The name of the game is conflicting interests of all the players. No two countries have the same goals in precise terms while generally most support some vague, meaningless ideas open to broad interpretation and varying claims.

Before we try to understand what Saudi Arabia intentions are in Syrian peace negotiations’ context we have to understand from where they are coming from.

The so-called Saudi Royal Elite, described by last legitimate Caliph as a band of petty desert thieves and robbers of the camel caravans, killers of faithful Muslims on their way to Mecca for pilgrimage, was a direct product of a colonial conquest by failing British empire in late XIX century aimed to dislodge Turkish dominance and to break down the Ottoman empire.

When after disintegration of Ottoman Empire in 1918, this frail and politically insignificant group of criminals, on the payroll on British intelligence, was officially assigned by British imperial power a role of guardians of two top holly sites of Islam i.e. Mecca and Medina, there was an uproar in the Muslim world especially since those new guardians of faith were not even classified as Muslims, but a heretical sect, a cult limited in its influence only to Wahhabis, Arabian desert tribes.

Not until huge reservoirs of crude oil were discovered underneath  Arabian desert in 1920-ties, this puny family of gangsters gained any importance on world political stage in a context of collapsing British imperial plans for MENA and even more when many years later an enormous wave of anti-colonial rebellions and people revolutions swept the world, destroyed old colonial order and transformed it into a cold war confrontation playground between two superpowers and their imperial hubris.

Unable to hold on to their colonies, British and other colonial powers frantically were trying to divide their colonies into some relatively weak, politically and religiously conflicted, easy to control regions and attempted to install Middle East puppet regimes in a form of fake Royalties, colonial collaborators or intelligence agents elevated to Royal class via edicts of British in ME and other European royalty elsewhere in Africa. An hence Saudi Arabia as well as other GCC fiefdoms were created, a colonial propaganda constructs, strictly controlled and financed by British and later by American imperial powers that became the only guarantors of their political and religious legitimacy as separate statelets.

In contrast to the GCC countries, this national “independence” charade did not work for long in other former British and French colonies of Iraq and Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, Egypt, etc., where Soviet trained political cadres of the populists, anti-colonial revolutionaries in late 1940-ties to 1960-ties overthrew those puppet regimes and/or former colonial powers and pushed for unifying ideology of Secular Arab Nationalism, with strong political and economic support of Soviets and that included Soviet push for establishment of socialistic Jewish state of Israel, as a misguided anti-colonial effort which conflicted with anti-colonial struggle of Palestinians and became an immediate cause of acute post-colonial conflict in the ME against original Soviet intentions.

Things got even worse when, after 1966, Israeli Yiddish leadership under pressure from US Jewish Diaspora, (perhaps) “turncoated” on the Soviets and was allowed to abandon Socialist, Zionist roots and turned into sectarian, capitalist regime it is today. In a way Israel first fell victim of “Jewish Spring-like” American subversion in order to get Israel under US imperial umbrella together with other sectarian desert thieves of GCC, a company where Jewish people did not belong.

All those developments further stabilized Saudi regime and made it indispensable in the US foreign political propaganda in a new global geopolitical context. Saudis became not only important strategic ally but a guardian of US economic power base depended on the ME oil when US oil production was programmatically declined.

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The name of the game are conflicting interests of all players. No two countries have the same goals in precise terms while generally support some vague, mostly meaningless ideas open to broad interpretation.

There are just few ideas that the players may have.

Before Erdogan and his politics and policies of crawling Islamism i.e. subversion of the Turkey neutrality (abandoned what Turkey entered NATO) and secular constitution adopted since days of Ataturk, took shape, Turkey was a reliable US puppet, that effectively, at least in Washington eyes, fought all Turkish opponents of the US imperial project. From religious Christian right to extreme Islamist movements to leftist ethnic Turks as well as the Kurds from Kurdistan Workers Party, all have been attacked and significantly impaired in their political agility.

Such an arrangement was convenient for Turkish secularists, mainstream political parties as for US imperialists since all emphasized importance of the Turkish army as explicitly constitutionally obliged to defend the constitution and conveniently southern flank of NATO.

Erdogan and his Islamists in Armani suits understood, just by reading history of their country, that a violent mass uprising, first would not garner enough support out right due to acute internal divisions and second, as was a case with leftist or Kurdish uprisings, largest army in NATO, except for US* is well prepared to suppress the rebellion, all within constitutional prerogatives, all legal in the eyes of their US puppet master.

Therefore, he turned to an organic work, taking decades long look and started spreading ideologies of Islamism in social context from bottom up, building organizational foundations, charities and other social support institutions, in Turkey and elsewhere in MENA in order to establish Islamic constituency ready to take power via so-called democratic means.

It was a path similar to Hamas in Palestine that grew out of religious teachings through social services into political realm not as extreme but a relatively moderate Islamist political force, and hence drew Israeli fury in contrast to al-Qaeda which Israeli condemnation were politically and militarily mute.

The slow but steady progress of Erdogan and his party taking over dictatorial power within Turkey, ripping the rewards of pre-2008 EM economic bubble and relatively small slump afterwards, despite few flukes such refusal participation war in the Iraq war in 2003 while making money out of it, was mostly ignored by Washington, although personal relationship with US government and US politicians were going slowly sour.

The open diplomatic conflict with previously friendly Israel over an act of open sea piracy and murder by Israeli navy of a “Freedom Flotilla” aimed on breaking illegal naval blockade of Gaza, as well as warming up Turkish relations with Russia and Iran made even neocons uneasy about Erdogan and his clique.

When in early 2011 CIA “Arab Spring” operation commenced Erdogan knew what it was all about namely removing secular political framework from MENA countries, destroying secular social institutions and bringing back sectarian rulers, like himself, accepting direct US protectorate of their vassal states not unlike to relationship of those very countries with Roman Empire some 2000 years ago.

An hence he quickly offered help for money, in destabilizing its closes secular government, namely Assad regime in Syria, especially that he had his own secret plans regarding this region, namely rebuilding a local ottoman empire under US geopolitical umbrella, counting on US being a friend to all the extremists, Islamic or not, and staunched foe to ideas of egalitarianism and secularism in the MENA, as history has shown.

But in first years of the “Arab Spring” Turkey has proven itself to be inefficient and having very little influence on the ground, much less than they promised to Washington neocons and, as it was later discovered, most of their early efforts after 2011 was to make money of the war by trading oil and transiting Saudis, GCC states’ money and military supplies through Turkey to ISIL, a creation of CIA out of inefficiency of Saudi/GCC sponsored al-Qaeda & affiliates in Syria.

Erdogan was scolded in Washington for not delivering Assad on a plate even aftre he was accused of chemical weapon attacks, turned a false flag operations of Turkish intelligence, and behold articles about Erdogan imperial ambitions started to show up in NYT and elsewhere online.

The US DOS unhappy with Erdogan judged him too ambitious and too independent for their liking wanted him out via guess-what method of “Turkish Spring” and to spring him out of office via releasing to public shady dealings audios excerpts of himself and his family profiteering of the war, hiding gold in their relatives homes etc., just before elections, which sparked Erdogan anger and threats to close twitter and Facebook and other ranting while massively jailing journalist and cartoonists with differing sense of humor.

This lengthy introduction I consider important to realize that Erdogan, not as much as Turkey as a country, has his own however delusional political agenda which is unstable, erratic, driven by varying emotional states, lashing out against anyone and everyone who is trying to wake him up from a torpor of his own illusions of grandeur.

So what are Turkish aims and plans in this war long-term?

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POLITICAL MOSAIC OF SYRIAN WAR: Part I. Kurds and Assad regime.

The name of the game around the Syrian War is a mosaic of intertwined, conflicting interests of all political players. No two countries or political groups have the same goal in precise terms while generally many support some vague, mostly meaningless ideas about how to end the conflict open to broad interpretation, often tailored to particular benefit of one side or another.

There are specific ideas that political players in the conflict have. I will try to define them in a series of posts on this blog. Today I ask: What are interests and political objectives of Kurds and the Assad regime in context of this war ?

The Kurds are politically divided. The Iraqi Kurds and the KRG, US puppet regime run by a Barzani clan rather than a political formation, want to increase their influence and oil rich territory in Iraq while continuing profitable oil trade with Turkey on their own with no Baghdad’s control or involvement. This attitude of this CIA infiltrated Iraqi-Kurd leadership is an obvious betrayal of Kurdish independent movement that sees Turkey as an enemy number one.

In contrast Syrian Kurds are looking to gain internationally recognized strong autonomy within Syria, which could become, upon Turkey disintegration, a seed of Kurdistan independent state, with its independent security forces and independent civic institutions and relatively independent economy within the some kind of federal framework of future Syrian Federation. They are much more interested in supporting Kurds and their political strive in Turkey, support that corrupted US backed Iraqi Kurds failed to provide.

As they successfully did with KRG and Peshmerga, a Barzani Clan Militia in Iraq, the US became interested in taking over YPG and Syrian Kurdish leadership of PYD, in an attempt to corrupt/control them as well in order to calm down of some of Turkish well-founded fears about highly trained YPG under command of PYD sister party of PKK at Turkish borders.

Facing with annihilation just 18 months ago, YPG temporary and seemingly accepted the US air support in fighting ISIL, and tolerate some US boots on the ground, in Kurdish areas but this marriage of convenience cannot last and is politically so fragile that could be broken on a moment notice. And as soon as ISIL is substantially weaken or defeated, US Special Forces, illegally operating on Syrian soil, will quickly be forced out under any pretext of Syrian national sovereignty or something else.

It is important to note that PYD shares the political program with PKK (Kurdish Workers Party) which is based on Marxism-Leninism, not something look favorably in Washington, nor makes PYD leadership a believer in benevolence of US neocons and possibility of any long-term alliance or friendship with the US Imperial power, they swear to defeat as a matter of policy of Worker’s International.

Again, US wet dream of doing the same with Syrian Kurds as with they did with Iraqi Kurds is bound to fail, first of all because the situation in Syrian is diametrically different.

Back then, in 1990-ties US provided the only possible protection against still strong Saddam Hussein army for the Iraqi-Kurdish forces under CIA control while now in Syria, Assad is much weaker and already conceded strong Kurdish autonomy and local self-rule, facing the fact of infeasibility of enforcement of his political reign over Kurds for many years after the war.

However, he demanded Syrian territorial integrity, and Damascus veto in the Syrian defense and international relations being respected by Kurds. Both sides are considering Turkey as being common enemy and a threat to their particular interests and both would do anything possible to find a compromise, with Turkey on a losing side. They have no illusions that, for global geopolitical reasons, the US ultimately will support Turkey and hence the PYD political/military embrace of US is treated as temporary and tactical measure.

On the other hand, Kurds refuse to be involved in military plans of Damascus beyond traditional Kurdish territories and wisely trying to avoid even more dire complications, such as encroachment on ethnic Arab, Yezidis or Assyrian or even Turkmen lands that could result in disturbing Syrian/Iraq ethnic mosaic even more than it already has been.

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CUI BONO? Refugee Crisis In Europe.

What I wrote on this blog just few days ago, about few hundreds of thousands of illegitimate so-called Syrian refugees, who actually were trying to escape responsibility for their crimes or moral transgressions they committed in Syria during the war  is true and I am talking here not only about crimes of terrorism but criminal offences devoid of political motivations.

However, I categorically reject wholesale branding of all over two millions of Syrian/MENA [Middle East & North Africa] refugees who arrived in Europe in last 18 months as terrorists, criminals or disingenuous people seeking economic fortune in the midst of national tragedy. The majority of them are not.

I cannot accept an intellectual trap of discussing dire refugee situation as generally Islam having anything to do with people’s particular behavior, like Christianity having nothing to do with certain behavior of Christians, although in blogosphere and MSM many are peddling equivalence between being vs. acting. The whole issue is much more complicated, impossible to address in two-minute segment on TV and even very difficult to fully address its complexity in the web format.

But the fact is following. People who are living in MENA countries including Christians are fed up with the western financed faux political extremists who destroyed their countries and hijacked a religion (Islam or whatever) for propaganda purposes. However, they also are reluctant to support American and European culture, correctly judged as shallow, decadent, deeply corrupt and immoral.

Hence many MENA citizen and European and US immigrants from the area stay on sidelines, often confused, being forcefully confronted to make a choice between two evils. That’s why entire silent, moderate political and cultural center, that still remains in MENA countries is being often accused by opponents of a tacit support for murderous freaks who are an insult to Islamic as well as Christian religion and any culture.

On the other hand, so-called MENA regional culture, dominated by Islam or not, has elements diametrically or even shockingly different from that of a modern Western Tradition.

The women rights issue, gender discrimination embedded in the culture and often in the law, gender specific, divided responsibility of raising children, social caste exploitation, honor killings, arranged marriages, corporal punishment in social and legal framework and other disparities of cultures, are some of very acute exemptions from overall commonality and sharing of universal cultural and family values respected across the world as much as in MENA countries. This is not to say that modern European culture and customs are in any way morally superior to that of MENA countries, since no objective measure of such superiority can even exists.

In fact many of cultural practices accepted in the modern Western Tradition, meet resistance of most MENA communities.

What they call neoliberal westernization i.e. divisions and partitions of families, socially accepted greed, lust and vice, rampant individualism and hedonism, acceptance of shallow commercial narcissistic culture that rejects traditional values of unity, solidarity, caring and sharing responsibility for family and community as well as diminishing of small family businesses as a national economic foundation are being fiercely resisted in MENA.

It is this rational resistance that is being hijacked by political demagogues under guise of an attack on religion, which it is not.

It is only understandable that these were exactly those MENA regimes under US imperial assault, that attempted to slowly mitigate disparity of variety of Middle Eastern cultures and religions, including Judaism, under a theme of Secular Arab Nationalism.

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Over Three Months Past: Did We Learn More About Why Russians Intervened Syria.

Not much more than what I wrote just three months ago. The anti-Russian propaganda keeps steady, inciting schizophrenic narratives of Russian rogue state threatening to world peace, an aggressor not to be trusted or treated equally on the world stage while tacitly recognizing positive and critical role of Russia in sustaining of the world order. However ineffective sanctions stayed unchanged for propaganda purposes alone and calls for more independent from US, balanced EU-Russia relations, are still left unheeded while arms race on both sides escalated to levels unheard of since 1990. The one thing we have learned that what ever Russian modest aims, they deliver on their promises so far. So let’s examine once again;

Why Russians Came?

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MSM DISCOVERY: Russian Military Strategy In Syria is a Success.

Although it was always logical course of action, Russian intervention in Syria mostly designed as directed close air support for Syrian Arab Army turned out to be very successful, exceeding expectations, due to efficient Russian war machine, weapons supplies to SAA and Syrian air force but mostly due to increased morale of Assad army followed by massively increased on recruitment into national defense units that aimed to move onto liberated areas and establish law and order and perform smaller operations against remaining terrorist hold outs as well as Assad policy of unconditional general amnesty for Syrian citizen fighting against the government who want to lay arms and admit their role in the war. Citizen of other countries including Europeans are held in prisons or executed if they are found guilty of killing civilians.

One observation however that is striking if we compare US military tactics against terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan in rural and urban areas versus those of Russians, informed by war in Chechnya.

While first Chechnya war under Yeltzin was a unqualified disaster, the second Chechnya war fought effectively under Putin was a success due to one fundamental and later commonly element of Russian tactics on military as well as on political front i.e. making deals with the local political, religious power centers on the ground that would constitute unified force against terrorists with total political, diplomatic, humanitarian, logistical, weapons supply and close air supports provided by Russians, a war tactics brilliantly implemented in Syria so far.

The understanding that any war is first of all war to win hearts and minds of supporters of the enemy has been a benchmark of Russian overall strategy applied extremely well in case of Syria and hence most of world public opinion if not supporting Russians at least understand the motivations of Russian intervention as likely solution to immediate humanitarian crisis of war. Something that US imperial hubris shrieks about and flatly refuses even to acknowledge.
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EUROPE: Who are those Syrian War Refugees?

It was very instructive to review dozens testimonies and other sources posted by Syrian refugees describing ordeal they went through to get to Europe. They were disturbing in less measure due to pain and suffering they endured but rather due to peculiar circumstances they were “forced” to flee the battle zones across Syria.

But first one must realize the scope of the refuge crisis. In total about 10 million people have been displaced due to Syrian war, more than half of the pre-conflict population. From that about two millions moved to Turkey, 400k to Jordan, 200k to Iraqi Kurdistan, 1.2 million to Lebanon and 300k elsewhere and over 6 millions of Syrian citizen were internally displaced due to war. This percentage wise displacement of masses of population is comparable to WWII in Europe. These staggering numbers are only approximate but give us an insight about the scope of the carnage.

The war map of Syrian conflict is complicated enough, however some basic trends of the forced human migration are clearly seen. First let’s look at what military movements and whose military movements instigated waves massive human exodus to develop, and where those refugees went and why. So one can see clearly the nature of the conflict or whether or not it was civil war, a division of society that turned into political and military strive or it was something else like invasion or attempt to coup d’etat or regime change.

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WHAT WAR IS THIS? Because, it is not Syrian War anymore.

What is a war anyway. At what intensity or character of violence and intimidation, rape, torture, theft protection and extortion rackets, political suppression raises to the level we call war. Is the pain any different if inflicted by a blunt object, sharp object or a bullet or shrapnel.

Shooting arrows, pouring hot oil over people, beating up with clubs senseless to death few centuries ago was called a professional war. So what are we really talking about?

Or may be we got it wrong. Maybe the war is a just a state of mind when we alienate ourselves from society at large, deny humanity of others, called enemies, while as I posited on this blog numerous times we indulge ourselves in an apocalyptic desperation of inevitability of war, we accept as rational and consequently submitting ourselves to disembodiment from entire human race. It seems to me that full spectrum of violence is just a representation of our mental state, a kind of psychotic rant amplified by mostly irrational, exaggerated fear of death or loss of “propaganda values” we clinch to.

If this is so almost whole world is engulfed in war right now. Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey Yemen, Bahrain, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, West Africa, Chad, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, Congo, Angola, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia, Chechnya, Dagistan, Western/central Europe, Venezuela Argentina, Brazil, central America and Mexico, Western China, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Koreas, Japan, Australia, Canada and yes the US itself and I am sure I missed a lot places where war rages on the street and/or in human hearts. I wonder where is love and peace in this world?

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I found a post entitled “Week Thirteen of the Russian Intervention in Syria: Debunking The Lies” By The Saker recently published on ICH, to be very valuable in putting into proper perspective a role of Russia in this conflict, her political motivation, and impact of direct Russian military intervention on the geopolitical situation in Syria and greater Middle East in the context of some sensible objectives achievable militarily and politically by Russian engagement.

I like Saker’s realism and I agree that the war itself is far from over or any decisive breakthrough on the ground but he seems to ignore special weight of political equation that Russian intervention substantially changed. What I mean is that Russians “hope” or plan for political solution and/or military circumstances, short of unlikely “overwhelming” victory in the battlefield where the war would no longer need to be fought and that would be an ultimate accomplishment of the wider political objective of the very limited intervention, embarked upon ultimately to stop the war.

Why would it be even possible considering fanatical Islamists and their equally fanatical and despotic sponsors? Because, in contrast to all the MSM propaganda, there was never civil war in Syria driven by deep internal conflicts although they exist . Instead, it was a clandestine foreign invasion organized by CIA assets positioned within in Assad regime and hence, beside misguided and desperate Islamic youth from Europe and MENA there are mostly foreign mercenaries of US-Turkey-Saudi alliance who fight for money and/or fame.

Syrians no longer want to fight for foreign terrorists except when threatened or coerced. True 2011 Syrian “revolutionaries” who believed in change, no longer see beauty into which all those ugly hills of war, misery and dark death suppose to dissolve and instead are eking for return of, however unsatisfactory, social order of the past.

Already over 50% of European volunteers of ISIL fled or were killed facing reality of senseless death in the God forsaken desperate land for benefit of corrupted commanders who are more interested in sex slaves than teachings of Mohamed or a global Caliphate BS, violating very basic canons of Islam while claiming religious authority.

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MEDIA QUAGMIRE: Desperate Search for its Relevance to Power.

The western MSM propaganda seems to shifting their aimless search for coherent narrative missing from their Government and corporate handlers’ daily editorial dictatorship lately. After hard core facts, such a Baghdadi convalescing in military hospital in Ankara and other higher commanders of ISIL enjoying vacation in Antalya and Istanbul, paid by stolen Syrian oil etc., could not be ignored or hold back and frantic phone calls or messages were not returned, they panicked, they realized that they are being set up to do horrible and extremely dangerous, in the MSM deed, namely to express their own rational opinion which, as a matter of survival in their Orwellian world of media, have been completely suppressed. And set up they were.

To cover their asses though, they made sure that narratives that were about to be proliferated are coming not from the Media bosses who conveniently took off but as a opportunity of a lifetime for an innocent interns, who fortunately often intellectually exceed their bosses prowess trained like monkeys not to think for decades.

And hence we are having this schizophrenic narrative about Syrian war self-intertwined within fabric of daily media delusions supported by incoherent utterances of the PR or other government stooges.

Such narratives include assertion that Russians failed in Syria (after only three months), did not defeated any terrorists, except for peace loving moderate opposition and civilians while Russian military specialized in bombing hospitals and houses and now they are facing quagmire, stuck in the mud of Syria with their entire army unable to pullout and in the process destroying Russian economy without any chance to succeed but prolonging agony of nationally hated Assad regime.

In the same time MSM wants us to think that Turkey and Saudi Arabia, step parents of ISIL, feeding the beast with their green teats are scolded by the US for not doing enough killing of Assad army and Christians in Syria and but instead killing Yemenis and Kurds in Turkey while Washington demanding that they kill more whoever they are currently killing.

All that intertwined with a narrative of US recent one and a half month campaign of “awakening” from fifteen month torpor, bombing who knows what and who, (and that’s what US Congress finally wants to know as well) now running 5 sorties a day in Syria, are an unqualified success, taking credit all the Russian over four thousands operations (using Russian aerial videos to prove it) against ISIL and others and repeat the mantra of ISIL about being contained within months hence now is a time for cease fire (also with al-Qaida!!!) and political settlement i.e. a ticket for Assad departure presumably to Moscow. In other worlds, we (US) won, Russia lost and now we are waiting for surrender of Syria and Russia through so-called Geneva-Vienna fairy tale “negotiation” that Russians desperately plead with US to engage in.

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SYRIAN WAR 2015: What a Difference a Year Makes. Not Much.

The year 2015 ended, passed into history so lets see what year it was like for Syrian people defending their country against western aggression.

In one word it was horrible, with perhaps a light in the tunnel visible for a first time or may be not. In 2015 alone about fifty thousands dead and wounded on both sides including approximately fifteen thousand civilians we should not forget about, mountains of corpses young men women and children silent witnesses to what the war is all about regardless of the political religious or ideological nonsense we may be hearing or whatever noble cause of all those deaths and suffering we may be assigned by cowardly politicians.

No. However, it may sound insensitive, unfortunately, in contrary to the feelings of victims’ family members, seeking grand, divine purpose, reconciliation and deeper meaning of their loss in religious or patriotic realm, all those deaths were simply senseless and futile in achieving of any, however desired, end on both sides of the conflict whether in Damascus or Paris. It is survival that matters. Only people untainted by the war, can end it.

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