WHY? Absurdity of War.

Syrian war like any war is an absurd if we believe lies that are being spread around media as facts. If one removes himself/herself from the emotional stance, rooting for a side of a of original victim, whoever propaganda we chose leads us to believe is, then it is so clear and obvious that war is completely chaotic endeavor, with changing military goals, loyalties, and principles and political objectives daily.

It is old saying that we always prepare to fight previous war and never see what future war will be all about. Such a statement is very profound and true in many dimensions.

First of all it is true that we are sowing seeds of future wars during the so-called peace times, what are at best pause times between wars, via cultivating heroes of the so-called patriotic wars, wars of liberations, wars of religious or ideological tribute, a pure propaganda constructs to make us pay into a protection/ extortion racket run by the ruling elites.

Moreover, the wars are creations of the ruling elites and stem from conflicting interests among elites that could not be resolved via profitable intellectual endeavor. The fundamental reasons that when unresolved notoriously causes wars are often capricious claims over property or rights to exploitation of the population. Hence the true reason for the war cannot be divulged to population who suppose to die for a petty little personality squabbles that mean nothing.

Time and again, pain and suffering is forced upon people as a result of adolescent insecurities of the leaders blown beyond proportions just to assert mental or intellectual domination, righteousness or narcissistic drive for infallibility.

All those common characteristics are only amplified exponentially in the imperial settings that itself breeds psychopaths among sociopathic elite who are living in the delusional world completely detached from reality of 99% and are driven by perverted emotions into meticulous rational path of destruction of the subjugated population since the death of millions is commonly built into the so-called creative process of ruling for higher good.

From the point of view of physical, material or psychological victims of a conflict, one way or another, a war is always an absurd since the motivations and explanations given are nothing but rationally irreconcilable utterances or just incongruous lies, a cruel cover for an elite’s deadly country club game of entertainment and blood.

Unfortunately, very few of those affected by the war would admit it choosing instead to be used as a recruitment tool for new desperate and gullible generations to be told the same old lies before they die.

The Syrian war is no different, instigated by western global elites pushing local elite into renting their slaves in a quest to globalize human exploitation.

More on that I wrote in the post:


An excerpt:

As a matter of fact small groups financed by the CIA protesting in 2011 in the city of Daara and Homs drew thousands, and in all Syria, tens of thousands of people demanding moderate democratic changes, long overdue, angry on Bashar al-Assad but not because of the lack of democracy but for his neo-liberal reorientation, dramatically departing from his socialist father legacy that brought pride and prosperity to the majority of Syrian people.

The anger of a significant part of the population against Bashar al-Assad was somewhat instigated by the western propaganda but in most part was inspired by his tolerance of rampant corruption and enrichment of his Alawites minority cronies and the wider Syrian elites to detriment of the ordinary people.

The more democracy they demanded was meant as just a political tool of reversing Assad’s infatuation with the western neo-liberal economic policies that collapsed the Syrian high standard of living.

Despite continuous provocation by the US stooges in Syria including killing of protesters in Daara, it was Assad’s duty and responsibility to heed the calling of his own people underneath all that mess and to constitute true economic reforms, kicking out the foreign interests and stand on the side of people against the global capital. But he did not.

More at: https://contrarianopinion.wordpress.com/syrian-war-update/

All two hundred fifty thousands dead in Syria alone was, like in any other war, about making billionaires richer and global elite feel more powerful and more infallible even if it would end in grater regional conflict or even global confrontation.



Turkish troops in Iraq have been attacked by somebody, may be by ISIL terrorists:



ISIL Internet, US as well as Anonymous “incapable” of stopping ISIL cyber war because they are producing their propaganda in Turkey, Saudi Arabia or Europe?


Saudis and Turkey withdrawn from US coalition. A vote of no confidence and weakening US influence:



Terrorists pushed away from Turkish Border:


Update from South Front:


Devastation in Hama:


Syrian helicopter attack with barrel bomb on terrorist positions:


Night attack by Russian Air Force.


Air assault on oil tanker trucks:


Attack on the Shahid Mobile:


Elementary School for young kidnapped terrorists to be. If student gets failing grade he’s dead. And even under the mortal threat they still refuse to fight and they want to go home.


After the capture of the city of Al-Khader SSA with volunteer militias jostle terrorists, forcing them to retreat to the south and east. In the first half of December destroyed several hundred terrorists were killed. Among them – one of the leaders of the terrorist named Abu Hassan.



Nasib border crossing with Jordan, Al-Nusra tank Killed by SAA ATM:


Liberated Marj-Sultan air base near Damascus:


Fighting in Iraq:



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