PROVOCATION: Did Russia fall for it?

Just over 48 hours after shooting down Russian Su-24m by Turkish Air force F16s clear picture of deliberate provocation instigated by NATO emerges.Violating NATO rules of engagement as well as their own rules the Tuesday’s incident  can be fairy described as an ambush of  Russian aircraft following their usual path that flew tens of times before by Turkish F16s that crossed into Syrian airspace more than half a mile and released two weapons in Syria proper, an act of aggression against sovereign state and blatant act of war against Russia acting legally within prerogatives of the international law. But why would they do that now after almost two months of Russians flying on the Syrian side within half a mile of the Turkish border with objective to disrupt weapons shipments from Turkey.

We know  that Turkey are supporting terrorists with weapons and money  at least from 2012 in an effort orchestrated by Erdogan, himself a leader of false front extremist Islamist party currently ruling in Turkey  pushing for resurrected Ottoman empire as a new Global Caliphate,  and executed by his ISIL loving son and hence we know that Turkey is more interested in fighting Kurds than ISIL. So what have changed?

Recently many additional reasons have surfaced creating much more complete picture of Turkish involvement as a NATO proxy in confrontation with Russia. First, the incident happened now because SAA just within last days made significant progress in north Latakia province including taking over important border crossing from  terrorists, shrinking considerably area controlled by al-Nusra and Turkmen militia threatening complete cut off of terrorists/local rebels from their supplies lines in Turkey.

Second, officially US and the NATO several weeks ago openly authorized engagement of the Russian war planes within whole Syrian territory in violation of the International law. As a response to that  an conflict avoidance agreement was signed between Russian and US theater commanders as unified NATO command representatives which included Turkish air force engaged in Syria. And hence Turkish claim of not having any agreement of information exchange with Russia is false and by NATO rules required if Turkey were to be engaged outside their own borders. In other words Turkey military flies in Turkey as individual state but outside of Turkey flies as a NATO member only. Of couse US violates those rule but Turkey would not have that latitude without approval of NATO command.

Third, since the attack outside Syria had to be approved by NATO political structure as well as Turkish government (as Turkish PM admitted)  the alleged 17 second of violation excuse, even if we believe that, is a lie  since it makes impossible to be arranged ad-hoc and approved within less than 48 hours from the request and not seconds or even 5 minutes as claimed the warnings last and hence all the circumstances are pointing at the ambush, pre-planned operation days in planing as Lavrov  stated yesterday.

Fourth, released by Turkish media account of warnings supposedly given by Turkish pilots before shooting down Su-24M  are  not about Russians violating the Turkish airspace but about approaching it and never crossing it. Also Turkish pilots violated basic rules of the patrolling of the airspace namely always identify the target, before shooting it down, by standard many means and F16s admittedly did not do that. They  and did not approach or show themselves to  Russian pilots to gain visual contact or force Russian airplane to land. The Su024M had no air to air capability to even threaten Turkish pilots so it was safe to approach. None of those standard procedures were followed. For example, most of the shooting down cases when airplane was shot down were after crossing in to defended airspace for 20 to 60 minutes and in case on Hainan incident, few years ago,  for over an hour US military spy airplane was violating the Chinese airspace. The  Chinese  warplanes were within 30 feet from the nose of the US aircraft before  forced Americans to land and never attempted to shoot it down. Justification of Turkish action based of rules of engagement is nothing but a lie.

Fifth, They were no Syrian Turkmen rebels (Syrian citizen) that killed  Russian pilot while para-shooting, committing a war  crime, and killing another Russian soldier after destroying a rescue helicopter, but by Turkish paramilitary radical Islamic organization (Turkish citizen)  and hence it makes a first direct two casualties of The NATO-Russian war. And documents open ground invasion of the Turks affiliated/controlled by Turkish government on Syrian sovereign territory.

There is no doubt that it was a direct military attack of NATO forces on Russian Federation forces, one act of war  in a recent sequence of acts escalating over last two years to threaten Russia and to provoke Russian government moves that would justify for propaganda purposes a large scale confrontation between Russia and the NATO, a WWIII insane scenario a puppet running political wing of NATO regurgitated many times especially since last year. Just few days ago while discussing Russian overkill engagement of their strategic forces to fight bunch of thugs, I asked the question whether we are witnessing a slow start to WWIII while, we are distracted with ISIS sham, and every day since I am getting more and more affirmative answers to that question. Are we really dealing with a creeping in global war?


latest developments from SOUTH FRONT:

War against Russia spreads to Crimea;

PKK attacks Turkish army post in Çukurca

Grad missile bombardment on Militant positions in the Al Ghab plain, N Hama 25/11/2015;




No BS; Range of S-400 anti-missile system threatening  Ankara from Cruiser ship Moskva.


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