IN SEARCH FOR PEACE: Who are the “Fanatical” Terrorists of ISIL and al-Qaeda affiliates?

If there should be any peace prospects for the people in Syria assuming that seemingly insurmountable geopolitical confrontation is somehow peacefully resolved there is no hiding the fact that no matter what, Syrian people already lost this war as a nation and a delicate balance, political compromise, a social contract set up in post colonial era of Arab nationalism has been irreparably destroyed.

There is no returning to the pre-war Syria, with Assad or without him since there is no returning to pre-war Middle East or previous geopolitical configuration no matter how desirable it may seem now.

The mountain of over quarter million of dead corpses of men, women and children stand for something, mean something and it is not good, it is not hopeful. This is something that will take generations to digest and realize in very personal ways. And hence it cannot be accomplished without resolving piling up global economic and political conflicts that may as well constitute an existential threat to whole humanity.

However strange it may sound, it seems that a fate of Syria now is surprisingly intertwined in many ways with the fate of humanity at large.

And hence it is an imperative that a new common narrative about the hell that broke loose in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East including Palestinian lands has to be found again and certain difficult questions must be honestly asked and answered to rebuild the Syrian Nation and the Middle East if it is even possible in the age of global reconfiguration.

(Some of the questions have been originally posted 10/27/2015 on the Syrian War Update Blog)

How this happening that thousands of Muslim youth from Middle East as well as from Europe and US are enticed to join the fight. Is it politics and western aggression, is it economics of devastated countries, religious motivations or fanaticism, ideology, money, power, sex and slavery that excites them, what is it?

What’s most tragic is that many of those condemned youth do it for personal reasons of blind rage and revenge for calamities, their and their love ones have endured, sometimes perpetrated by the same people they flock to in all the confusion and chaos. There is a certain chain of events and connections that translate ultimately into growing army of so-called terrorists, supposedly aimed against the Western imperial policies or local regimes but in fact often they turned out to act to unintentionally support the enemy they seek to destroy.

A murder by a drone or any other act of violence, inspired by fanatical neocons from D.C., what euphemistically is called by the US government a collateral damage feeds cultural, religious and political stereotypes on both sides and fuel the rage of victims and their kin as a preferable path out of initial desperation, helplessness, confusion and pain caused by such a senseless act of violence.

Such feelings are ruthlessly exploited by the warmongers and traders of dark death in order to entice psychologically devastated, but still alive “collateral” victims into their religious, political or economic causes presented as means to avenge the wrongs they suffered.

The rage or lust for revenge skillfully channeled into violent behavior relates not only to those thousands of desperate Muslim youth that join ISIS or Al-Qaeda solely because terrorists have spare guns and fight the US or whoever and definitely not because of a excitement about political project of global Caliphate or some other nonsense, but also applies to hundreds of thousands of gullible young Americans, like Pat Tillman whose rage of 9/11 was channeled by the corrupted US regime into misguided geopolitical adventure achieving nothing but death and destruction.

Such mechanisms that fuel the flame of war are functioning in every society and every nation; ready to be applied when ruling elites call their nations to die for their paranoid, delusional rants.

The leadership of ISIS, al-Qaeda and other outcrops of terrorists are just fanatics of the business of religious fascism, the same way Wall Street oligarchs are fanatics of the business of capitalist exploitation that is aimed against humanity at large. While Sunnis who follow IS are mostly tolerated, they are freely killed en mass if they criticize the IS for its unholy totalitarian social practices or financial mismanagement.

The others are being taken for ransom, enslaved, tortured, raped or executed in even more gory ways in order to spread fear and force submission to their authority that violates every canon of Muslim faith by indulging in theft, gluttony, sexual orgies and abhorrent religious blasphemy by supposedly virtuous soldiers of Allah following their Saudi sponsors’ appalling behavior.

Let’s be clear, the western supported IS leadership is not a fanatical army of Allah, a Hollywood-like image US propaganda is trying to paint. Their detestable brutality is a production of psychological warfare innate to most terrorist movements, but in ISIS case amplified way beyond pale of any acceptable human conduct and hence somewhat unique. In truth, these are shrewd successful businessmen exploiting confused, desperate or naive Muslims to get rich and famous while breaking every canon of Muslim religion while at it, unable to be distinguished from thieving bankers when they wear their Armani suits during their Washington D.C. visits.

The immorality is for them a badge of honor when blessed by the God speaking to them through their military victories in their existential struggle between good (them) and evil (the rest of us), following a Hegelian dialectics long time ago adopted by the types of Hitler, as long as earthly money from their sponsors is coming.



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This is not Syria, this is the another war that US ally is waging against its own citizen in Djarbakyre (Turkey) and Donbass (Ukraine).


Now ISIL has its army of allies with its air force, leading by Wahhabi Islamic extremists with US absent. The US grip over Middle East weakens. The regional war begins:

The SAA base liberated in Marj-es-Sultan eastern Ghouta.


The fighting in remaining areas of Jobar near Damascus.


Fighting in Homs, National Defense units and SAA


From Rebel sources: However, unverified or unreliable, unfortunately this is one of very few sites that in somewhat exaggeratory ways addressing issues of civilian casualties due to Russian and Syrian bombing raids (and/or US bombing) which except for Iranian sources are not regularity provided by Syrians. Most of the “news” from the so-called “Syrian observatory of Human Rights” (SOHR) are uncorroborated by any other sources including other rebel affiliated sources.

Whether or not these reports on number of causalities stemming from the SOHR are true or not there are definitely civilian casualties of the Russian/Syrian military operations in the Air and on the ground. The massive casualties of ISIL or other terrorists within their areas of their control also are scarcely revealed except for particular propaganda purposes.

What’s interesting is that recent Guardian post about causalitied of Russian bombing supposedly based on SOHR sources, was not published in SOHR own website.

Aftermath of (Russian?) bombing and fragments of Russian guided missiles (bombs) in town of Maart in Idlib province.


SAA bombing Deraya Damascus province:


Aftermath, civilian buildings destroyed:


Liberation of Homs:


Turkish direct involvement, supporting terrorists with food:


Abandoned weapons, South Aleppo:


Images of death (18+): terrorists dead, under SAA assault,

Russian guided missiles used by SAA:


Russian made MLRS cluster rockets, all dead;


Americans are bombing something in Iraq. Who know what?


After stressful day in the office terrorist release their frustration by shooting a ghost.


Another stressful day in the office:


I think Allah got it I his eye:


Syrian air force in deadly action:


How to level the city: terrorist method:


Syrian military aviation Damascus:


This guy should ticketed for reckless driving, speeding, and no helmet.When will he learn that driving on a scooter can be dangerous.


More Russian bombings:


A terrorist club of Gun and tank lovers:


US taxpayer money at work again:


More Death images(18+):


Did Russia joined western sponsored people hunting tours previously conducted in Ukraine?



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