I am re-posting this post, originally published just two week ago on Syrian War Update blog, after Turkey and NATO have shown their true faces of terrorist organizations run by global banksters  and local gangsters shoving down our throats insane agenda of terror and neo-feudal  servitude  erasing  civilizing  achievements  of Western  enlightenment.

There is no denying a fact that US, EU and Golf States are, as they openly admitted themselves, conducting proxy war against Assad, Syrian people and now Russians, blocking all diplomatic efforts for peace, allowing US pilots to attack directly Russian and Syrian air force, supplying the terrorists with weapons via Turkey and ceasing of all bombing raids against ISIS and another terrorists’ targets starting in October.

Do you remember certain unelected Dubya guy calling the world, in the name of shocked New Yorkers: Are you with us or are you with terrorists?

The western establishment chose to stand with terrorists long time ago. Not until recently that the West, so clearly, openly and unequivocally expressed its ideological, political, and military support for brutal terror of rape, murder, intimidation and slavery as well as acquiesced to a delusional dream of medieval global Caliphate which is to be founded on direct violations of every single modern western value you can think of.

The western leadership or rather an abhorrent usurpers in Armani suits, have finally show their true dark faces of death and enslavement that are unleashed unto confused population, relieved of further need for any nonsensical narratives and/or contortionist arguments of horny MSM presstitutes, soon to be discarded as useless like the rest of us.

In fact, we are dealing with situation of utter collapse of local, state and global rule of law as well as cultural customs and political traditions where ALL western governments incessantly violate all the anti-terrorist laws they have on the books as well as their own constitutions, and in the process destroying any notion of intellectual freedom of speech, assembly and political descent as well as reveal fallacy of independence of any social institution and fundamental rule of law within so-called democratic system of propaganda and deceit.

Once again a raw power emerges from under a razor thin veneer of western civilization pushing human race into barbaric neo-feudal servitude or death.

It is not to say that eastern or other traditions are not barbaric, however, it was the West that developed and began implementing, fundamental concepts of personal privacy, individual sovereignty and other basic human rights in context of social contract negotiated between the state and the people, concepts truly new and original within the history of human civilization and now being abandoned or brutally suppressed by the western regimes.

I am not a subscriber to an apocalyptic view, or Hegelian ultimate struggle between good and evil. And hence I do not see this reignited confrontation building up between East and West into hot proxy war in Ukraine and Syria as some pivotal event or critical historical moment but rather as pre-programmed regression process of the civilization back into old social systems predominately based on brutal power and imperial domination of society and culture rather than an illusion of democratic process.

Such emerging barbarism shows its face also through official government statements spewed by propaganda stooges of MSM where short minded, little moral worms draw disgusting orgasmic pleasure from recent Russian airliner tragedy and appallingly wish for more of innocent people’s pain, suffering and blood, paralleling worst ISIS psychotic rants and implicitly rationalizing the horrendous reign of terror.

Barbarians are not at the gates. They are already inside.

And yesterday’s act of NATO cowardice and betrayal of basic human values hidden under abhorrent apologetic narratives and disgusting moral relativism provides one more proof  of western regimes’ utter illegitimacy and usurpation of unalienable sovereign rights of the western people.


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