MEDIA QUAGMIRE: Desperate Search for its Relevance to Power.

The western MSM propaganda seems to shifting their aimless search for coherent narrative missing from their Government and corporate handlers’ daily editorial dictatorship lately. After hard core facts, such a Baghdadi convalescing in military hospital in Ankara and other higher commanders of ISIL enjoying vacation in Antalya and Istanbul, paid by stolen Syrian oil etc., could not be ignored or hold back and frantic phone calls or messages were not returned, they panicked, they realized that they are being set up to do horrible and extremely dangerous, in the MSM deed, namely to express their own rational opinion which, as a matter of survival in their Orwellian world of media, have been completely suppressed. And set up they were.

To cover their asses though, they made sure that narratives that were about to be proliferated are coming not from the Media bosses who conveniently took off but as a opportunity of a lifetime for an innocent interns, who fortunately often intellectually exceed their bosses prowess trained like monkeys not to think for decades.

And hence we are having this schizophrenic narrative about Syrian war self-intertwined within fabric of daily media delusions supported by incoherent utterances of the PR or other government stooges.

Such narratives include assertion that Russians failed in Syria (after only three months), did not defeated any terrorists, except for peace loving moderate opposition and civilians while Russian military specialized in bombing hospitals and houses and now they are facing quagmire, stuck in the mud of Syria with their entire army unable to pullout and in the process destroying Russian economy without any chance to succeed but prolonging agony of nationally hated Assad regime.

In the same time MSM wants us to think that Turkey and Saudi Arabia, step parents of ISIL, feeding the beast with their green teats are scolded by the US for not doing enough killing of Assad army and Christians in Syria and but instead killing Yemenis and Kurds in Turkey while Washington demanding that they kill more whoever they are currently killing.

All that intertwined with a narrative of US recent one and a half month campaign of “awakening” from fifteen month torpor, bombing who knows what and who, (and that’s what US Congress finally wants to know as well) now running 5 sorties a day in Syria, are an unqualified success, taking credit all the Russian over four thousands operations (using Russian aerial videos to prove it) against ISIL and others and repeat the mantra of ISIL about being contained within months hence now is a time for cease fire (also with al-Qaida!!!) and political settlement i.e. a ticket for Assad departure presumably to Moscow. In other worlds, we (US) won, Russia lost and now we are waiting for surrender of Syria and Russia through so-called Geneva-Vienna fairy tale “negotiation” that Russians desperately plead with US to engage in.

For anyone who follow this blog or tens of other independent bloggers it would be a truism to say that all of the above is a total fabrication or simply a lie but the lies are on what Orwellian propaganda feeds daily, immersing in US specific type of newspeak or rather group psychosis, inured by millions of worldwide media serfs and zombies of the system hired to rewrite the past events, even just few hours, days or weeks old. But what it means, if the facts freshly remembered by many have to be frantically erased or tortured beyond recognition by terrified propagandists fearing for their careers or even lives if their superfluous existence is discovered.

Orwell is silent about that; he posits that the change of a permanent enemy or immutable social attitudes happens in totalitarian society miraculously overnight. In fact any change in the propaganda from one self-consistent system to another happened as a process and is a direct result of the ruling elite split or strive or ideological conflict that produces unintended transitional diversity in the otherwise immutable truths resulting in more and more chaotic and short term judgments and declarations contradictory to the very principles they claim to uphold.

The failed constructs of altered reality, MSM suffers from, as Orwell noted, are nothing but manifestations of the convulsing imperial hubris loosing its critical element allowing for its persistence namely a myth of inevitability, immunity and immutability of its reign.

One may likely doubt that under empty propaganda rhetoric and massive fraud on historical scale resides hollowed out US system of repression and control. That all or most of “guards” in our prison are gone and all what we hear are just out hallucination of their steps and orders, that all their power that’s left are propaganda images demanding blind subservience and acceptance of more and more absurdly psychedelic worldview.

With world news monopoly partially broken Syrian war presents itself, as an exposition of US imperial hubris with all is fakery and pomposity of circumstances, devoid of any merit in military or political realm to match their great claims.


New Year Greetings from SOUTH FRONT: Thanks SF;


These supposed to be our enemies. And also how out taxpayer money are being used to

destroy this, Christmas celebrating, women rights upholding Assad regime by killing innocent Christians. Although to be fair and balanced some Santas were bad but that doesn’t justify a massacre.

Bombings in Kamishili.


A FSA fighter got shot. But what’s more interesting is presence of foreign probably US mercenary. Just listen carefully no Arabic necessary, only American English.


And here is whole/more story of FSA defeat in Sheikh Mishkin


Executed Saudi Shia leader Nimr al-Nimr criticizes Saudi regime.


Protests in Saudi Arabia: at el-Katif following beheading of Nimr.


Attacks by Iranian Islamists on SA embassy in Tehran.


This is why Erdogan seemingly acts chaotic but in fact his misguided rationale is to destroy or subdue Kurds instead to seeking slow autonomy process and peace with neighbors to keep Kurds divided and culturally connected to their countries such as Syria, Iraq and Iran. By supporting ISIL and terrorists Erdogan is effectively uniting politically divided Kurd Diaspora.

The Red color indicates area where Kurds dominate population and if given an opportunity could vote for united Kurdistan, which would means Turkey’s no more.



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