The first casualty of a war is truth. This well know truism however, it obfuscates the real truth that the war is a lie. In its core there is a Hegelian assumption about “Total War” which means all out assault on everything that enemy wants, needs or cares or think positively about, anything that could be, even tangentially, useful or beneficial in short or long term, or even neutral, non-threatening to a perceived enemy.

Since it is Total War, it is not limited to the material things or human beings who could support war effort in any even minute ways but increasingly to ideas, cultural heritage, spirituality, religion and other social constructs such as morality, dignity and what Orwell skillfully described as weaponizing of language (newspeak) and conceptual meaning of words and subjugate it to the aims of total war.

Almost all wars are Total Wars, wars made seemingly rational via apocalyptic character of their motivations, apocalyptic religious or ideological character that presents itself as an absurd, irreconcilable conundrum, unsolvable moral dilemma, logical dead end, for otherwise peaceful people, all to pretend that the war itself is the only rational providence, relieving people from horrible burden of making faithful decision and releases them from responsibility for the path they chose. People in a mode of automaton, driven by weird amalgamate of Rousseau naturalism and Voltaire rationalism succumb to a war fever as the only simple and effective remedy for a leaders’ concocted existential threat, a logical singularity that nobody can feel or understand. The truth is that war is never a solution to anything.

Syrian war is no different. It’s total. On all sides it is presented as war between good and evil, about existential strive, with no hope of reconciliation unless morally reprehensible enemy is destroyed and all human, cultural, religious, economic, political traces of enemy erased from the face of the earth.

You pick whom I am talking about.

For sure different people would chose different enemy to be wipe out, that’s how disease of war infects our minds. All of it is due to acceptance, by all sides, the propaganda of inevitability of war at any particular time and morality of revenge for atrocities they experienced.

The desperation is hailed as virtue of suicidal warriors who are lied to about supposedly profound significance of their likely death while they are just sorry puppets of propaganda lies concocted by their leaders for power and profit. In eyes of the world elite, in life as in death they always were utterly useless and meaningless regardless of what phony cause of the strive they were manipulated into.

Orwell brilliantly put it in his 1984 book. Opposite to the high school interpretation, 1984 is not about totalitarianism but it is purely antiwar book where questions of erasing history and replacing it with contemporarism as a leading ideology summed up nicely what the war is all about and why it is a lie.

At war we are prohibited from examining history, how war happens, in what circumstances, whose interest it serves. We are forced to confront the situation of the moment and declare our moral stand and support for one side of the phony conflict or another with almost no factual data but propaganda lies.

The argument “ OK, but what do we have to do now” is a most insidious formulation of demoralizing conterporarism of fake binary world. By asking somebody whose brother was just killed to join the fight to avenge him is an epitome of moral relativism driven by propaganda of existentialism underlying all political institutions waging war.

The war is an extortion/protection racket that extorts from people their blood and their ethics for phony protection from a phantom reality. At war only pain suffering, death and profit is real, everything else is a lie.



One of lies that are commonly proliferated in war is a lie about casualties including enemy causalities and civilian casualties. All those lies serve a purpose of proclaiming a success of this or that military campaign, achievements of this unit or that unit or this commander or that commander. This “important strategic lies serve not to improve military operations but to deny enemy’ killing effectiveness or tactical advantage but most of all to motivate new fresh cannon fodder to enlist or use it as tools of total war.

And of such lies ‘Turkey as well as Amnesty International blames Russians and question their assertion that that as a result of almost three months of Bombing of Syria so called civilian death toll of other collateral damage was limited to unspecified minimum. In fact AI accused Russians of allegedly killing 600 civilians , including 150 children only in the province of Idlib. The problem is that claims about those potential war crimes made by Syria Director of AI, Kristyan Benedict are solely based on the report compiled from Youtube clips and over the phone interviews with supposed witnesses, not necessary eyewitnesses of the bombings who were unable to determined whose warplanes actually drop the bombs.

These accusations echo previous, old accusations from several weeks ago by SOHM about deliberate Russian assaults on hospitals located on rebel held territories, which again AI is unstable to give specific locations or some photo documentation of damages buildings to be matched with satellite imagery. Also while AI rages against inhumanity of the Russian bombings thy fail to demand that hospitals in the rebel areas provide coordinates to all the Russian and US coalition and use markings accordion to Geneva convention to avoid bombing. The MFS in Kunduz, Afghanistan did so and   AI should encourage other medical organization within the war zone to follow suit although Kunduz  is no as compelling as it should be since it was bombed by US anyway. But at least it was possible to identify war criminal responsible for the crime quickly and objectively.

But that cannot prevent us from asking a question of what are causalities caused by Russian air strikes or any other air force that drop bombs in Syria. Why Russians are not n ore forthcoming with the data or investigating by themselves or in cooperation with Syrian army their own bombings and casualties they cause. Even if casualties may be small or secondary they need to be investigated and later judged.

The fact is that Russians killed some civilians in Syria, period, although there is no confirmed evidence for it I could find, while killing that US/NATO committed in Syria and Iraq en mass is already’s widely documented and there is no excuse for no collateral damage shit or mistakes or exigent circumstances or practical military necessity. All of it should be investigated but only when all together, terrorists, US/NATO, Gulf regimes, Turkey, Russia, Syrian regime and all those who made billions of blood money to fuel the war, are put on trial of what they did, when and why.

What is interesting that Pentagon refused to confirm the AI allegations and stated that they have no evidence of those claims. A refreshing wind over stinking anti-Russian propaganda.

AI claims published in the Independent




Syrian elementary School shelled by ISIL


South Front: General amnesty by Assad Regime, rebels surrendering in hundreds.


East Gouta cut in the middle.



More bombing of oil convoys by Russians:


(WARNING: 18+) Marat, south Aleppo:


Russian close air support for SAA:


SAA is trying to save Palmyra heritage site, advances stalled.


Russian bombing of Homs area held by ISIL.



PKK attacks Turkish army convoy Shirnak province.


No pictures of real destructions perpetrated by Turkish Army allowed. Reuters is blind to all out civil war in Turkey.




ISIL terrorist convalesce in Turkish hospital, I wonder what will he do when he gets well? Apologize and go home?






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