PARIS SEWAGE: Odorous Climate of War.

Another tragedy in Paris namely a so-called climate summit, Shabbat of radical, extreme environmental terrorists in Armani suits who needed false-flag op and emergency law to conspire against 99% of world population.

Those cowardly, despicable characters from a horror B-movie devoid of any shreds of morality celebrate in Paris death and suffering of hundreds of millions of mostly poor people senselessly killed and injured by their extended hand to satisfy greed of the world elite who does not give a damn about environment (East and West) but about their bottom line and their grip on power.

While at it they are shamelessly using menacing global change narratives as a propaganda ploy not to address global environmental degradation due to their own insane exploitation of land and the people but solely to suppress democratic processes, or whatever left of them, and further the mystification of war agenda against nasty polluters, a world pariahs such as Russians who bombed the tankers and oil installations because Turkey won’t shut down oil and weapons smuggling across the border.

A theater of absurd continues.

So far there is no even strait apology from Turkish government for the murder of Russian pilot or prosecution of the Turkish pilot who executed the illegal order as an accomplice to murder, or indictment of the US accomplices from NATO, liable under a Nuremberg precedent.

Turks even made millions off buying their victim’s body for Russians who will undoubtedly use it for propaganda of their continuing involvement in the war against many Russian-speaking terrorist thugs from ISIL.

This is another political gift from Erdogan to Putin revealing the truth about brutal Erdogan’s regime implicated in recent murder of political dissident for saying on TV that PKK is not a terrorist organization but a workers party.

So while diplomacy between two countries is frozen and war footing posturing heats up, there is significant escalation of the military movements on the ground reaching well beyond the Syrian war theater. Deployment of hundreds of additional Turkish tanks along Syrian border with Kurds’ controlled areas, deployment of the electronic jamming systems to disrupt Russian operations in Syria, although nobody told Turks that those systems have already been hacked by Russians and are useless, even American military admitted that years ago after multiple failures.

On the other side as I reported yesterday Russian 58th army stationed in Armenia was reportedly, put under the silent alert, canceling planned leaves or vacations as well as the air bridge has been established between Russia and Armenia surprisingly through Azerbaijan airspace. Air bases in Iraq, Iran are being set up for Russian use.

All of that while Kurds’ politics and military alliances change. Here is and report from Free-News:

In the last 48 hours, according to the agreement, FSI Russian continuously bombed locations “moderate militants” of the FSA near the Turkish border. All the routes of anti-government groups supply arms and ammunition were under the assault of the Russian aviation. For example, border crossing Bab Al Salam, which is the main transit point from Turkey, a subject to ground attack three times. The positions of the Islamists, supported by Turkey in Deir Jamal, also are under the continuing assaults from the Russian air group.

Due to air support, the Kurdish militia fighters (YPG) have begun active operations against pro-Turkish rebels in the northern province of Aleppo. At the moment, fierce battles are raging for settlement Zivara, Maliki and Maryamayn. The Continuous offensive is aimed for the airbase, “Meng”, held by the rebels of the FSA, where previously Syrian military helicopters were deployed. Russia’s support of the Kurdish resistance leaves no doubt of success as their past actions were very effective and highly visible in comparison with the past.

This summer, the militia of the Kurdistan, YPG released from border town of Tel Abyad, who inhabited by Turkmans, thereby cutting off the area terrorist group from the Turkish border. Now the Kurds have come to the city Azaz occupied by pro-Turkish Islamists and Jarabulus, where also ISIL terrorists are present.

For reference, the Kurdish leadership of these regions consists of members of the party “Democratic Union”, who do not intend to separate from Syria, and desire wide ranging autonomy within the country. It is obvious that with the help of Russia, the government of Bashar al-Assad and the Kurds managed to reach a compromise that significantly augmented the effectiveness of the fight against anti-government groups in the north of Syria.


South Front: Cross border shelling from Turkey.


SAA fighting ISIL at Deir Ez-Zaur:


A forced counterattack of FSA/al-Nusra to attempt retake Al-Hadher (South Aleppo) while weakening their western defenses in Latakia province; suffering high casualties being pounded by Russian and Syrian air force. These are classical Russian tactics of controlled movement of enemy via psychological war of misinformation and confusion. FSA/al-Nusra after loosing supply routes from Turkey desperately wants to encircle Syrians in Aleppo area. SAA is prepared for such a desperate and fatal move of FSA/al-Nusra terrorists, impossible to succeed without air cover.


While they are loosing at Kadrah stronghold South East of Aleppo.


Iraqi Shia militia’s preparing for frontlines in Syria. Young soldiers with high morale after recent successes of SAA and allies, all motivated to fight against NATO and their terrorist spawns.

Tankers full of stolen Syrian oils still being exported to Turkey at   Bab-Al-Haba border crossing despite French and Russians calls for closure of the border.


Syrian special forces in action:


Chaotic retreat of Al-Nusra/FSA fighters in East Aleppo.


One more moderate executioner from FSA/al-Nusra/ISIL killed. Who fights with a sword … dies by the bullet (18+); HOMS province


Tunnels of Harasta. East Ghouta;


Moderate Turman: watch the beard, very moderate;


Turkish insurance companies and going broke:


That is what the murdered from Colorado Springs wanted to do to all the women exercising their civil rights. Another moderate Muslims supported by the US. This time these are streets of Kabul, where woman was murdered for mishandling Quran that caused small damage to a book. Sticks and stones broke her bones and skull but did not make her stronger just killed her.(18+)







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