ISIL: Favorite Nephews of Uncle Sam.

Never give up and you may learn something. On thing I definitely did not know about Syrian war was that among the weapons, money and ammunition in support of ISIL thugs US dropped several Armani suits as well.

Few days ago in unpublicized Syrian peace conference of the “moderate” opposition held in Saudi Arabia, few characters, Saudi citizen showed up in Armani suits with their own proposal for peace under benign reign of Islamic State.

They promised that, after beheading anyone who is not a devout Wahhabi nut, thief or murderer, peace would reign in the Caliphate. But what was more telling that it turned out to be a middle of the road, moderate proposal wholeheartedly supported by the US allies and neocon maniacs from Washington D.C., under the tentative name “Islamic Sunnistan of Iraq and Syria”. (ISIS) or “Islamic Sunnistan of Iraq and Levant”. (ISIL) with a Caliph on CIA payroll. Finally, the change we can believe in.

In a new spirit of friendship between US and Islamic Caliphate, an envoi of Baghdadi, himself convalescing in Ankara from officially a car accident by means of MiG29 bombing, offered a gift of $65k golden diamond watch for a US warmonger in chief and expressed desire of the peaceful coexistence until they get nukes and nuke the whole shit to Islamic kingdom come. But first they asked for a loan payable after nukes start flying.

Will the Nobel price winner take an olive branch from a regime of abhorrent thugs and murderers? I think he already did. He already took watch just to “avoid international embarrassment”. The Commanderess in Chief took her cut as well. Check it out by yourself in the US government gift registry.

Interesting expert account of the shooting down Su24M who clearly indicates deliberate ambush:

SOUTH FRONT: Another counterattack by ISIL in Maheen seem successful or was it. It looks like old fashion Russian trick to move enemy from old trenches into open to destroys them then with its superior air support.


As I mentioned few day ago SAA make deal with FSA/Al Nusra to evacuate civilians of Homs, a home of the 2011 uprising. As Assad did many times before he offered unconditional amnesty for those Syrian citizen who surrendered weapons and denounce terrorism. The UN + Syrian Red Cross negotiated the cease fire an organized the deal. This is an example of Assad strategy to provide political solution to the problem, de-syrianization of the war. In the same time all capture foreigner terrorist are tried and punish or executed. Homs third large city will be liberated, under SA control by the end of December when all the terrorists are evacuated to Idlib province or surrender. Important PR blow to terrorists.


Under threat form YPG Turkish army that invaded Syrian town of Nusajbin weeks ago has erratically withdrawn from the city.Talking about sensitivity to the sovereign rights of the country to defend itself or 17-second violation of the airspace. What hypocrisy.


Proof of deadly US allies(Brits/Qatari) air rocket attack on SAA positions in Deir Ez-Zaur last Sunday:


SAA: Russian made T90 south of Aleppo


Another ISIL terrorist captured by SAA:


Killing of Jabhar An-Nusra” commander in Fadi al-Hail on the border between Syria and Lebanon near city of Arsal:


Terrorists from ISIL enslave children and adults to transport fuel using small trucks as not to arise suspicions. Many enslaved children are getting sick on cancer or dying working with the gasoline without any protection. No fuel shortages are reported in the ISIL controlled areas, gas transported using private cars or smaller trucks after tanker trucks attacked by Russians.


(18+)Al-Nusra terrorists dead after attempt to counterattack in south Aleppo Al-Eiss area.


Russian bombing of terrorist positions:


Abandoned/broken terrorist truck, disposed of by SAA tank shell:


Nabionis – Latakia


ISIL storage, boom!!!


FSA in South Aleppo


Russians strike again.


Iraq air force air strikes:


Ramadi, Iraq has been taken over by Iraqi troops from ISIL without US involvement or support.


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