WHY? Turkey Openly Refuses to Fight ISIL; Quits US Military Coalition?

Another cowardly act from Erdogan’s Turkey. Now they are openly refusing to fight ISIL citing threat of S-400, Su-27 air cover and hostile attitudes of Russians after they themselves provoked it. May be they are concerned with Russian embargo on Turkish importers/exporters, tourism, possible gas and introduction of visa to Russia practically unobtainable by Turks or may be Russian maneuvers in Black sea and the suddenly being covered by Crimea Evpatoria’s electronic warfare installations potentially confusing Turkish electronic defenses or they’re confused themselves between Russian declaration of no military retaliation for the act of aggression and high military alert in Black sea area or may be they are worried about surprisingly preplanned activities of Russian military personnel in military bases near to Turkish borders in Armenia, Iran as well as Azerbaijan that quietly joined the Russian Middle East coalition. Hard to say but Erdogan opened a Pandora box he can never lock again even if he wanted and Turkish people regrettably will pay for it soon unless they remove this jihadist hidden in Armani suit from power, especially since Erdogan was no favorite of Washington neocons in the first place and just two years ago, himself was a target of US illegal removal as deficient courtier of insane neocons’ rule.

Interesting developments are happening namely Al-Nusra is threatening YPG with attack if they won’t withdraw from several northern villages of Allepo/Idlib provinces within next 48 hours. I wonder if US will heed Kurdish calls for Air support against Erdogan’s terrorists. If they don’t we may face another twist and turn in Kurdish politics, rejecting US as protectors as they should and embrace close cooperation with Russians as a part of Hezbollah, Palestinians, Iraqi militias, afghan volunteers, Iranian revolutionary guard, SAA and Syrian Civil Defense military coalition which guaranties Kurds return to all Syrian Kurdish areas along Turkish border under their control and would probably cause Erdogan’s heart attack realizing that due to his own stupidity he himself created professional army of socialist, even atheist Kurds, a high morale ,well equipped and capable to reek havoc in Turkish proper in a way never seen before by PKK. Beautiful Imperial dreams of Sultan of Ankara are turning into horrible nightmare and drugs he is on won’t help either except for facilitating his psychotic rants and persecuting and arresting those Turkish journalists or politicians who see him naked in a feat of desperation and total isolation from East and the West.

At this point Turkish invasion of Syria, or dreams about safe zone for his terrorist is out of question if Turks have to face hundreds of thousands of armed Kurds in their operational rear. Even three million Turkish army will not be able to withstand attacks from the rear cutting of military supplies. What an idiot.



Another Proof of Ambush of Russian bomber by Turkey:


A map of the events that actually transpired last Tuesday at Turkish Syrian border.

The gunman, who gave an interview with Reuters that he shot and killed Russian pilot, parachuting, committing a war crime, has been killed himself during the surgical strikes on the Syrian-Turkey border area following day by the Russian Federation air force.

His name was Alparslan Çelik. He was a Turk and a member of Turkish youth an ultra-nationalist religious organization Bozkurt. He went to Syria to fight on the side with the Islamic militants. Quickly rose to the leadership position of a separate group of militants among the Turkmans, who generously supplied with arms by the Turkish “humanitarian” organization IHH, the convoys that were targeted and destroyed by Russian bombings.

Alparslan likely acted in conjunction with Turkish intelligence. It is possible that it is the Turkish intelligence that made him leader of the militant group. Therefore, it can be argued that Russians killed not only the leader of the Islamic militants but a Turkish intelligence agent involved in the murder of the Russian pilot.

More in Russian:


After unsuccessful counterattack by al-Nusra Front on el-Eis fighting continue in South Aleppo:


SAA operations continue on Latakia/Idlib province border in direction of Vader Akrhat mountains:


Setback for SAA, loosing one outpost in North Latakia at Jebhel Zahia.


Thank you note from Russians to ISIL terrorists killed at Kafr Sham in Daara province:


Alleged unknown drone attacks:



Suicide Truck (Shaid-mobile) exploded by “moderate” FSA attacking positions of SAA


Raqqa, phosphorus bombings a possible violation of international law by the Syrian Air Force:


That’s why the war last so long Syrian dilapidated military equipment facing US latest TOW missiles:

Mostly T64 build in 1960 and few T90;


Russian bombings in Idlib province:


ISIL video: unorganized bunch of thugs were blow away by a missile.



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