WHAT WAR IS THIS? Because, it is not Syrian War anymore.

What is a war anyway. At what intensity or character of violence and intimidation, rape, torture, theft protection and extortion rackets, political suppression raises to the level we call war. Is the pain any different if inflicted by a blunt object, sharp object or a bullet or shrapnel.

Shooting arrows, pouring hot oil over people, beating up with clubs senseless to death few centuries ago was called a professional war. So what are we really talking about?

Or may be we got it wrong. Maybe the war is a just a state of mind when we alienate ourselves from society at large, deny humanity of others, called enemies, while as I posited on this blog numerous times we indulge ourselves in an apocalyptic desperation of inevitability of war, we accept as rational and consequently submitting ourselves to disembodiment from entire human race. It seems to me that full spectrum of violence is just a representation of our mental state, a kind of psychotic rant amplified by mostly irrational, exaggerated fear of death or loss of “propaganda values” we clinch to.

If this is so almost whole world is engulfed in war right now. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey Yemen, Bahrain, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, West Africa, Chad, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, Congo, Angola, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Dagistan, Western/central Europe, Venezuela Argentina, Brazil, central America and Mexico, Western China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Koreas, Japan, Australia, Canada and yes the US itself and I am sure I missed a lot places where war rages on the street and/or in human hearts. I wonder where is love and peace in this world?


Christmas in Damascus (we did not pay for it).


Here is what we have to see it since we paid for it you and me.

FSA bombed Damascus city center.


South Front: Summary of 2015 events in Syria. Very clear and concise expose of a role of Saudis in the war as well as reversal of momentum of SAA from defense and consolidation of position early 2015 to full fledged attack on terrorist logistics and retaking strategic military positions, cutting off fighter and weapon supplies.


Another wonder weapon from ISIL war “engineers” do it yourself IR guided missile kit soon available at your friendly hardware store


A stalemate at Palmyra, fog preventing close air support and ISIL dag up among ancient ruins taking them and humanity hostage.


(Warning 18+) More soldiers of Allah eating the dirt for western perverted infidels and Saudi greedy blasphemers and their imperial hubris.


More barrel bombs from SAA on terrorist position in Daraya.


YPG fight ISIL in small steps but relentlessly with high “morale” since they fight for their own land.


Homs, sporadic fighting after al-Nusra cease fire and evacuation of fighter from the city.


East Ghouta. SAA Fighting with support from Iraqi shia militia with its Abrams A1M1 tanks.


The al-Nusra front fighting:


Russian air strikes in Daara province, at Sheikh Mahin.


(Warning: 18+) Aftermath of Syrian air strike, decapitated bodies of terrorist.



If you join ISIL you are going to fight protected by those indestructible wonderful military fortifications, Allah willing.


And that’s what’s gonna happen if Allah is not willing.


And here is what’s gonna happen if you really piss off Russians.Do you see a difference?

here it is:


Night fight in Anbar Province.


Untelevised revolution in Bahrain in its fourth year.


Just typical Evening commute in Bahrain after beheading of Ayatollah Nimr.


South Front about Yemen:


(Warning: 18+) dead Saudi Soldiers killed by Houties shia islamists.



The “refugees” from MENA mixed with local thugs after a violent rape and mass groping of women in Cologne train station, Germany,

now burning Christmas tree in Anderlecht, the Netherlands.



With all the hype in western media the NK statement after a miniature H-bomb test is very sober in comparison to others such as it won’t proliferate the nukes and won’t strike first but only after attacked in contrast to US and Russia who are allowing for that under some circumstances.

A face of NK evil. Propaganda ignores the fact that along with China infrastructure boom little evil boy Un joined the frenzy and built himself a 21 century amusement park, like little evil US oligarchs did a century before on SMALLER scale while witnessed by all of us little US emporium keep rotting.

NK capital Pyongyang on a glorious day in the state of war with the US.


And just to add insult to injury: Chinese UBER to OVER?



No more Mecca for Iranians. Sunni Allah won’t see Shia anymore.



This is first episode of my series: America is the Greatest;


This is second episode of my series: America is the Greatest;

US Causalities of the ME wars, declared a refuse in their own country, dispossessed, disparaged, disenfranchised from their patriotic families and communities, dying from their mental and physical wounds inflicted by abhorrent US regime while we all keep our eyes wide shut. Let’s open them for the first time; it surely will hurt since we never use them before.



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