SYRIAN WAR 2015: What a Difference a Year Makes. Not Much.

The year 2015 ended, passed into history so lets see what year it was like for Syrian people defending their country against western aggression.

In one word it was horrible, with perhaps a light in the tunnel visible for a first time or may be not. In 2015 alone about fifty thousands dead and wounded on both sides including approximately fifteen thousand civilians we should not forget about, mountains of corpses young men women and children silent witnesses to what the war is all about regardless of the political religious or ideological nonsense we may be hearing or whatever noble cause of all those deaths and suffering we may be assigned by cowardly politicians.

No. However, it may sound insensitive, unfortunately, in contrary to the feelings of victims’ family members, seeking grand, divine purpose, reconciliation and deeper meaning of their loss in religious or patriotic realm, all those deaths were simply senseless and futile in achieving of any, however desired, end on both sides of the conflict whether in Damascus or Paris. It is survival that matters. Only people untainted by the war, can end it.

By rationalizing the deaths, celebrating dead heroes and their fabricated achievements for propaganda purposes, our own humanity is being destroyed by an absurd of war. Without confronting people’s deaths and suffering we will never understand what is really happening in Syria and elsewhere where imperial demons of war instigated and fueled hatred and encouraged human slaughter en mass. The fates of political players gambling with human lives are irrelevant to comprehend nature of war.

Syrians want the war to end, even now when at least eight millions internally relocated and three millions exiled would not be able to return home, but are weary of the fate of Palestinians who after 1948 dissolution of Palestine never found their home. And therefore Syrians do not want risk losing their nation, their home to become permanent refugees, discarded by the world and are ready to support anyone, Assad or not, who shares this unifying national goal, one of very few remaining threads that hold Syria together after about five years of Western belligerence using Turkey and medieval Gulf States proxies directed towards wiping out of modern post-colonial secular Syrian State from map of the Middle East.

No western financed opposition, political or military, if it existed,  could make such a credible promise to the Syrian people and hence will be surely rejected when Syrian nation finally heads to more or less democratic polls. Syina peoles, Sunni, Shia and the rest have no appetite for Islamic Caliphate. And that’s probably why US reneged on quick elections in Syria, and facing Russian involvement even accepted Assad temporarily in charge of devastated country while they are again frantically trying to build a political formation credible enough to challenge Assad, again showing total ignorance of Middle Eastern politics after they fired all the knowledgeable people from Department of State during last ten years.

It is a ghost of Bashar’s father, Hafez that saved him from demise so far by making Syrians, a mixture of variety of ethnic and religious groups and tribes, love their country dearly with all the painful memories of struggle for post-colonial justice, mutual understanding and sacrifice for others, created sense of community and built the nation from ancient culture and desert sands.

A decades long painful political process of a birth of Syrian Nation from amalgamate of historically hostile ethnic and religious groups influenced by global colonial interests, the US is allegedly trying to circumvent within a year or two in their futile bid to replace Assad,  cannot be easily undone and hence US scheming is doomed to fail by design. In fact US together with Israel is set on dismantling postcolonial order of nation States and establishment of medieval sectarian fiefdoms under US protectorate, political entities that would never threaten the very existence of Israel.

Now, most of Syrians understand what the Assad regime often excessive brutality in eliminating Syria’s internal and external enemies, was all about beside their own Alawite sectarian interests they were accused of. The Assad regime tied its fortune to existence and development of independent Syrian state based on social-democratic, nationalistic, postcolonial foundations of control of natural resources that substantially benefited ordinary Syrian citizen and opposed rampant exploitation of the working people by the world’s oligarchy.

Many may think that we are closer to a solution to the Syrian War via some political changes including expanded role of phantom opposition, but don’t be fooled, we are not closer to a solution in any ways beneficial to majority of Syrian population who suffered enough.

The true solution to the Syrian war would be to put on trial, in front of Syrian people’s courts, all the terrorist leaders as well as Syrian political leaders, including Assad himself to be judged for his deeds, unilateral withdrawal of all terrorists supported by the West, Turkey, Israel and Saudis & allies and receiving at least $150 billions of reparations for brutal aggression violating international law and UN charter as well as punishment of those in highest echelons of the US, Turkey, Saudis and its allies for the war crimes committed under their command. How close are we to any just solution like that? Probably further than in 2014.

Syria is already destroyed materially and spiritually there is no doubt about it and any true patriotic opposition leader, if he/she existed would have declined the position of leadership knowing well that the task of rebuilding the nation seems beyond human capacity. In such a context continuation of Assad as a president is understood by Syrians not only as recognition of a leader who ultimately proven himself ready to fight for unified Syria (did not relinquished power so far) but in the same time a punishment for him for his significant contribution to the national tragedy by not recognizing early that 2011 Syrian unrest was all about his own misguided neo-liberal policies and western political/military intervention, run by mercenaries and CIA assets in the Syrian government aimed for a regime change and not, as he mistakenly asserted, a sectarian strive, an internal assault on the institutions of political consensus he was committed by the Syrian people and Syrian constitution to uphold.

Bashar Assad, living much of his life in the western elitist bubble in London, detached from “soul” of his nation, significantly contributed to enormous scale of this tragedy by cowardly doubting in Syrian social institutions of sectarian peace his father meticulously built as a foundation of the Syrian Nation and a support for an artificial body of Syrian state, carved arbitrarily by colonial powers with disregard to historic ethnic divisions, just to make Syria (Iraq, SA, Jordan, Lebanon etc.,) weak and easily controllable.

Some day this war is gonna end. But how? How many new mountains of corpses will be resurrected from the horrible past? How much pain and torment does await Syrians at home and in exile? How much more devastation is to come? Will they endure the US imperial gamble and prevail? I do not know. But it seems to me that they understand why they fight. They fight to survive or to perish as a nation weary of apocalyptic choice extorted by war and fueled by it.

My own minute contribution to blogosphere by writing this blog was spurred by rampant propaganda of militarism and war in the US MSM and elsewhere, leisurely planning and academically discussing human deaths and anguish with no shred of compassion or recognition of the evil of war in itself. I was compelled, within my modest means, to put forward alternative narratives to the fantastic fairy tales about nobility and righteousness of the institutionalized killings made supposedly moral and justified by bureaucratic procedures of calcified US imperial regime, while hiding profit motive for all blood spilled.

By writing this blog I want all the readers to realize that the war or violence, for seemingly noble cause if it ever was such a thing, kills everyone who wages it including those who are forced to wage it for defense; looser or winner, survivor or victim, heroes or cowards. Nobody comes back home from war morally alive. And that’s why war is always a tragedy for ordinary people and means of making profit for global elite. The war is as much about killing as about certain state of mind where seemingly rational, compassionate people accept murder of another human being as means of achieving however compelling end and to bring back an illusion serenity over fresh graves of the dead.

After John Lennon song “War is over” I wish you all, readers of this blog Happy New Year without any fear or uncertainty in our personal lives as well as in life of our nations.


Assad with his Sunni wife on the walk in the snow. What will New Year 2016 bring to them?


Newlyweds in ruins.


South Front: steady progress of SAA amid failed counterattack attempts from ISIL or al-Nusra resulting in more casualties and depletion of material and human resources of terrorists.


SANA: Syrian TV2 English


Interesting YPG after taking over Dam in Tishrin plans to move north-west to Manbij instead in South Eastern direction to Raqqa what US is pushing. Kurds refused to seize ethnic Arab lands while are eager to take back their own land.


Another counterattack of ISIL repelled at Mahin, thanks to Russian close air support.


Warning (18+) Requiem for a dream of Islamic State in East Ghouta. Dead corpses of terrorists dining on dirt instead of spoils of heaven.


FSA fighting SAA.

All the chaos, confusion and needless loss of lives.


Warning: (18+) And more deaths this time Hezbollah killed some al-Nusra Front terrorists:


FSA TV star, TOW operator probably responsible for killing Russian soldier during SU24m rescue mission, caught, in Latakia. He looks like little boy without his toy from uncle Sam.


Syrian air force attack on terrorists’ positions in Ter-Maala:


Warning: (18+) Another terrorist killed:


Mi28 in action against al-Nusra Front fighters.


Iraqi air force in Action:


Shot down with Russian surface to air missile from 1980-ties by Yemeni Houties, Bahraini F-16 fell over territory of Saudi Arabia:


Welcome to Turkey:


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