NAVAL WAR COMMENCES: NATO Navy to Block Bosphorus Strait?

Turkey, under a Russian sanction regime is continuing harassment of Russian merchant fleet, by detaining recently four vessels and cause tens of thousands of dollars of business losses, only increasing tensions already extremely high after former party associate revealed that Erdogan himself made decision to shoot down Russian warplane two weeks before Russians commenced bombing Syria. On teh topo of that

The US rhetoric dismissing Turkey role in shooting down of Russian su24M or recent invasion of Turkish armed forces in Syria and Iraq in order to secure oil smuggling routes for terrorists

as well as the plundering of Syria’s ancient art and national resources, bankrolling the ISIL and providing R&R for wounded ISIL terrorists in Istanbul and elsewhere in Turkey, revealed true double face of US neocon administration that, in all too familiar ways, unleashed Islamic brand of terrorism to further its imperial project of world domination. But this time ain’t gonna happen despite preaching qualities of the warmonger in chief.

All the heighten military alert throughout the Europe, NATO and in the Bosphorus strait is nothing else but aggressive move aimed to block Russian military logistical supplies, committing in the process another act of war, are all under the radar of MSM and unfortunately also are too much ignored by the independent media which see all of it in Syrian context only. It is not, it is a global war hanging on a thread and the independent media must raise this existential threat to humanity into sphere of public awareness.

This warmongering Washington regime must deescalate and abandon its insane hubris or be deposed, as a threat to US constitutional order, national security and survival of the nation. A global war is brewing and that is the fact of today not tomorrow and so far there is no effort made from the West, that is instigating all that conflict (or even from the East) to deescalate after two years of the Western political and military aggression against nuclear powers of Russia and to lesser degree China as well as brutal economic war against the rest of BRICS.

Is this a coincidence or it is a message from Putin. Certainly it is not de-escalation:

The new Russian anti-satellite missile, a part of a promising element of missile and space defense system A-235, has successfully passed flight tests, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. The specifications of the tested missile systems as well as missile defense systems in Moscow military district, are classified. At the moment we have only seen one picture from the corporate calendar publication of “Almaz-Antey”, military systems company engaged in its development. From the picture can be concluded that the new missile carries a nuclear warhead.

Update from South Front: counterattacks of the Al-Nusra and ISIL collapsed and SAA proceeds with painfully slow advances on all fronts, mainly not because of the terrorist strong resistance but due to lack of military manpower to control the liberated areas and reestablish Syrian administration. The national militia is being formed as we speak to fulfill the mission after operational units of SAA and allies defeat the terrorists and liberate new areas. More and more news are coming that terrorists are running out of money, unable to meet payroll as a result of Russian bombings. I think that is more devastating them thousand ponds bomb since all the soldiers of God are there for money and fame and their attitude to religion is that it is good thing to have if it pays.



Syrian warplane attacks terrorist position in Aleppo province;


MRLS “Huragan” in Aleppo and Darra:


PKK attacks Turkish armor vehicle near Siirt.


Syrian militia readying for the front.


Nassrallah liberated, south east of Aleppo.





No more oil for ISIL in Aleppo


Dark death of war, soiled, decapitated bodies of the would be heroes turned thugs of war.Warning: (18+)


A question why such a bunch of losers even survived that long.




Islamization of secular Turkish state. Women rights are infringed upon; Public schools are threatened by islamization. Stronger (politically and economically) culture eradicates weaker culture, a law of society under theocratic, totalitarian regime.



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