MEDIA TERRORLAND: Political Posturing and Confusion.

From whatever sources people getting their daily news fix about Russia, Syria, or Middle East they might have noticed quite disturbing trend. The previous longer term ideological dedication of editorial opinion to certain consistent, rational, however misguided political agenda of those controlling whatever is being published in any given media outlet and meticulous care of maintaining the steady dependable perspective on incoming series of political events, is no longer practiced.

The confusion seems to reign supreme in today’s world of grotesque scale, globally conglomerated media, segmented audience into razor thin slices of special interests promoting shameful peddlers of every financial, economic, political and cultural perversion and abomination within society of so-called consumers of news, or human robots waiting for daily programming, affirmation of the their own sick notions of reality. The war in Syria is a case in point.

Now, consistence, dependability and reliance on the underlying “morality based politics” supporting interest of a certain dependency structures as a propaganda method for maintaining population support within extremely partitioned society has been reduced in duration from years, months to days, hours leaving loyal propagandists bewildered with no daily guidance, perplexed with ridiculous official reports coming from halls of power and transmitted to their disciples by more and more incoherent stooges who often have to eat their words before their farcical briefings are over. But is it just confusion or something else?

Can it be just by mistake that repeated contradictory statements are often made about meetings between Russia and the US while common communiqués are not issued? What propaganda purposes does this apparent political confusion serve?

The fact is that we should not try to read minds of the ruling elites or their puppets the politicians that’s impossible instead we must realize that there is no confusion outside the corrupted media.

The goals of imperial policies are immutable and Russians are obvious targets of the declining US global imperial regime but the realm of the war seemed to significantly expanded from blunt military interventions under guise of propaganda narratives of democracy, justice or moral indignation to the same end achieved through political subversion financed by global oligarchs money in a form of NGOs or other “noble “cause endeavors to instigate civil wars and aimed directly for victims of national self-mutilation proceeding to a regime change from national state into imperial serfs’ outfit. The leftist/nationalist regime changes during last 15 years were all arranged with significant contribution of this improved US imperial war tactics, applied in central and south America for over a century now, however now Russia entered the global propaganda war for a first time to such a degree. Hence, now Putin is not only talking to his nation about American lies; he is talking to Americans about American lies as well breaking monopoly of American imperial propaganda reach.

Instead of serious negotiations to stop this war of human pain and suffering by dismantling the terrorist network and their state sponsors including US, we’ve got all those squabbling and incoherent utterances about defeating undefined bad guys, beardless moderates, Assad’s folly, peace in Syria or other nonsense uttered by Washington and Kremlin propaganda, while underneath it all, beyond reach or prerogatives of MSM we are witnessing deepening global conflict between US and its allies and Russia and her allies that will surely lead to WWIII if US imperial hubris is nor tamed.



Has ISIL received support from another air-force to its disposal? After Turkey and Saudi beheaders is Israel now acting in support of ISIL beheaders?

Palestinian Liberation Front leader Samir Quntar has been killed allegedly by Israeli air strike near Damascus or by massive mortar attack of ISIL terrorists on Tel-Aviv orders. If it was Israel airs strike why Russians did not shoot it down having coverage of whole Israel with its S-400 in Latakia?

South Front: Continuing advances of the SAA in Latakia with aim to close Turkish border.


Warning (18+) Killing of Al-Nusra terrorists by SAA:


Warning (18+) Killing of all SAA Soldiers by Al-Nusra terrorists:


Warning (18+) Road of Death: Weapons, drugs and money smuggling from Jordan to Syria.


Suicide Truck bomb (Shahid mobil) destroyed.


Human trafficking of ISIL Sex slaves:

Liberation of Palmyra Started:


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