FRANCE: A False Friend of Russia.

After Hollande visit to Moscow it is clear this is not about war on terror but solely about NATO (US) war against Russia where European heads of States are just American puppets with pentagon hand up their asses. The French joker could not even utter an apology from himself for NATO act of aggression or criticize Turkey for violating NATO engagement rules while he contemptibly called it a regrettable incident suggesting that the Russian incursion into Turkish airspace was regrettable not an act of murder perpetrated by Turkey.

Moreover, French propaganda has blown beyond proportion the suppose revenge for Paris attack on ISIL gangsters while French military limited itself to bombing dunes, wildlife in Syrian desert, a hospital in Raqqa and incessant, endless chatter about it in French media aimed to further scare French cowards into shitting around the France in fear. It is a disgraceful spectacle of French preprogrammed impotence and futility while full support for terrorists is dully maintained and enhanced supporting likely notion of Paris attacks being a false flag operation orchestrated by US and French intelligence.

Putin now has all the proof he needs to realize that what started in Kiev’s Maidan, was a final phase of confrontation involving direct war against Russians and particularly him since he was the one responsible for resurrection of Russia’s status as a second after China and only global power capable of defending itself, a state of affairs intolerable by US imperial hubris.

Facing psychotic western elites he has no choice but to surrender and beg for admission to western oligarchs’ boys club or to fight with potentially catastrophic consequences for human species. What’s worse that the war is a game of opulent psychotics driven by insane urges, desires and violent emotions and not as they want us to believe by cold planning and rational decisions, at least not for 99.9% of us who are as useful for imperial usurpers as cannon fodder.

SOUTH FRONT: More explanation of why Turkey attacked Russia. They did it since their guys from ISIL and al-Nusra were hurting bad and in the end lost control over the Turkish northern border area cutting off important military supply lines.


SOUTH FRONT: Escalation of Syrian war into Crimea where Tatars associated with Turkey sabotage power supply from Ukraine.


According to Igor Konashenkov, a spokesman of Russian military, Syrian army, SAA completely blocked any military smuggling from Turkey across Turkish border of Latakia province.

Weapons smuggling to Syria uncovered by Turkish journalists (now in prison):


Tankers smuggling oil to Turkey from Syria are being obliterated.


SAA advances in Kafr-Zite:


SU24M incident area. Within 48 hours after Turkey downing of Russian bomber hundreds of terrorist have been killed by renewed Russian bombing of their position and by MRLS assaults by SAA. The Russian bombers flew exactly the same path at on Tuesday and no F16 were found there within 35 miles. Why? May be because S-400 were deployed or battle cruiser Moskva was just 50 miles away or that the bomber had a cover by Russian Fighter jets Su-27 ready to attack any F16 and shoot it down. As a result of Erdogan desperate act of murder terrorists lost completely control of border area.

Turkmen general coordinating the Su24m ambush was killed in last Russian bombing of the border area.

and other ISIL commanders dead as well:


Battle cruiser Moskva awaits orders:


Erdogan daughter nurses ISIL terrorists to health after they get exhausted beheading children. What a noble cause.

SAA shelling terrorists from FSA and al-Nusra.



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