of masses of population is comparable to WWII in Europe. These staggering numbers are only approximate but give us an insight about the scope of the carnage.

The war map of Syrian conflict is complicated enough, however some basic trends of the forced human migration are clearly seen. First let’s look at what military movements and whose military movements instigated waves massive human exodus to develop, and where those refugees went and why. So one can see clearly the nature of the conflict or whether or not it was civil war, a division of society that turned into political and military strive or it was something else like invasion or attempt to coup d’etat or regime change.

Let’s look at Turkey, known supporter of terrorists and recipient of waves of refugees over last four years. Deeper look into the issues reveals that most of the refugees are Syrian Arabs who were fleeing from areas abandoned by SAA and Kurds pushed by terrorists in first years of the war in order to avoid falling under rule of FSA, al-Nusra Front and later ISIL. It is important to note that the swift progress of ISIL conquest was mostly due to local terrorist groups swearing allegiance to ISIL and Baghdadi and generously providing ISIL with American and other weapons rather than fighting for new territory.

All those advancements of ISIL onto more Syrian territories in 2014-15 were associated with consecutive waves of refugee fleeing their rule and not advances of Syrian Arab army as MSM was trying to placate the world audience since there were little or no advances achieved by SAA in 2013-2014 but mostly withdrawals and consolidation of the frontlines interpreted in Washington DC as a prelude to Assad regime collapse.

So in a way Assad weakness caused waves of voluntary mass migrations from territories relinquished by SAA towards shrinking areas still under Assad’s control. Hardly sign of hatred toward Assad among even Sunni population.

As a matter of fact it was the SAA loosing territories during 2012-2014 that caused most of the refugee movements, 80% of them toward remaining territories still controlled by Assad regime and only when cut off from such a possibility, they tried to escape abroad. There were no flowers or kisses from population liberated from “horrible” Assad regime and no one was welcoming Western sponsored Free Syrian Army and Islamic terrorists but instead most fled into areas controlled by Syrian regime or abroad. Even Sunni tribal leaders who agreed to cooperate with ISIL or other terrorists did it for money and told terrorists to keep distance.

In summary, at least half of population of Syrian citizen who stayed in the areas under control of terrorists were somehow related to terrorist via administrative functions, running power plants, government functions, family and religious ties, business with (oil smuggling, slave trade etc), land owners cultivating the land or were just enslaved, imprisoned or kidnapped for ransom, totaled of about 2-3.5 millions.

Ironically, the “war business” was thriving under rule of ISIL outcrop of Sharia law, not only because of oil stolen from Syrian people but also due to competitive labor rates in this slave based economy and this fact alone explains why Syrian population clang to Assad regime where instead of slavery they encountered generosity, general amnesty and shelter or even jobs available due to SAA losses of manpower and mobilization orders. Western propaganda tubes are silent about that.

It is interesting to note that through Assad often criticized personal connections to Lebanon banking system, Syrian economy expected war-time collapse of GDP between 30-40% did not materialize but instead Syria achieved economic results that have been comparable to “peaceful” Greece in the same period 2010-2013 namely about 28% drop of GDP while external debt grew at half the rate of Greece.

But the refugee situation changed in early of 2015 when Kurds supported by US and Syrian army via their own ingenuity, hardening during over three years of war, policy of local cease-fire, general amnesty, generous military help from Russians to Assad regime, and consolidation of the frontlines via withdrawal from non-strategic locations got upper hand of the situation.

Still in early winter to spring 2015 nobody from western media was concerned about appalling conditions of millions of refugees, pro-Assad Arabs, and Kurds in Turkish camps and nobody protested when Turkey close those camps and kept refugees like prisoners surrounded by army guards and those who fled were returned to the camps or put in jail while Turkish authorities were acquiesced to North African refugee trying to get into Europe. Meanwhile Turkish authorities allowed ISIL and other terrorists to cross the border freely for weapon supplies, training, convalescing and R&R and their stolen oil business.

After unsuccessful recruitment drive of CIA mercenaries army in all those Turkish camps for half a billion $ US taxpayer money and consequently US switched policy to support for Syrian Kurds of YPG in the battle of Kobani, a profound change in attitude of Erdogan regime occurred.

Turkish authorities immediately close the border with Syria to new refugees mostly Kurds at that time and tacitly allowed scores of refugees who could afford it to be smuggled to Greek Islands with a help of professional human smugglers from Turkey, Syria and Europe, all clandestinely funded by the western government and provided smugglers with assurance of immunity. All those masses of humans flowing through Europe were possible only via organized smuggling rings that as a bonus in few months smuggled additionally to regular routes at least 100 tons of hard drugs including Afghan heroin to Europe causing the street price of drugs to collapse.

The affordability of paying off smugglers is very important factor in understanding the whole process especially after war turned against the terrorists and western money began to trickle down to almost nothing in mid to late 2015 partially due to US disappointment with their proxy armies and overall stalemate at that time.

The true refugees fleeing combat zones for they lives had little or nothing of value with them, ended up to be much smaller fraction of whole refugee population substantially consisted of thieves, speculators, criminals of all sorts released from jails by terrorists including illicit drug traders and economic smugglers, such as was the case of the father of drowned Syrian child propagandized in western media.

The people pouring into Europe, drug dealers, and opportunists who sent their young men to establish residence and business ties as well as former and current jihadists who were paid handsomely in firsts years of the war, were predominantly those who had enough money to pay smugglers.

But sudden, inexplicable, even by German politicians, openness of Germany and Scandinavian countries toward so-called Syrian refugees was not due to humanitarian reasons. In fact hundreds of thousands of refugees admitted to the west are rich economic opportunist or former or current terrorists and their families or somehow associated with CIA military and intelligence operations in Syria or direct assets of other western intelligence agencies, fleeing the war after they operational groups were defeated or just ran out of money, and their flight was mostly motivated by fear of retribution from Assad regime for their crimes after the war.

Over a million of true Syrian refugees of the war, Sunni Arabs and Kurds, are still stranded in camps some unable to pay for their trip to Europe but mostly because they want to return to Assad or YPG controlled Syrian territories. A choice that was never offered to them by Turkish authority, amid numerous Assad’s and Red Crescent requests, all against the international law.

Some of Syrians who ended up in Turkey paid Greek smuggles to be smuggled back to Syria after they obtained refugee status and never intended to go to Europe but were unable to return home to Syria from Turkish territory.

It is interesting that vast majority about 1.3 millions of refugee in Lebanon are not interested to emigrate to Europe even if they are living under direct threat from ISIL bases in Lebanon, although they were never offered such an opportunity with IRC and UN blind to their plea for help for food and sustenance.

In smaller scale the similar situation developed in Jordanian refugee, CIA recruitment camps that were full of the formed jihadists and their families, convalescing and training in CIA bases in Jordan. From those very camps British and US take their so-called refugees directly also mostly former CIA assets moonlighting as moderate terrorists.

The Syrian army offensive in Daara province supported by Russian aviation only increased flux of refugees, mostly tribal supporters of the ISIL and other terrorist organizations.

According to some estimates up to several thousand of jihadists, ISIL, al-Nusra Front fighters and other terrorist affiliates, mostly western intelligence members or informants often citizen of Europe returning from war, were smuggled with their weapons and training skills and who needed it, promptly obtained refuge status in Europe. Those terrorists (mostly western intelligence assets) now capable to execute sophisticated black ops on the orders of the European and US intelligence handlers. In this context Paris attacks and shroud of secrecy surrounding them are at least puzzling and at most provide disturbing connotations since terrorists who committed the crime were in contact with French and Belgium intelligence services prior to attacks.

Only in such a context we may judge what happened in Cologne Germany on New Year’s Eve and in dozens of other European cities in strangely coordinated manner.

The hundreds openly sexual assaults, beatings and intimidation against European women and their male partners, already reported thousands of such cases over last three months all suppressed in the European media, seem understandable when we consider that many of those so-called refugees are just criminals, thugs, opportunists or business speculators as well as simply fanatic Islamists or murderers jihadists admitted to the West as a recalled western intelligence assets with no single inquiry about their true identity.

The significant subset of those refugees are interested primarily in political/religious activities, including political violence, money and profit from their legal status in Europe as well as are interested in imposing their moral and cultural norms on European women and society at large, Sharia law standards allowing for beating, stoning or shaming or rape of a woman of low morality. And that’s exactly what those incidents were all about. Although, contribution from local thugs and mob mentality play should be noted as well.

And this exactly what it was, an intimidation by self-proclaimed Sharia law enforcers known from the streets of Riyadh, Tehran as well from east London from so-called refugees who are not interested in the assimilation within the western societies they consider decadent and immoral.

What is completely absent from Western media is plight of six million of Syrian internal refugees mostly Sunni Arabs who abandoned their homes and withdrew with SAA in dark days of defeat 2011-2013 into Latakia, Hama provinces and Damascus area in fear of the Al-Qaida or ISIL rule and are living mostly on direct humanitarian support of Assad regime and Russian government, almost completely ignored by UNRA.

These are all those who in the early days of the conflict stand on the side of Syrian regime and refused participation in carving their country into pieces or turning it into medieval fiefdom or delusional caliphate, while they were never political supporters of Assad.

In fact, stories of Syrian refugees refute notion of any national people uprising against Assad regime as the reason for civil war. It was not. In fact there was no civil war at all. Syrian people understand that now, while many of them, not necessarily a majority, are still politically against Assad regime or him personally as not measuring up to his father.   They are all Sunni, Shia, Christians, Alawites and others but most of all they are Syrian Arab nationalists and want the best for the country on their own politically diverse terms.

This political divisions and strive have been insidiously used by the CIA and other intelligence agencies such as Israel MOSSAD to depose Assad and divide Syria into US controllable fiefdoms that would never threaten Israel or US hubris. The Washington neocons failed in that task so far. But war is not over yet.


American ultra-conservative “National Review” advocates new US policy of supporting Assad against ISIL and other terrorists. For the first time neocon faction of Evangelical Christians and Catholics raised their voice against insanity. Or rather against US siding with Islamists against Christians under Assad protection. It about time.


Oat keepers finally say what they think straight into Obama’s face. I think Obama will grant this soldier wish and send him to support ISIL instead of al-Qaeda:

Russian and Syrian Air Force bombed al-Nusra Front Central Prison, in Idlib killing over 20 guards and dozens of hostages and prisoners. Among them was a former Syrian Air force colonel  Fayez Al-Hussein, previously deserted from the Syrian army and joined the rebels.

West accuses Russians of a war crime as usual.


SF: steady progress on all fronts. Terrorists’ resource strangulation has begun before sand storm season commences in Syria.

SF on Afghanistan:


Latest Der Ez-Zaur fighting:


The US military units station close to the Tishrin dam in the northeast of the province of Aleppo. Just two weeks ago, the YPG in cooperation with the US military forces took control of the dam, knocking ISIL from the area.

Hunger in besieged city of Madai. The provided so-called proof by SOHR as usual are fakes however, Al-Nusra Front and other groups keep people hostage, starving them and then appeal for help while refusing SAA proposals to evacuate civilians. As I noted before terrorists commonly use civilians as hostages and slaves for building underground military fortifications. Where is UNRA and IRC?


Sheikh Mishkin report from TELESUR:


Terrorists fighting at Sheikh Mishkin, Daara province.


Air strikes in Sheikh Mishkin, Daara province.


Air strikes in Idlib province.


Syrian army propaganda video;


Kurds fighting in the Tishrin dam area, with US? Air support.


Terrorists fighting as they see it.


Al-Nusra fighting in Daara province.


Terrorists’ propaganda video to prop up morale after supposedly repelled SAA assault of a district of city of Daara;


US sponsored terrorists talking about repelling attack of Assad “terrorists”


Forkat Fadrj al- Islam” fighting in Sheikh Mishkin


Syrian TV:


SAA continues fighting in Hama province.


Russians air support for rebels fighting against ISIL:



Saudi Army US made helicopter Cobra shot down by Houtis militia;


Saudi tanks destroyed by Houtis militia.



Immigrant/refuge thugs and sharia law enforcers intimidate women, in mini skirts or “provocatively clothed” acting like Iran’s, Saudis morality police , and similar in intention to Israeli religious police.


Thousands of terrorists from ISIL or others groups fill with hatred to western secularism “immigrated to Europe”;


New Year’s Eve terror events  in Cologne, Germany.


There was shortage of police resources when a massive sexual assault took place in Cologne and dozens other cities but there were enough police resources when PEGIDA protested these crimes and complain of intimidation of German women.


France chaos and Sharia law enforcers in action.


World rape map of men and women by men and women, very similar to the map of women rights, economic, legal and cultural inequality. Definitely there is a problem that cannot be ignored and a major anti- globalization argument.


American orders: Kill the enemy:


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