The Russian Chess Game.

After initial paralyzing shock and awe last two months can be characterized as US attempt to provoke confrontation with Russia by setting up traps, misleading propaganda or manipulation of US allies into unnecessary clashes that ultimately caused disintegration of the coalition and some former members joining in with Russians. What was the Russian answer  for those blatant provocations in familiar US bully style?

Some, as P.C. Roberts suggest that Putin is not responding aggressively enough to those provocations and somehow facilitate path to the US-Russia ultimate confrontation to be forced on Russia when her read lines are slowly crossed. In other words Russians by virtue of their weak response somehow encourage further American aggression and intimidation.

Unfortunately for the US, Russia is not playing checkers and there are no force moves in the game of chess they are playing.

I expect that Russians are thinking hard about their options, not to get drawn into the fight of American choosing since they know that decaying empire will spread stench, chaos and push for war as is uninterested in peace or negotiations.

At Pearl Harbor Japanese fell for clear provocation as a result of US oil embargo, and instead of reorienting alliances and sources of the supplies, they chose military attack with no strategic importance, an assault on old dilapidated US pacific fleet, which FDR wanted to replace, but did not have money to do so. Knowing many hours before the attack, FDR ordered one single warship worth anything to leave the port and let others be destroyed.

Russians must be aware of this historical lesson and will never act under duress. Hence propaganda-wise strong response while much milder military response although it gave them card blanche to deploy whatever they like in Syria, something that would previously be difficult. Additionally, as later reports indicated Putin more and more toughen his political stand invoking Russian right to defend their armed forces legally performing their duties and that many assets currently deployed in the Syrian battle theater are capable or even have nuclear warheads in their inventory and that he is prepared to use them if situation warrants it.

Just few day ago in conversation with his Defense minister Putin expressed hope that Russian missiles technology (Kaliber or A-101) have worked sufficiently in the war against terrorists and hence use of nuclear weapons will not be necessary. This was obviously not a message to ISIL but to Pentagon stating the Russians will not be intimidated and will use nukes at their discretion, a tough talk aimed to quiet down neocon psychotics from Washington who push for war. Additional problem is that Russia is dealing with proxies like Turkey or NATO, not US directly, at least formally, which presents political problem which will likely be balanced by propping up Syrian military and allies including air force and mechanized army capabilities to reduce to conflict to regional reach.

It is clear that Russians will not be intimidated and will continue to vocalize this fact in order to decelerate slide along the warpath on which US and Russia stepped on over two years ago. Is there anyone sane left in the White House to hear that message or will we hear doomsday clock chiming?


P.C. Roberts post at ICH:


Newest developments from South Front:


Russians bombing positions of terrorists in Daara:


For the first time Russian air force conducted bombing raids on the ISIL positions in Lebanon.


From reports: “Russia convened a closed meeting of the members of the UN Security Council after Turkey refused to withdraw its troops from Iraq. Moscow hopes to attract the attention of the US and NATO to the illegal actions of their allies. Experts say: in the Middle East could be a new factor of tension, because of Turkey in Iraq, and their interests which are connected with oil supplied from Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey.”


After over a month of preparation of the Russian air base in the country, Iraq asked RF for military assistance in fighting terrorist and “other” threats:


Russians step up the bombing campaign and dropped almost 2000 bombs in recent days:


Finally Reuters acknowledged that ISIL after being defeated by SAA turned against Al-Nusra front and affiliates:

Propaganda of success of the US alliance with YPG in Iraq, which is not. The Sanjar fiasco. ISIL is rebuilding alternative roads and YPG withdraws to the Kurdish ethnic areas while US are not bombing.


The 3M-54 Kalibr missiles were launched from the Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine “Rostov-on-Don” located somewhere in Mediterranean.


Drone or surveillance aicraft in the fire zone.


White House helped ISIS according to Washington Times. Interesting a self-radicalized right-wing newspaper.


The minister of  autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan during the meeting with Russian diplomat demanded that Russians stop bombing ISIL and other terrorists in SYRIA!!!!. Why this insanity of demanding that Russian stop helping Kurds fighting ISIL? The answer: money from oil smuggling to Turkey. Yes, the Kurdish leadership is so corrupted that it would sacrifice their own people for the profit. The very nature of the war is to strip people from every shred of morality and humanity.


South Aleppo. Brigade of Imam al-Baki after defeating al-Nusra.


US made tow missile destroys SAA tank:




British/Qatari attack on Syrian Army:


Turkish aggression:


True Armani suit killers make a buck:


Funeral of SAA soldier. SAA take significant causalities while slowly recaptures areas lost in last two years.


Iraqi government forces managed to recapture much of the city of Ramadi, which for many years was under the complete control of terrorists. Another blow to ISIL;


Russian language Syrian TV news.




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