MEDIA TORPOR: Dancing to the end of world.

In the titanic ballroom mentality the media want us to forget about our basic instinct of survival and forcefully entices us to indulge ourselves in paranoid delusions of beautiful life of a cartoon character traversing our TV screens in a hypnotic trance while real world is exploding in front of our wide shut eyes. Our world is not burning it’s burnt. We are consumed by flames of ruling elite instigated primitive emotions of alienation, hate, violence and ultimately war nurtured in us via false narratives of history morality and politics. We are mostly unaware of the true reality since our sense of touch, feel, pain, warmth, and most of all human compassion and solidarity have been first casualties of this war.

Only few people want to truly believe that the preparation to major confrontation between Russian Alliance and US Alliance is brewing and already reached beyond the stage of theoretical consideration in a complex multipolar political configuration. The multiple incoherent objectives of various warring parties is making all alliances truly nominal and as ridiculous as this may sound the situation emerges as every man for himself type of brawl with very few significant participants having any stake in any type status quo. Even Russians who proclaim themselves as guardians of postcolonial nations states in the Middle East really are aiming at elimination of a century old Anglo-American hegemony in the region.

The US is clearly set for establishment of cross nation US protectorate over the greater Middle east area as the only option for Israeli state survival in the region after 70 years of aggression and annihilation of any chances of peaceful co-existence with neighbors in Syria, Iraq, and Egypt and Syrian war has everything to do with that. It is an example of another misguided attempt for assuring survival of a fragile and artificial Israel as a political construct unrelated to Jewish nation itself, bound to disappear from the world stage as soon as US cuts its umbilical cord with its spawn.

Hence indiscriminate show of aggression against North African and Middle Eastern nation-states by the Washington neocons and their black leader, a figure head, a Nobel price wining preacher of war. Even Turkey is on the list to deconstruct and formal US support for Kurds and setting Turks up against Russia is nothing but a play to resurrect Turkish spring from 2012 or just encourage Western supported military coup. And Saudis, conned into Yemen quagmire are next and they know it, fighting back for survival with the oil and signing political overtures to China.

The Russian-US (NATO) war preparation continues as I wrote previously:

.. let’s consider that it has nothing to do with Syrian war.
What if ..[Russian involvement].. is [an] unorthodox response of Russian military leadership to massive NATO military maneuvers in Atlantic coast, Mediterranean and Baltics that were being conducted during last two months? What if it is nothing but a demonstration of deadly global capabilities of Russian strategic nuclear deterrence technology and logistics of global reach and while at it provide somewhat marginal assistance Assad to regain control over his country faster. As I motioned in my previous post all over the world two nuclear powers are conducting unscheduled drills, training and military exercises, including firing ICBMs from nuclear submarines in LA and White Sea areas not long ago, passing by respective legislatures massive increases of funding for strategic weapon systems including nuclear weapons and delivery systems while MSM propaganda want us to be afraid of bunch ISIS gangsters devoid of any religious authority seeking money from their western supported sponsors and most of all seeking fame as their professional, Hollywood-like PR productions of horrors seem to show.

Piling up completely baseless, useless seemingly never ending mutual sanctions that will never affect the leadership; already devastate ordinary people’s lives instead. Prophetic wind of national animosity and separation that sweeps Europe against old imperial elites will intimately lead to internal war, collapse of EU institutions and/or neo-feudal regression of civilization.
Massive Weapon delivery to NATO states including patriot II missiles which will result in unpayable debts and further suffering of the population and tearing apart fabric of the small European nations already on the verge of demographic extinction due to neoliberal policies. The insane pledges (Germany, Bulgaria, UK) to escalate Syrian war by deployment of nonsensical boots on the ground or naval support madness meant to confront Russians and it allies including China aching for its own base in Mediterranean.
Massive re-supplying of the terrorists of all persuasions by the West and the Gulf States last month to resist Russian assaults is another act of escalation of tension and chaos in the Middle East.
Also massive re-supplies of Assad, Iraqi and Iranian regime by Russians and Chinese accelerated last month adding to the threat.
The now open war between Russia and Turkey, army movements, air defense operating on highest alert levels in Russia and Turkey, weapons and surveillance systems deployed Turkey, Armenia and Iran. Orders for Raytheon and other MIC establishments of death surging so are their stocks prices. After all the bubbles that have been blown by FED in order to pauperize the western population, the last bubble of war is being blown as we speak. Just to protect the oligarchs bottom line millions will have to die.

The Western political retorts became even more erratic, illogical, and utterly inconsistent signaling that PR people are confused between what they see and what they are told by numerous government sources daily, a clear sign of covering up clandestine activities.

The staged Paris attack is being shamelessly used to increase spending for nuclear weapons and other advanced anti- missile systems in EU and UK as well as for surveillance under ridiculous guise of made up war of terror label waged against environmental activist and labor unions protesting TTIP.
Even cocktail party animal in chief keeps contradicting himself every day in matter of utmost national security. For every problem the answer is more war, more weapons, more dying, more paying, more borrowing all rubber stamped by the US congress stooges.

Syrian conflict rapidly is turning into hot military confrontation between elites of Russia, Iran and to a degree China and the elites of the West. So far all the players, are believing in their own propaganda, and as expected they are making the same deadly mistake, they see themselves as potential winners and/or beneficiaries of human pain and suffering in their oligarchs’ country club global cricket game of blood.
The chimes of peace are dying out in the media if they ever were there; war propaganda is in the air, on the internet, on cable, everywhere. We should not be asking for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for us.

So let’s dance while music is still on.


The map of territories controlled by SAA and the terrorists:
Note: large size of Kurdistan areas in Turkey. It it clear that war with Kurds has existential importance to Turkey as a state. So why those morons opened the Pandora box. Go figure. Also you can see why Russia, Iran and Iraq want status quo preserved.

Turkey prepares for war against Russia. Only tank barrels point south unless Erdogan has ballistic tanks.

South Front: Update on developments, steady but slow progress of Russian coalition with few setbacks.


The village of Skhrab, Idlib province:


Antiwar protest, people want peace and prompt end to the war. Murtaza Hussain – to hear the people cheering in Madaya, Syria to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah; and Syrian army 11/30/2015;

Weapons seized by Kurds at Sinjar:

SAA MRLS Huragan in action shelling terrorist positions.

Another ISIL weapons’ depot goes in flames. Did soldiers of lesser God overdosed on Afghan heroine? Sharia Law says: There is no smoking in Islam as well as inside weapons storage you morons.

Waiting for gift from God. And forty virgins and money for them to spend. All figured out.

Azes 6 miles from Turkish border bombed by Russians:


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