SPECTACLE OF TERROR: Roman Wilderness of Pain.

After Colorado Springs now San Bernardino terror. The ideology of revulsion is becoming nothing but a reality show directed by minions of neo-con empire of madness and kingdom of greedy neo-liberal lunacy served by MSM daily to fast disappearing brain-dead audience decomposing on a couch.

The rights or wrongs, suffering, alienation, a question of justice, reasons, causes, human morality and solidarity all are forgotten, folded into a pack of lies of secular or religious propaganda and sold back for profit to the victims as a poison pill of absurd hatred and senseless violence against culture and society for benefit of the ruling elites.

It’s hard to make sense of it on multiple human dimensions since what bits and pieces of “information” that are coming to us just do not make sense but are made easy to swallow in a face of barbarism of the choreographed acts of mass murder that are being pushed on us in a severely skewed form by ridiculous narratives we suppose to believe.

The appalling behavior of the MSM and sick exploitation voracious sensationalism confronting human tragedy and still half warm bodies of the victims discredits any notion that of unbiased investigation and strongly indicates that something highly suspicious is going on.

Whether it was a loner, Nazi racist or Christian fundamentalist, Wahhabi sleeper cell or disgruntled employee who was discriminated or mistreated, it does not matter anymore. What maters is what they all did, they murdered another human being and after that act it doesn’t not matter why it was done since whatever it is, it’s nothing but a comedic lie, pompous nil or pathetic, meaningless drivel.

More on sources of violence and terrorism in the USA can be found here;


In the latest episode of the theater of political absurd Putin has proven that Turks are running the franchise of barbarism, terror and lucrative financial business for the American imperial hubris and money.

As they say, you can’t convince those whose ignorance is vital for their hubris, plans or a bottom line. So Turks are not convinced, US are not convinced.

Germany is not convinced either and joined then rest of fascist’s warmongers to stand up for what’s “right” and multibillion dollar submarine contracts with Turkey. Shameful spectacle to see one by one European political elites openly prostitute themselves for American hubris and in the process risk security and welfare of their own citizen in order to collectively march into 1984-style American crematory of historical thought.

State of war between Turkey and Russia exists as it is illustrated in the picture of Russian warship crossing Bosphorus strait on full AA alert:

The tankers full of oil are crossing the border through border crossings not controlled by legitimate government in Syria and Iraq and are allowed to go though. It does not matter what those trucks are loaded with, Turkey should close the border since they “officially” have NO diplomatic relationship with the administrative entity (ISIL, Al-Nusra Front, Kurds in Syria) that controls the other side of the border. This is an international practice between civilized countries.

Today Turkey refused to do so for humanitarian reasons, they want to be able to give medical assistance to the terrorists, equip them, give them money and weapons and send them back to Syria. Also they refused to give any information about numerous field hospitals in Turkey which are treating injured ISIL fighters and others including the very boss of ISIL Baghdadi who was injured in assault by Iraqi air force over month ago and thanks to life saving US special forces in Iraq, now convalesce somewhere in Ankara under care of top Turkish doctors. The reason for the refusal is cited as doctor-patient confidentiality. Absurdity of war reigns supreme.

Political blocks are being formed as we speak: China expresses support for Russian efforts in Syria against ISIL and other terrorists.

The Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying stressed that China has always supported the Russian anti-terrorist operation in Syria. Moreover.. [Russian military operation] is fully consistent with international law, as implemented by the Government of Syria..


ISIL oil logistics: Interesting is a fact that Kurds a taking their cut from the trade in Syria and Iraq. In the war you fight your enemy if not, you trade with them, all wars, the same thing.

Fighting in Daraya near Damascus.

Accidentally hundreds journalists and several Turkish TV stations happened to be exactly near the location where Russian Su24m was shot down.

Somewhere in Syria:

The newest Russian “humvees” in Syria.

ANALYSIS FROM SOUTH FRONT: ISIL counterattacks north of Aleppo, the same scenario, a Russian war tactics in play. It would conflict the terrorists and open all of them to aerial assaults.

An agreement has been reached by SAA on cease fire and withdrawal of al-Nusra from Homs third largest city.

Russian Air strikes continue

Russian Air strikes continue Raqqa:

Russian Air strikes continue Aleppo (al-Nusra);

ISIL weapons storage;

Oil tanker trucks blown up in Aleppo:

American drone tracked by Russians;

Iranian Air force set up first base in Syria in Tias, between Homs and Palmyra with so far about 20 Iranian warplanes and support are there. The base is secured by Russian security forces and equipped with Mi8 and Mi-24P.

As I mentioned several week ago Russians are preparing at least three additional air bases. Already new Russian helicopted base in Shairaht is ready to be opened by the end of this month located close by another Russian air base T-4 in the vicinity of Palmyra to serve ISIL battle theater.


Turkey invaded Iraq. About 11/26/2015 Turkish armed forces violated international law and joined US, French and British and allies in open aggression against Syria and Iraq.
Turkish forces using three tanks and four APC took over strategic hill near Tal-Ziab, Iraq. And established there a stronghold. So far all world power and UN ignore this aggression. It seems to be aimed at protecting oil smuggling routes from Iraq, Syria to Turkey.

Moon landscape at Homs:

Material casualties of war;

Day like any other in Suweida:

Operations in Hafs-Kevir:



S-300 in Syria: deployed against Israeli air raids.


There is no crying in Al-Qaida. Tough guys from Al-Nusra crying after being defeated. This sorry spectacle illustrates a quintessence of the futility and absurd of war.

Weak souls evaporating to the air. There is no paradise for them only dust.


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