US: The Empire won’t strike back.


After reading post by the Saker: ”The Empire Strikes Back. Week Nine of the Russian Intervention in Syria” published on ICH blog*, I have my doubts if the Saker understands Russian mentality or even is up to date with Syrian war developments. As I see it, the Saker completely misread Putin even if he quoted him.

First, Putin did not care much about the downing of one old warplane in ambush which event actually help him with a pretext to expand the operation in Syria to at least three airbases and one in Iraq, not to mention it let Iranians establish two new air bases under the radar of the western media.

It was this event that gave pretext to Saudis to officially withdraw from coalition with their air force citing unmitigated threat to their warplanes, all of that after Jordan withdrew in September. And now Erdogan, citing the same reason of Russian threat, refused to fly over Syria.

No it was not about Su24m. It was all about Erdogan stupidity in putting himself in forefront of western confrontation with Russia, where he does not belong, hoping that US will no longer want to get rid of him as they are trying hard since 2012. That explains his support for the ISIL thugs, expressed from the beginning by refusing to join Americans and not allowing usage of Turkish bases for a year since existence of ISIL and unsettled war in Syria makes him indispensable for the US in his mind. More on Turkish own plans regarding Syria that diverge from the US can be found in the footnote to this post**.

Unfortunately or not, he will share fate of Gaddafi who wanted to make a deal with US and got himself shot in his anus for that by CIA paid thugs. Assad refused and is still alive.

Putin wrongly counted on Erdogan sanity, stateliness and deeper understanding, that in short to mid term, US emporium prestige is going to collapse after material base already collapsed. In the predictable circumstances of the US getting perceived weaker and weaker and more and more aggressively trying to smash any hallucination driven irrational fears of an exposure of its impotent hubris, it would be in the vital interest of both countries to continue close constructive historical relations, or so Putin thought.

But Erdogan only proved himself a fake, wanna be Sultan of Ankara, a cartoonish empire of his own delusion of grandeur, a little weasel   who desperately wants to be brought back to the bosom of the US Imperial tit and suck green excretions of Wall Street that stopped flowing to his mafia like run fiefdom five years ago and hence authentic surprise and disappointment which was on emotional display during of Putin’s public statements of the subject.

And this is exactly what we are witnessing all over the world, sudden inexplicable rush, a nervous push for the implementations of the most insane elements of the dying hubris; TPP, TTIP, global reach military alliances, proliferating economic collapse, wars and chaos etc., a typical last stage of an imperial decay.

Hence, this massive desperate globalization thrust that is collapsing all the local economies into secular depression under the burden of this insane, dying project of western oligarchy.

As far as notion that Russians cannot support Syria against the empire that supposedly strikes back, no it did not strike the first time over a year ago or even two years ago and is not striking now.

Since October 20th, US did not strike any targets in Syria except for munitions drops for Kurds and perhaps some special forces and CIA clandestine armed drone operations against SAA.

With China openly supporting Russia, Saudis out fearing China’s economic retaliation and unwillingness to bomb their brothers in terror, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan and Kyrgistan firmly in the Russian Coalition while Turkey is out fearing military, self-provoked, retaliation from Russians while remaining a frenemy of the US which showed its “confidence” in Turkish government by building separate air base in Iraqi Kurdistan to avoid using the Turkish bases. Nothing short of catastrophic political shock in Turkish politics.

After spending billions on training and weapons, US has nobody on the ground in Syria and Iraq to fight for US agenda of deposing Assad or whatever else it is, and no capability to assert air supremacy and hence there is no coming massive invasion, no boots on the ground in the cards otherwise marines would have been there by now.

US is flexing its flaccid muscles trying to make up this fatal deficiency by verbal bullying and intimidation. Russia put mirror in front of the US hubris and hence must be subdued or destroyed in minds of psychotic neocons.

And NATO? Everybody knows that except for British and French bombing dunes and cacti somewhere in the Syrian Desert and Germans cooking liverwurst for lunch, there is nobody there but bureaucrats farting their chairs. That’s your great American coalition to fight terrorism. They are all great, paid pretenders who are there to boost their MIC stocks, electoral chances among fascist and their bottom line with freshly printed dollars. The rest of NATO countries are just American stooges, trained poodles who are good in producing laud utterances that threaten nobody and who will be disposed of by the Empire at the earliest convenience together with their gullible populations when nukes start flying.

If the Saker does not see that Putin only crime was to challenge US imperial hubris by rebuilding Russian military and openly revealing that seemingly infallible emperor is naked, he does not understand anything.

The empire is hollowed, rotten from inside. It was not only billions of people worldwide that were robbed by the US oligarchs but the US military as well and now it is a worthless shell of itself, run on fumes and rusted reputation of a retired whore. But insane neocons do not even know that and hence we are all in mortal danger.

Putin’s Russia is not a force of universal good or justice fighting devastation of evil US Empire for benefit of enslaved nations but the force of vital interest of Russian federation and her people as fallible Putin particularly sees it. Nothing more and so far, nothing less.


*The Saker post:

**Post originally published on 11/07/2015 on SYRIAN WAR UPDATE page at



The Sultan of Ankara after figuring out last June that he is not loved by all the subjects in Turkey (yet), did not make the same mistake last month, believing in his imperial hubris and simply rigged elections old fashion way, by killing, arresting and/or intimidating his political opponents from right, left to Kurds with knives, guns, bombs and insults, was finally able to sit on his throne. A perfect candidate to join EU fascists. What’s most interesting however, is that he went after pro-American secular neoliberal political parties as much as after communists.

So what are his plans at home and in Syria?

At home he plans to torture his subjects with elections/referendums until they love/submit to him as an unchallenged emperor of the Ottoman Empire, which he promised to resurrect. A political blueprint copied directly from Hitler who finally had approval from most of the nation after six tries and all the opposition dead, exiled or imprisoned in political reeducation camps. However, with all that surrealism, it actually makes sense in the context of the preprogrammed chaos in the Middle East we are witnessing now.

I order to achieve Turkish imperial objective, all those artificial post-colonial states would have to be slowly dissolved by promoting separation of ethnic, religious, cultural enclaves in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and partially post-Saudi Arabia into statelets (Christians, Alawites, Turkmen, Kurds, local Sunnis, Shia, Yazidis etc., under a Turkish empire tolerant and enlightened protectorate.

What’s interesting that, as it was 500 years ago, Ottoman empire 2.0, after US influence in the Middle East evaporates (or before), would kindly extend protection to Jewish community in Palestine and elsewhere as long as they pay their taxes for there is nor place for Jewish state or autonomy in the blueprints of current political leadership in Ankara.

I do not have to tell you that those long-term plans do not go well in Tel-Aviv or US political establishment and hence recent US hostility to the Erdogan and failed attempts to overthrow him. Fortunately to the Sultan and his imperial Muslim brotherhood, our American Inconvenient Regime Overthrower in Chief, is a total failure in instigating WWIII although he tried really hard, and hence Nobel peace price due to his visible WWIII making disability.

In the context of Turkish great Imperial plans, ISIS, a US created, Gulf states’ supported military entity consisting of CIA assets from Syria, Iraq and Libya, recalled from early retirement in the Washington D.C suburbs, including some atheists former Ba’ath party military officials in Iraq and Syria, was a god’s send for Turkey.

This Alibaba gang with C4, trained and indoctrinated with nonsensical idea of Islamic Caliphate to be supposedly established by few thieves, brutal assassins and greedy opportunists devoid of any morality, or religious authority is a perfect propaganda predicate to the new Ottoman Empire.

I wish that all Muslims saw through the ISIS deception and propaganda aimed to convert, economically devastated, jobless male youth confused by their sexual drive and inability to afford marriage, into an imperial gun fodder. That would be a big step towards peace in the Middle East.

The Russia strategic goal is to preserve post-colonial order and let Middle East nation states to find their own peaceful path to democratization and enlightment, whatever their own people understand by those terms.



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