UNWAR ON UNBORN: ISIL Propaganda Reached Colorado Springs.

A 57-year-old North Carolina man, Robert Lewis Dear, committed terrorist act of murder of three and injured nine of medical staff and patients of Planned Parenthood health clinic in Colorado Springs in a Taliban or ISIL style as revenge apparently for violation of the Gods law (Bible or Quran no matter).

He will probably get a medal from ISIL or US congress since Sharia law prohibits abortion under death penalty, belief widely shared by leading US politicians. Only unborn are sacrosanct for ISIL while five year olds can be executed, no problem. How many schools for girls covering basic sexual physiology, medical clinics catering to women health and hospitals with thousands of victims of rape, torture and utter social ignorance here and in the Middle East have been shut down, blown to pieces and personnel/patients intimidated or killed in a psychotic urge of dominance sparkled with pseudo-religious cacophony of absurd?

And now behold, murderers of extreme Evangelical Christian and Orthodox Islamic persuasions have been joined in a unholy matrimony into one happy terrorist family with all the blessings of highest echelons of the US government and global power elites.

So after one revered sex and drug addict, let’s ask not where is the US military drone bombing campaign in Colorado Springs? let’s ask not where are those hundreds of regretful mistakes, human errors, statistics of bloody victims lying around this beautiful resort city. Instead, ask what you can do for your country before you are accused of terrorism.

There will be no national terror alert, like in hundreds cases of terrorist attacks perpetrated on US soil in last decades labeled as acts of God i.e. random acts of isolated lonely preprogrammed lunatic.

It’s because in reality, terrorists r us, millions of Americans acquiescent to power hungry, greedy and murderous Washington psychotics and their creations; cowardly and vicious terrorist spawns all over the world from dirty trenches of Middle East to luxury offices in Manhattan, who’s business is hate of all peaceful people who work for living and share fruits of their blood, sweat and tears.

Syrian War Update:

Another act of Turkish aggression against Syria. The terrorists fleeing intensified assault of Russian air power and SAA are pushed out of Syrian territory across the Turkish border and while there, are allowed to continue fight by ways of cross border fire at reestablished Syrian border posts while Turkish army is watching and doing nothing. SAA local command mulls returning the fire across the border or calling in surgical air strikes by Russian Air force to destroy terrorist targets as deep as 5 miles inside Turkey threatening further escalation of the war, this time open Syrian-Turkish war and that’s the real purpose of this provocation. 

Latakia (Syria), November 28 – RIA Novosti. The Syrian army was fired on by mortars from the mountain Jabal al-Acre, situated in Turkish territory, according to the official representative of the Syrian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Ali Mayhub.

“Last night from the Jebhel al-Akre, located on the Turkish territory was conducted intensive mortar fire on units of government troops located in Syria,” – he said at a briefing Mayhub.” The Commander of the Syrian Arab army warns of the dangers of such behavior;

From Ria Novosti:


Istanbul, Riots after assassination of prominent Kurdish civil rights lawyer: Coincidence or Erdogan reprisals, act of desperation?


War on terror Turkish style: Gentle persuasion is the best weapon against ISIL.

And making a buck on a side won’t hurt anyone.Turkey supplies old soviet and their tanks to terrorists on the border crossing between Syria and Turkey. Hence Putin demanded the closure of the border.


Kurds fight ISIL at Turkish border.


One really tough guy from ISIL caught by Kurds.


PR Video: Al Nusra attacks positions of invisible Hezbollah fighters.


ISIL tunnels, and their will to endure and be reduced to a rat.

Russian PR video. Justification of the war effort in Syria by brutality of ISIL gangs. Does it work? Or is it an overkill?





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