PUTIN’s KISS OF DEATH: Psychological Warfare of Confusion.

Recently strange even shocking statements are coming from Russian leadership even from Putin himself. Just few days ago Putin stated that Russian military forces coordinate and even collaborate with FSA and other groups against ISIL and other terrorists.

What a shock! Careful reader of this blog, and many other sources including Russian and Syrian sources however, would know damn well what Reuters seem to be flabbergasted about.

Yes, from the beginning of direct Russian involvement Russian leadership openly called for coordination or cooperation with any forces that would attack ISIL or Al-Nusra and affiliates and agree to at least temporary cease-fire with SAA.

Such a move, seemingly inconsistent with western propaganda of Russians fighting for Assad regime only, may be shocking to a western ignorant but it is written deeply into the Russian military doctrine, which they seem to execute brilliantly so far. I very briefly described it in my post:



Syrians seem to adopt Russian military doctrine and gave local commanders wide latitude to seek cooperation or temporary cease-fire arrangements or making all kinds of deals with everyone in the battlefield for tactical reasons.

And that’s what we are experiencing in Homs now and elsewhere many times before, with temporary no-bomb agreements with smaller terrorist groups, providing Russians with bombing coordinates of ISIL command posts and weapon storage.

It would not be a surprise if some money is being exchanged to achieve local deals that enabled SAA to regroup and assault different terrorists at different points of the complicated frontline.

The Reganesque BS mantra of no negotiating with terrorists is not a way Russians do business. To the contrary one must negotiate them to death play on their fantasies of grandeur, righteousness and infallibility while exposing their greed, thuggery and weakness of their logistics and sources of support. We have to be mindful of how Roman Empire was born. Not only by a sword but via art of division and conquest step by step one enemy at a time.

This tactic pays handsomely and already stirred resentments and conflict between FSA and ISIL and even mutual military assaults and beheadings on both sides as documented on the blog and elsewhere although in many cases ISIL took over command of the FSA fighters rendering them no longer moderate. And that was precisely the goal of Russian psychological warfare that played of terrorists’ internal divisions and resentments or different sources of funding.

For uninformed spectator after two and half months of Russian bombing Assad regime gained only 10-20% of territory from ISIL and Al-Nusral Front and associates and that is not much but nobody is pointing out that ISIL lost firm administrative control of about half of the territories it claimed just in August and as a result no man lands in Syria increased to approx.45% of all land masses. And even that is exactly what Russian military doctrine is calling for, namely to focus of dismantling enemy logistics support first, mostly by cutting supplies from Turkish territory and most of all avoiding frontal assaults on the major populated cities to avoid military causalities of wore down SAA and prevent more civilian deaths and damage with no potential strategic gain short of propaganda purposes.

It’s becoming more and more ridiculous to watch the western MSM getting surprised by discovery that their own propaganda passed to their gullible viewers as news is just a pack of lies with no reference to reality on the ground, however the spin it.



Terrorist attack by ISIL on Hospital in Homs, a provocation aimed to break ceasefire between al-Nusra affiliates and SAA, 22 people were killed and 70 more sustained injuries.




More on Terrorist attack in Homs.




Another terrorist bombing this time in Tel Tamar:


The latest developments from South Front: SAA approached important stronghold of ISOIL in Deir Hafer on the road to Raqqa, Also may be just to make Erdogan angry Russians are pounding positions of Turkmen affiliated with al-Nusra to facilitate YPG moves to seal border with Turkey. What’s interesting that ISIL seeing weakness of al-Nusra is taking over some of their positions?



STASIneque secret police of Islamic State. Blatant attempt to connect late Saddam Hussein with Islamic state. Did Reuters get a memo that Saddam had nothing to do with Islamists.

The ISIL was created and funded by the US intelligence services and recruited from former Baath party military members many of them atheists trained in Moscow military schools There were those using abandoned US military equipment and a bunch of enthusiastic gun fodder took over 35% of Iraq and got paid handsomely for it.

But presstitutes from Reuters want to just pull the trick and get paid.



A Bicycle raid to stop violence against women and for women equal rights was run in Damascus two days ago. The so-called “moderate” opposition hate Assad regime for the way of life and women’s rights they promote. Where is American feminists’ voice in this fucking war to tell the Washington warmongers to stop the aggression and women genocide. Unless forced sex trade and sexual enslavement by ISIL is an expression woman free choice.


Where is UNICEF, UN rights of children are violated by the terrorists and their western sponsors and allies. They are nothing but a bunch of detestable bureaucratic characters devoid of humanity lusting for money.


These are official “terrorist” from Hezbollah that we should kill to let ISIL reign its terror in Syria according to Kerry and his stooges.



American fear; American nation is surrounded by the hostile forces of evil all over the world. What Americans worry about most are those pesky penguins and Russian sympathizers, polar bears, not covered by sufficient number of US military bases or installations:


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